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Principles   For   Success

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1] Principle Of Purpose.

Purpose Means – The Original Intent For Your Creation.

Purpose Means – What God Intended For You To Accomplish.

Purpose Means- You Were Created To Do Something That God Had In His Mind That Only You Could Do.

When You See That Thing That God Wants You To Do , Then We Call That Thing As “Vision. “

What God Wants You To Do = Purpose.

When You See The Purpose  = Vision.


  1. How To Recognize Whether Your Vision Is From God ?

Your Vision Is Much Bigger Than What Your Parents Think .

Your Vision Is Much Bigger Than What You Think

Even You Find Difficult To  Believe Your Vision.

Everybody Thinks You Are Crazy.

When Everybody Agrees With Your Vision, Then It Is Not From God .

If Your Vision Is From God, Then You Have To Be Totally Rejected By People Before You Are Accepted.

Resistance Usually Is A Sign That You Are Right.  Very Few People Have  High Expectations Of You .

So Discover Your Purpose – So You Can Have A Vision

Bible Says In Proverbs 29:18  – ‘ Without Vision People Perish .’

Perish Means To Throw Off Discipline.

Discipline Means Self Imposed Standards On Your Own Life.

Self Discipline Is The Highest Form Of Discipline.  ithout Vision You Cannot Have Discipline.

Purpose Helps You Determine What Is Right From What Is Good.

Bible Says in 1 Cor. 10:23 ‘ All Things Are Good But Not All Things Are Profitable.’

So, Go To God For A Purpose And Have A Vision .


2] Principle Of Passion

Passion Is A Desire That Is Stronger Than Death .

Passion Is The Energy That Is Created By Purpose And Vision.

Passion Is A Commitment Which Is Beyond Resistance.

Passion Never Takes “ No” For An Answer.

Passion Is A Spirit That Says To Life- “ I Am Going To Live You – Until I Finish You”

Passion Is Created By A Purpose That Is So Strong That Not Even Death Could Stop It’s Urge.

When You Are Obligated [Passionate]. No One Can Stop You .

When A Person Discovers His Purpose A Passion Rises Up Within Him .


3] Principle Of Planning.

Proverbs 16:1 Says The Man Writes Down The Plan.

Whatever Your Vision Is- Put It On Paper.

If You Don’t Have Plan On Paper You Will Fail.

Proverbs 16:9 Says Man Puts The Plan On Paper And God Directs The Steps.

In Other Words If You Don’t Have A Plan, God Has Nothing To Direct.

So, If You Are Not Moving Towards The Goal By Writing Your Plan, God Cannot Direct You.

The Bible Says In Habakkuk 2:2-4 To Write The Vision .

We Don’t Succeed In Life. If We Don’t Know What To Succeed In.

Proverbs 16:2 Says Make Plans According To The Purpose God Gave In Your Heart.

Proverbs 16:3 Says – Then Commit That Plan To The Lord & Then Your Plans Will Succeed


4] Principle Of Connecting With People.

You Cannot Be Successful Without People.

However You Have To Be Careful, In Connecting To The Right People.

Do Not Think That God Want To Fulfill Your Dream By Your Self.


5] Principle Of Persistence.

Persistence Means A Consistent Insistence That You Have – For What You Are Going After.

Persistence Means You Refuse To Stop, Even When There Is Opposition.

People Who Are Persistence And Passionate Are Motivated By Trouble.

They Get Excited By Resistance.

You Can Only Be Persistent, If  You Are Convinced That Which You Are Going After Belongs To You

Matthew 7:7 Says Ask, Seek And Knock .


6] Principle Of Prayer.

Prayer Means To Commune.

Or Common Union



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