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Return Home! The King Is Looking For You!


Sunday Sermon on 24th April,2016

Life Has A Way Of Pushing Our Dreams Down. We Can Make Mistakes, Get Off Course; We’re Not Where We Thought We’d Be.  It’s Easy To Live Guilty, Condemned, Down On Ourselves.

Sometimes, It Wasn’t Our Fault; Another Person, Because Of What They’ve Done, Put Us At A Disadvantage; It Left Hurts, Scars, Now It’s Affecting Our Self-Image, Our Sense Of Confidence. Too Often, We Go Through Life Nursing Our Wounds, Blaming Other People, Sitting On The Sidelines, Making Excuses, But Nothing That’s Happened To You Is A Surprise To God.  He Saw Every Injustice, Every Bad Break, He Knew Every Mistake We Would Ever Make.

God Is Not In The Condemning Business;  He’s In The Restoration Business.  He Wants To Put You Back On The Right Path So You Can Still Become Who You Were Created To Be. You May Be On The Sidelines, Thinking, “Look What I’ve Been Through. I’ve Had These Bad Breaks, I’m Stuck In Life.” Can I Tell You; The King Is Looking For You. The God Who Created The Universe Is About To Pick You Back Up, Breathe New Life Into Your Dreams, And Propel You Towards Your Destiny.

This Is What Happened To A Young Boy In The Scripture Named Mephibosheth. He Was The Grandson Of King Saul And The Son Of Jonathan, David’s Best Friend. He Was Born Into Royalty, Destined To One Day Take The Throne. His Future Looked So Bright. But At The Age Of 5, Everything Changed; Both His Father And His Grandfather Were Killed In A Battle On The Same Day. After That Enemy Army Finished Off King Saul And His Men, They Turned Toward The City, And Were Going To Wipe Out All Of Saul’s Family. When Word Reached Back Home:

2 Samuel 4:4 (NIV)

4 (Jonathan Son Of Saul Had A Son Who Was Lame In Both Feet. He Was Five Years Old When The News About Saul And Jonathan Came From Jezreel. His Nurse Picked Him Up And Fled, But As She Hurried To Leave, He Fell And Became Disabled. His Name Was Mephibosheth.)

Sometimes In Life, Well-Meaning People Can Hurt Us. The Nurse Was Trying To Do The Right Thing, She Had Good Intentions, But She Tripped; Her Mistake Cost Him His Mobility. Life Is Not Always Fair. Like With Mephibosheth, Somebody May Have Put You At A Disadvantage. They Didn’t Mean To, They Would Take It Back If They Could, But They Tripped, And Now You Struggle With Addictions, Bad Habits, Things That Were Passed Down.  Or They Weren’t There To Protect You When You Needed Them The Most; Now You Struggle With Your Self-Worth, Sense Of Value. They Tripped, But We Have To Pay For Their Mistake. Mephibosheth Became Lame In Both Of His Feet; If We’re Honest, All Of Us Have Some Area Of Lameness To Overcome, Something That Could Hold Us Back.

It’s Easy To Make Excuses, Especially When It Wasn’t Our Fault; “If They Hadn’t Have Tripped, If They Would’ve Raised Me Better, If My Loved One Wouldn’t Have Died, If That Coach Would’ve Treated Me Fairly.” We Can Blame The Past, How We Were Raised, What We Didn’t Get, But All Making Excuses Will Do Is Keep You From Your Destiny. You Have To Take The Hand You’ve Been Dealt And Make The Most Of It. It May Not Have Been Fair, But God Knows How To Turn It And Use It To Your Advantage.

Too Many People, Though, Go Through Life Nursing Their Wounds, Always Thinking About What They Didn’t Get; “If Mama Would’ve Given Me This, If Daddy Would’ve Been There For Me, If They Would’ve Supported Me, Encouraged Me.” Most Of The Time, The Reason Mama And Daddy Didn’t Give It Is Because They Didn’t Have It To Give; Nobody Gave It To Them.

The Problem With Blaming Others Is, The People You’re Blaming Are Blaming The People That Raised Them, And They’re Blaming The People That Raised Them; Why Don’t You Rise Up And Put An End To That Negative Cycle? You Can Be The Difference-Maker, Set A New Standard For Your Family. 

In An Instant, Mephibosheth’s Whole World Turned Upside Down; He Not Only Lost His Father And Grandfather, Not Only Would He No Longer Take The Throne, But He Was Crippled, He Couldn’t Walk.  How Was He Going To Make A Living, Take Care Of Himself? He Ended Up Living In Exile, In Hiding, In A Place Called Lo-Debar; That Was One Of The Poorest, Most Run-Down Cities Of That Day. Lo-Debar Means “Without Pasture”; There Was No Greenery, Trees, You Couldn’t Grow Anything There, It Was A Wasteland.  Here Mephibosheth Is The Grandson Of The King, He Has Royalty In His Blood, But He’s Living In The Slums, Barely Surviving.

Here’s The Key; Your Location Doesn’t Change Your Identity. Mephibosheth Was Living In Lo-Debar, But He Was Still Royalty. Other People May Not Have Seen It, He Could’ve Thought, “Nothing Special About Me Anymore,” But None Of That Changed Who He Really Was.  When You Gave Your Life To Christ, You Were Born Into A Royal Family; The Most High God Breathed His Life Into You, Put A Crown Of Favor On Your Head.  The Scripture Says:

Revelation 1:5-6 (BRG)

5 And From Jesus Christ… 6 And Hath Made Us Kings And Priests Unto God

You May Kind Of A Feel Like You’re Living In Lo-Debar Today; Things Coming Against You, Circumstances You Don’t Like. Let Me Encourage You; Nothing That’s Happened To You Has Changed Your Identity. No Person Who Did You Wrong, No Bad Break, No Mistake You’ve Made, Has Changed Your Name; You Are Still A Child Of The Most High God, You Still Have Royal Blood Flowing Through Your Veins.  You May Be In Lo-Debar, But Don’t Let Lo-Debar Get In You. That’s Where You Are, Not Who You Are.

Mephibosheth Thought He Was Stuck. Practically Speaking, He Couldn’t Get Out; He Had No Family, Nobody To Help Him. It Looked Like That Was His Lot In Life. Years Later, King David Was On The Throne. One Night In The Palace, He Began Thinking About All God Had Done, Recollecting About Old Times. He Remembered His Good Friend Jonathan, How Much He Loved Him.  All Of A Sudden, He Had A Desire To Be Good To Jonathan’s Family:

2 Samuel 9:1-6 (NLT)

1 One Day David Asked, “Is Anyone In Saul’s Family Still Alive—Anyone To Whom I Can Show Kindness For Jonathan’s Sake?”… Ziba Replied, “Yes, One Of Jonathan’s Sons Is Still Alive. He Is Crippled In Both Feet.” 4 “Where Is He?” The King Asked. “In Lo-Debar,” Ziba Told Him… 5 So David Sent For Him And Brought Him From Makir’s Home. 6 His Name Was Mephibosheth; He Was Jonathan’s Son And Saul’s Grandson.

Jesus Told A Parable:

Luke 15:3-6 (NIV)

3 Then Jesus Told Them This Parable: 4 “Suppose One Of You Has A Hundred Sheep And Loses One Of Them. Doesn’t He Leave The Ninety-Nine In The Open Country And Go After The Lost Sheep Until He Finds It? 5 And When He Finds It, He Joyfully Puts It On His Shoulders 6 And Goes Home. Then He Calls His Friends And Neighbors Together And Says, ‘Rejoice With Me; I Have Found My Lost Sheep.’

When Life Has Pushed You Down, Somebody Tripped, And Put You At A Disadvantage, Or Maybe You’ve Made A Mistake, You’re Off Course, You Don’t Think You Can Ever Reach Your Destiny; In The Natural, That May Be True, But The Good News Is, The Shepherd Has Left The 99 And Is Coming After You. You Know Why? Because Your Home Is Not Lo-Debar. Living Addicted Is Not Your Home.

Living Depressed, Angry, In Self-Pity, Always In Lack; That’s Not Where You Belong. People Around You May Be That Way, But There’s Something Different About You; You Are Royalty. You Have The DNA Of Almighty God.

Even When You Can’t Get There By Yourself, God Is So Good, He’ll Have Somebody To Carry You, Help You Do What You Could Not Do On Your Own: A Friend, A Neighbor, Even A Stranger. He’s Looking For You. Here’s The Thing About God; He’s Not Going To Give Up On You Until He Sees You In Your Rightful Place. He Doesn’t Just Try Once Or Twice, He’s Going To Keep Looking, Pursuing, Calling.  He Loves You Too Much To Leave You Alone;  He Knows Who You Really Are. He’s The One That Breathed Life Into You.

Mephibosheth Finally Arrived At The Palace. He Was Afraid; He’d Heard How, Again And Again, His Grandfather King Saul Had Tried To Kill David.

2 Samuel 9:6-10 (NIV)

6 When Mephibosheth Son Of Jonathan, The Son Of Saul, Came To David, He Bowed Down To Pay Him Honor.David Said, “Mephibosheth!”“At Your Service,” He Replied.

7 “Don’t Be Afraid,” David Said To Him, “For I Will Surely Show You Kindness For The Sake Of Your Father Jonathan. I Will Restore To You All The Land That Belonged To Your Grandfather Saul, And You Will Always Eat At My Table.”

8 Mephibosheth Bowed Down And Said, “What Is Your Servant, That You Should Notice A Dead Dog Like Me?”

9 Then The King Summoned Ziba, Saul’s Steward, And Said To Him, “I Have Given Your Master’s Grandson Everything That Belonged To Saul And His Family. 10 You And Your Sons And Your Servants Are To Farm The Land For Him And Bring In The Crops, So That Your Master’s Grandson May Be Provided For. And Mephibosheth, Grandson Of Your Master, Will Always Eat At My Table.”

Sometimes, When We Hear The King Is Looking For Us, We Think, “I’m Hiding! I Don’t Want God To Find Me. I’ve Got A Lot Of Weaknesses, I’m Not Where I Should Be In Life. I Feel Bad Enough About Myself; I Don’t Need Somebody Else Condemning Me.”

This Is Where We Get Religion Mixed Up With Who God Really Is; Religion Can Make God Hard, Mean, Angry, Like God’s Waiting For You To Make A Mistake, Ready To Push You Down Even Further. But God Is Not Looking For You To Condemn You, Judge You, He’s Looking For You To Restore You. He Wants To Give You Back All That Belongs You: The Joy, Peace, Honor, Freedom, Abundance, Victory. He Wants To Pay You Back For The Unfair Things That Have Happened. He’s Not Going To Push You Down, Tell You How Bad You Are, “Why Are You Limping, Broken, Struggling That Area?”

Psalm 147:3 (AMPC)3 He Heals The Brokenhearted And Binds Up Their Wounds

Jesus Said:

Luke 4:18 (KJV)18 … He Hath Sent Me… To Set At Liberty Them That Are Bruised

When You’ve Been Bruised By Life, When You’re Hurt, It’s Easy To Get Stuck In Lo-Debar, Feel Sorry For Yourself, Give Up On Your Dreams. God Is Looking For You To Bring You Out Of Lo-Debar, To Heal Your Hurts, To Make You Feel Whole Again. “

This Sounds Good, But Mephibosheth Was Crippled Because Somebody Else Tripped; That’s Why God Restored Him. I’m Crippled Because Of My Own Poor Choices; I Blew It. I Can’t Expect God To Be Good To Me.”

This Is What Mercy Is All About; God Doesn’t Give Us What We Deserve, Or None Of Us Would’ve Had A Chance. We Think, “Does God Know What’s Wrong With Me, My Failures, My Weaknesses What I’m Struggling With?” The Good News; God Knows It All, And He Still Loves You, Wants To Be Good To You. God Doesn’t Write Us When We Get Off Course, Disqualify Us, Just The Opposite;  He Comes Looking For You. I’ve Heard It Said, “When You Make A Mistake, God Doesn’t Love You The Same, He Loves You A Little Bit More.”  He Turns Up The Intensity.  He’s Not Going To Leave You Alone Until He Sees You Completely Restored.

We See This Principle In The Parable Of The Prodigal Son:

Luke 15:11-36 (ESV)

11 And He Said, “There Was A Man Who Had Two Sons. 12 And The Younger Of Them Said To His Father, ‘Father, Give Me The Share Of Property That Is Coming To Me.’… 13 … He Squandered His Property In Reckless Living… 15 So He Went And Hired Himself Out…  To Feed Pigs [Hogs]. 16 And He Was Longing To Be Fed With The Pods That The Pigs Ate, And No One Gave Him Anything.

That Was Lo-Debar, So To Speak; It Couldn’t Get Any Worse Than That.  Unlike With Mephibosheth, This Was His Own Fault; He Had Nobody To Blame Except Himself.

Luke 15:17-22 (ESV)

17 “But When He Came To Himself, He Said, ‘How Many Of My Father’s Hired Servants Have More Than Enough Bread, But I Perish Here With Hunger! 18 I Will Arise And Go To My Father, And I Will Say To Him, “Father, I Have Sinned Against Heaven And Before You. 19 I Am No Longer Worthy To Be Called Your Son. Treat Me As One Of Your Hired Servants.”’ 20 And He Arose And Came To His Father. But While He Was Still A Long Way Off, His Father Saw Him And Felt Compassion, And Ran And Embraced Him And Kissed Him. 21 And The Son Said To Him, ‘Father, I Have Sinned Against Heaven And Before You. I Am No Longer Worthy To Be Called Your Son.’ 22 But The Father Said To His Servants, ‘Bring Quickly The Best Robe, And Put It On Him

One Translation Says:

Luke 15:22 (AMPC) 22 … Robe Of Honor

Here’s The Guy That’s Been Living In The Hog Pen, But Now He’s About To Get A Robe Of Honor.  That Doesn’t Make Sense. This Is What Mercy Is All About; It Doesn’t Make Sense, We Don’t Deserve It, It’s Just The Goodness Of God.

Think About This; The Whole Time The Son Was In The Hog Pen, The Father Had A Robe Of Honor Waiting For Him. How Long Are You Going To Let Accusing Voices Keep You From Your Robe Of Honor? How Long Are You Going To Stay In Lo-Debar When There’s A Seat Waiting For You At The King’s Table?  Why Don’t You Rise Up Like This Young Man, And Say, “Today Is A New Day. I’m Getting Rid Of The Guilt, Condemnation, Self-Pity. I’m Done Blaming Others, My Past, I’m Going To Step Into The Freedom, Wholeness, Victory God Has In Store.”

The Father Not Only Gave His Son The Robe Of Honor:

Luke 15:22 (ESV) 22 … Put A Ring On His Hand

The Ring Represented His Authority; In Other Words, The Son Was Restored Back To Who He Was Before He Left. It’s One Thing To Come Back But Have A Negative Mark By Your Name;  “Don’t Give Him Any Benefits, No Ring For Him, You Remember What He Did All That Time In The Hog Pen, Made Our Family Look Bad.” That’s Not The Way God Is.

He Not Only Restores, But He Makes You Whole. You May Feel Like You’re Off Course Today, Sitting On The Sidelines, Thinking, “I’m Just Glad To Be In Lo-Debar, The Way I’ve Lived.” No, Lo-Debar Is Not Your Home; The King Is Looking For You.  He Has A Robe Of Honor, A Ring Of Authority, For You. Don’t Let The Condemning Voices Convince You That You’ve Blown It Too Badly, “Look At You, You’re Still Limping, Struggling, Broken, You Don’t Deserve It”; It’s Not Because Of Who You Are, It’s Because Of Whose You Are. Your Name Hasn’t Changed; You’re Still A Child Of The Most High God . You Belong In The Palace. People Don’t Determine Your Destiny, God Does. People Will Write You Off, Judge You, Condemn You, But God Is Not In The Condemning Business; He’s In The Restoration Business. The Scripture Says:

 Romans 11:29 (NRSV) 29 For The Gifts And The Calling Of God Are Irrevocable

That Means; God Doesn’t Change His Mind. We May Make Mistakes, People May Trip, Put Us At A Disadvantage, But That Does Not Stop God’s Plan. Don’t Let Other People Convince You To Settle In Lo-Debar. You May Have A Limp, Things Didn’t Turn Out The Way You Thought, You Went Through A Disappointment;  That’s Alright, God Wants To Restore You Back To Your Rightful Position. Not A Second-Best Life, Not, “This Is Good Enough”; He Wants You To Become Everything You Were Created To Be.

Now You Have To Get An Agreement With God. Mephibosheth Could’ve Said, “No, I’m Not Going To The Palace. You’re Going To Have To Drag Me There.” If He’d Have Gone Bitter, Angry, Chip On His Shoulder, Complaining, David Would’ve Said, “Take Him Away. I’m Not Going To Have Anything To Do With Him.” No, He Went In Humility, Knowing That He Was At David’s Mercy.

When You Humble Yourself, And Say, “God, I Know Don’t Deserve This, I’ve Blown It, But God, I Believe You Are Full Of Mercy, That You Can Still Get Me To Where I’m Supposed To Be.” That’s When God Will Raise You Back Up, Put You On The Path, Toward The Fullness Of Your Destiny.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Get Away From God; He’ll Keep Pursuing You, Even If He Has To Find You In A Club, Getting High, Living In Lo-Debar.  He Knows Where You Are, And He’s Not Going To Give Up Until He Sees You In The Palace Where You Belong, Where You’re Restored, Fulfilling Your Purpose. Maybe You Think You’re Too Far Gone, Made Too Many Mistakes, Been Through Too Much; Can I Tell You, The King Is Looking For You. Not To Condemn You, But To Restore You, Bless You, Push You Into Your Purpose.

Life May Have Thrown You Some Curves, You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be; Remember, Your Location Doesn’t Change Your Identity. No Matter Where You Are, You’re Still A Child Of The Most High God. He Has A Robe Of Honor, A Ring Of Authority, For You. There’s A Seat Waiting For You At The King’s Table.

The Great Thing About God Is, Even When You Can’t Get There By Yourself, He’ll Have Somebody To Carry You.

Just Like David Decided To Be Good To Mephibosheth, People Are Going To Start Being Good To You: Favor That You Didn’t Deserve, Things Falling Into Place, You’re Coming Out Of Brokenness Into Wholeness, Out Of Lo-Debar, Into The Palace, The Fullness Of Your Destiny.

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