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Four Youth that Jesus Met During His Earthly Ministry!


Four Youth that Jesus Met During His Earthly Ministry!

The Scripture says that Jesus met four “youth” during his earthly ministry.

1. A COLD Youth (Lk 7:14) – Young Widow’s Son Who was Cold and Dead.
We are dead in sin, Paul writes. A relationship with Jesus will resurrect us! We don’t need reform. We need a resurrection! We are saved by grace! Are you COLD in your love for Jesus like the Laodicean church?

2. A HALF-COMMITTED YOUTH (Math. 19:20,22) – The Rich Young Ruler loved money more than Jesus. Are there areas of our lives, we haven’t given over to Jesus yet? The young man was sad when he turned his back to Jesus and walked away. When you turn away from Jesus and turn to worldly pleasure, you will be ultimately sad! Jesus is the ultimate true joy giver!

3. A COWARDLY YOUTH (Mk 14:51) – The nameless youth ran without his linen underwear frightened that he would be arrested along with Jesus! Are are afraid of being a witness for Jesus!

4. A YOUTH WHO CARRIED JESUS – The “young” donkey (John 12:14) that carried Jesus to Jerusalem. Jesus is still on the lookout for young donkey to carry him to part of the world where folks haven’t heard about him.

Would you be that Donkey?

Would you carry Jesus into your college, corporate office like a donkey would?

Would you carry Jesus to a nation where you can’t preach the Gospel openly?

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