Step Towards Transformation

Have You Allowed Yourself To Grow Too Comfortable In Your Life?


Those Who are Comfortable Do Not Grow

Most people are creatures of habit and like predictability. They may preach the need for change and rally support behind it. However, when change knocks at their door, most hesitate because it often requires them to do something. That’s when I discovered that people are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.

Growth is uncomfortable and requires change.

Why? Remaining in a comfort zone encourages people to do the BARE MINIMUM.  Thus, their only goal is to keep things the same way they’ve always been. To become successful you must be willing to push yourself outside your safety zone over and over again. Additionally, you must plan to escape from the “Prison of Comfort.”

People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves.

Challenges and obstacles are all a very necessary part of any success journey. Ask any super achiever, who has achieved their success, despite having overcome numerous challenges and obstacles, along their path to success.

If they could go back and do it all over again, but this time around, they could avoid the greatest challenge, they faced the first time round. Ninety-nine out of 100 of them would invariably say that they would leave things exactly the way they were, as the challenges they faced and overcame, were often the very catalyst behind their success.

Your Comfort Zone May Be Holding You Back

Pushing your limits is like stretching your body. You will know it’s working when you start to feel uncomfortable. When you feel that twinge, be assured that you are inching your way closer to your ultimate goal.  Let this be the year you decide to break free from the “Prison of Comfort.”

I know you may be afraid, but I’m encouraging you to be bold and courageous.  I once heard someone say, “Courage is not the absence of fear.  It’s moving ahead in spite of your fears.”  If you have dreams, goals, or aspirations, you need to grow to achieve them.

What would you do if you knew for sure that you would not fail?

-Witness Ministries-


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