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Anointing Of Oil


Oil  In The Bible Is The Physical Representation Of A Spiritual Reality.

(Heb 9:23-24)

Anointing means to smear or to rub with Oil.

Although anointing with oil seems strange to many Christina .

It was a practice of the earliest churches.

But where did  the early Christians do it?

What would be the benefits of such a practice today?

A quick  survey of Bible references to anointing with oil helps one begin  to answer such questions.

  • The first recorded anointing in Scripture was done by Jacob.

Early  the next  morning Jacob took the stone he had placed under his head and set up it as a pillar and poured oil on top of it.

He called that place Bethel  (Gen 28:18-19)

  • When the Tabernacle was constructed everything was anointed with oil.

Take the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle and everything in it, consecrate it and all its furnishings, and it will be holy  (Exod 30:25-29)

  • Certain Israelite Offering were to be mixed with oil.

When someone brings a grain offering to the Lord,his offering is to be fine flour.

He is to pour on it……. (Lev 2:1).

  • When a diseased person was healed,anointing was part of the ceremonial cleansing,The priest is to put some of the oil remaining in his palm on the lobe of the right ear of the one to be cleansed,on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot, on the top of the blood of the guilt offering.

The rest of the oil in his palm the priest shall put on the head of the one to be cleansed and make atonement for him  before the Lord

(Lev 14:17-18) & (Ezk 16:9).


  • Oil was used in the appointment of those recognized as prophet,priest or king.

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together with unity!

It is like precious oil pours on the head, running down on the beard, running down Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes (Ps.133:1-2)

Jesus came as prophet,priest and king.

His official title was Messiah or Christ which means, “THE ANOINTED ONE” but  about the Son he says, Your throne,O God will last for ever and ever,and righteousness will be the sceptre of your kingdom. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God has set you above your companions by anointing you with oil of joy (Heb1:8-9). 

 In the new testament times anointing was an act of courtesy for guests entering a house.

“You did not put oil on my head,but she has perfume on my feet”(Lk 7:46)

Oil was used both internally and externally as medicine. Internally it was a remedy for gastric disorders and externally it was applied to cuts and bruises.

He went  to him bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine (Lk 10:34,Jer 8:22)



Oil and healing are connected at least twice in the New Testament

The Oil appears top not be medical but rather symbolic.

They drove out demons and anointed many such people with oil and healed them (Mk 6:13)

Is any one of you sick? Let them call elders of the church tp pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord (James 5:14)

 It appears that throughout  Scripture the primary function of anointing with oil to symbolize dedication and consecration to the Lord. Consecration means to set apart a holy. Some have understood the oil mentioned in James 5:14 to be medical.

However the sick person does not call elders of the church because they are physicians, but because they are men of faith!

The oil then would be symbolic of one’s devotion, one’s trust, and one’s dependence on God.

In a word, the reason one asks for an anointing is because of one’s faith.

If this is  the case, then anointing with oil has great relevance for us today.

We need to follow the instructions that James has given us.

Is anyone among you in trouble?

Let them pray?

Is anyone happy?

Let them sing songs of praise?

Is anyone among you sick?

Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.

So, lets believe the anointing in the oil when a believer prays over you.

Witness Ministries

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