Step Towards Transformation

Break Out Of Your Box


Sunday Sermon on 08th May,2016

So Often, We Let Our Environment, How We Were Raised, People’s Expectations Of Us, Set The Limits For Our Lives; We Adapt To What’s Around Us.

Illustration: If You Take An oak  And Plant It In A 2-Foot Pot, It Will Never Become What It Was Created To Be, Not Because There’s Something Wrong With The oak, But Because Of The Environment That It’s In.

It’s Easy To Just Fit In, Go With The Crowd, Be Like Everyone Else, But God Didn’t Create You To Be Average, He Created You To Stand Out, Go Beyond The Norm, Leave Your Mark On This Generation. You Have Seeds Of Greatness On The Inside. You’re Supposed To Go Further Than The People That Raised You, Live Better, Be More Successful, Set A New Standard.

You May Be In An Environment Where People Have Addictions, Low Self-Esteem, Depression, Poverty; You Can’t Stop That. But Here’s The Key; Don’t Let That Become Normal In Your Thinking. If You Accept That As Who You Are, It Will Keep You From Your Destiny.  The Scripture Talks About:

John 15:19 (NIV)

19 … You Do Not Belong To The World, But I Have Chosen You Out Of The World.

John 17:14 (NIV)

14 … They Are Not Of The World Any More Than I Am Of The World.

You May Be In A Limited Environment, But You Don’t Have To Be Of It; Don’t Let That Environment Get In You. If You See Struggle, Lack, Poverty, Long Enough, Your Mind Can Become Conditioned To Think, “This Is Who I Am, I’ll Always Struggle, I’ll Never Have Enough.” No, That’s Where You Are, But That’s Not Who You Are. That May Be What’s Been Normal;

 The Good News Is, You Are A Barrier Breaker. You Have The Power, Favor, Talent, Ability, To Break Out, Go Further. God Breathed His Life Into You; He Calls You The Head And Not The Tail. Don’t Let Your Mind Become Conditioned For Average; Don’t Let That Change Who You Really Are.

 Sometimes, People Will Try To Put Us In A Box, Tell Us Things Like, “You Can’t Start That Business; You Don’t Have The Resources. You’ll Never Afford A Nice Place To Live, Get Well, Meet The Right Person.” Because Their Thinking Is Limited, They’ll Try To Put Their Limitations On You. You Have To Put Your Foot Down, And Say, “I Refuse To Be Average Because People Around Me Are Average. I Refuse To Be Addicted, Depressed, Have Low Expectations. I Know I’m A Barrier Breaker; I’m Going To Set A New Standard.”

It Starts In Our Thinking; Nothing Will Change Until You Make Up Your Mind That You’re Not Going To Accept Average. Why Don’t You Take The Limitations Off Yourself? You Have So Much Potential; Break Out Of That Box And Try Something New. The Enemy Would Love To Keep That Potential From Ever Coming Out; He’ll Use Bad Breaks, Negative Comments, People, Circumstances, To Try To Keep You From Believing In Yourself, Believing That You Can Rise To The Next Level.

Many People Have Let Their Minds Become Conditioned To Think That They’ve Reached Their Limits, They’re Just Average, They’ll Never Do Anything Great. What’s Happened? Instead Of Breaking Out, They’ve Adapted To Their Environment.

Illustration:I Saw A Study That Was Done With Fleas. Researchers Put All These Fleas In A Container, And Then Put A Lid On The Top. The Fleas Immediately Tried To Fly Out, But They Hit The Lid Again And Again; Before Long, They Realized They Were Stuck. At One Point, The Researchers Removed The Lid, But Much To Their Surprise, The Fleas Didn’t Try To Fly Out Anymore. They Had Hit That Lid So Many Times, They Had Become Conditioned To Think That They Couldn’t Get Out; Even Though The Lid Was Off, They Didn’t Even Try.

Sometimes, Like These Fleas, Because Of The Environment We’re In, The Times We’ve Tried And Failed, What People Have Told Us, We Become Conditioned To Think We Can’t Do Anything Great, We’ll Never Accomplish A Dream, Get Back In Shape. No, It May Not Happened In The Past, You May Have Tried And Hit That Lid A Few Times, But Can I Tell You; The Lid Is Coming Off. It’s Time To Try Again. You Were Not Created To Live Contained, Get Stuck; Recondition Your Mind.

Illustration: A Guy Went Fishing At A Lake And There Was Another Another Guy At The Other Side Of The Lake Fishing Also. When The Other Guy Catches A Big Fish, He Releases It Back To The Lake; But When He Caught A Small One, He Keeps It. The First Guy Couldn’t Contain His Curiosity As The Other Guy Kept Doing It So He Went Up And Ask The Guy Why He’s Doing So.

First Guy: Hey There, I Couldn’t Help Being Curious, But I Just Wan To Ask, Why Are You Releasing Big Fishes Back To The Lake And Keep Small Ones?

Other Guy: Oh, That’s Because I Only Have A 10-Inch Frying Pan.

We Weren’t Created To Live A Small Life, With Little Goals, Little Dreams, Little Influence; God Created Us To Live An Abundant Life. No Matter What Level You’re At, You’re Not Supposed To Get Stuck And Stay There; God Is A God Of Increase. He Has Something Bigger In Your Future. If You’re Going To Live This Large Life, It Starts In Our Thinking. Jesus Said:

Luke 5:37 (NIV)

37 And No One Pours New Wine Into Old Wineskins. Otherwise, The New Wine Will Burst The Skins; The Wine Will Run Out And The Wineskins Will Be Ruined.

Wineskins Were Made Out Of Leather. When They Got Old, They Became Hard And Stiff, And Wouldn’t Expand; If You Put New Wine In, They Would Burst. Jesus Was Saying, “You Can’t Have A New Life With Old Thinking.” You Can’t Go Around Thinking You’ve Reached Your Limits, You’ve Gone As Far As You Can, You Never Get Any Good Breaks; Limited Thinking Will Cause You To Live A Limited Life.

Get Rid Of That Old Wineskin; Start Thinking Bigger, Believing Bigger, Expecting Bigger. You Are Full Of Possibility; You Have Seeds Of Greatness. There Is Untapped Potential In You Right Now.

One Of The Biggest Battles That We All Face Is The Battle Of Containment; The Enemy Can’t Do Anything About The Ground You’ve Already Gained, He Can’t Make You Go Backwards, But He’ll Do Everything He Can To Try To Keep You From Going Forward. His Goal Is To Convince You To Settle Where You Are.

He’ll Tell Us Things Like:

  • “You’ll Never Be Able To Afford That House You Really Want, Just Accept It.”
  • “You’ll Never Get Well, You Saw The Medical Report.” Or,
  • “You’ll Never Meet The Right Person, It’s Been Too Long, This Is As Good As It Gets.

” Don’t Believe Those Lies; He Wouldn’t Be Fighting You So Hard Unless He Knew God Had Something Amazing In Your Future. You May Not See How It Can Happen, But One Touch Of God’s Favor Can Catapult You To A New Level.

2 Corinthians 6:11-13 (Msg)

11-13 … I Long For You To Enter This Wide-Open, Spacious Life… The Smallness You Feel Comes From Within You. Your Lives Aren’t Small, But You’re Living Them In A Small Way. I’m Speaking As Plainly As I Can And With Great Affection. Open Up Your Lives. Live Openly And Expansively!

Notice, God’s Dream Is That We Live A Wide Open, Spacious Life. But Even Though God Has This Big Life Planned Out, If We Have Limited Thinking, We Can Live It In A Small Way.

It’s Easy To Get Stuck In A Rut, Just Going To Work, Coming Home, Dealing With The Daily Pressures Of Life; We Look Up, And We’re Not Expecting Anything Better, Not Releasing Our Faith, Thinking, “This Is All There Is.” But Compared To What God Has Planned, We’re Living Small.  On A Regular Basis, You Have To Stir Up Your Faith, Gifts, Passions. You Have Not Seen Your Best Days;  God Has A Wide Life For You, Much Bigger Than You’re Living. Whatever Level You’re At, Don’t Get Stuck And Stay There; It May Feel Big To You, You’re Blessed, You’re Content, But In God’s Eyes It’s A Small Place.

Illustration: I Heard A Story About A Little Frog That Was Born At The Bottom Of A Well. Just A Small Circular Well Like You Might See On A Farm. This Frog And His Family That Lived Down There And They Were So Happy, So Content To Swim And Splash In The Water All Day Long. He Thought, “Life Is Good. We’ve Got All The Water In The World To Ourselves.” As He Got A Little Older, He Noticed The Light At The Top Of The Well And Wondered What Was Up There. One Day, Very Carefully, He Climbed Up The Side Of The Well. With Great Caution He Looked Over The Edge And The First Thing He Saw Was A Pond. He Couldn’t Believe It. It Was Thousands Of Times More Water Than What He And His Family Had. He Jumped Out Of The Well And Started Hopping Until He Came To A Lake. He Stood There In Amazement. He Had No Words. He Hopped A Little More And Came To The Ocean And As Far As He Could See Was Water. He Began To Realize How Limited His Vision Had Been. He Thought He Had It All But All He Really Had Was A Drop In The Bucket Compared To What Was Out There For Him To Enjoy.

Friend, God’s Dream For Your Life Is So Much Bigger, So Much More Rewarding Than You Can Imagine. You Haven’t Even Touched The Surface Of What God Has In Store. Why Don’t You Stretch Your Faith And Dare To Step Outside Of Your Well. In Other Words, Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Let Go Of The Limiting Mindsets. Turn Away From Small Thinking And, Like That Frog, Go A Little Further Than You’re Used To.

Break Out Of Your Box And Look Out Over The Horizon. Dream Bigger, Think Bigger, See Bigger, And Embrace The Oceans Of Blessings God Has In Store For You!

If You See Lack, Dysfunctions, Struggle, Addictions, On A Regular Basis, It Can Become Ingrained In You, To Where You Think That’s The Way It’s Supposed To Be.  We Adapt To Our Environment;

Titus 1: 15[ NIV]

15 To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

Illustration: There was this couple that moved into a new neighborhood. Early one morning while they were eating, the lady looked out the window and saw the neighbor hanging her wash out on the line to dry. She noticed that the wash was so dirty and so dingy. She said to her husband, “That neighbor doesn’t know how to wash. Her clothes aren’t clean. I wonder if she even uses detergent.” Day after day, she made these same comments. “I can’t believe she lets her family wear those dirty, dingy clothes.”

Several weeks later, she looked out that window, and the clothes were just as bright and clean and beautiful as could be. She was so surprised. She called her husband and said, “Honey, look. The lady finally learned how to wash. I wonder what happened.” The husband smiled and said, “Honey, I got up early this morning and cleaned our window.”

If you can’t ever see anything right as you drive down the freeway, but only see the traffic and construction and potholes and never the beauty; or you only see the scratch in the floor and never the amazing house; if you never see what your spouse does right and only what they do wrong, then my encouragement to you is to clean your window. The problem is not with your spouse. It’s an internal issue. The environment has become ingrained in you.

The Key Is, Don’t Let The Environment Get In You, Don’t Let Average Become The Norm. That May Be Where You Are, But That Is Not Who You Are You Are; You Are A Child Of The Most High God. The Creator Of The Universe Has Breathed His Life Into You. Let These Words Sink Down Into Your Spirit; A Wide Open, Spacious Life.  That Means A Life Free From Addictions And Bad Habits, A Life Where You’re Happy, Healthy, Whole, Fulfilled. A Life Of Abundance, More Than Enough, An Overflow Life. The Enemy Wants To Contain You, But God Wants To Enlarge You. Break Out In Your Thinking; Stay Open To New Possibilities.

One Time, In The Scripture:

Luke 5:1-5 (AMP)

1 Now It Occurred That While The People Pressed Upon Jesus To Hear The Message Of God, He Was Standing By The Lake Of Gennesaret (Sea Of Galilee).

2 And He Saw Two Boats Drawn Up By The Lake, But The Fishermen Had Gone Down From Them And Were Washing Their Nets.

3 And Getting Into One Of The Boats, [The One] That Belonged To Simon (Peter), He Requested Him To Draw Away A Little From The Shore. Then He Sat Down And Continued To Teach The Crowd [Of People] From The Boat.

4 When He Had Stopped Speaking, He Said To Simon (Peter), Put Out Into The Deep [Water], And Lower Your Nets For A Haul.

5 And Simon (Peter) Answered, Master, We Toiled All Night [Exhaustingly] And Caught Nothing [In Our Nets]. But… At Thy Saying I Will Let Down The Net.’

Luke 5:6 (NKJV)

6 And When They Had Done This, They Caught A Great Number Of Fish, And Their Net Was Breaking.

A Lot Of Times, We’re Like Peter; God Says, “I Want You To Live A Big Life, An Abundant, Fulfilled Life Where You’re Gaining New Ground. I Want To Take You Where You’ve Never Been, Show You Influence, Favor, Good Breaks That You’ve Never Seen.” But There Is A Catch; You Have To Let Down Your Nets.

You Have To Make Room For It In Your Thinking.

You Can’t Think Small, Believe Small, Expect Small, And Expect To Live This Large Life.

Why Don’t You Start Letting Down Your Nets? Why Don’t You Say, “God, I’m In Agreement With You.

  • I Believe You Have A Wide Open, Spacious, Abundant Life In Store For Me, So
  • I’m Going To Believe That My Whole Family Is Going To Serve You.
  • I’m Going To Believe That I’m Going To Come Out Of Debt And Be A Blessing To Others.
  • I’m Believing To Start My Business, To Build That Orphanage, To Meet The Person Of My Dreams.”

If You’ll Start Letting Down Your Nets, God Will Open Doors That You Could Never Open, Bring The Right People Across Your Path. He’ll Take You Where You’ve Never Dreamed.

But Too Often, We Let How We Were Raised, What We Saw Modeled Growing Up, Set The Limits For Our Life: If Our Parents Had Addictions, Bad Habits, The People That Raised Us Lived In Lack And Average, We Think That’s Our Lot In Life. People Tell Me, “I’ve Gone As Far As My Parents, I’ve Accomplished As Much As My Grandparents, I’m Doing Good Enough”; No, God Is A Progressive God, He Wants Every Generation To Increase.  Your Parents And Relatives, They Laid The Foundation; You’re Not Supposed To Settle There, You’re Supposed To Build Off Of What They Did. That’s Not A Resting Place Where You Can Put Down Your Stakes, That’s A Stepping Stone For You To Rise Higher, A Launching Pad For You To Go Farther. Don’t Get Comfortable And Settle There.

Illustration: A Teacher Gave Her Class An Assignment. They Had To Write Down What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up. One Boy Steve Had Seen A Man On Television Who Had Been Very Funny. This Boy Wanted To Be Like That Man Making People Laugh. That Was His Dream To Be On Television, So He Wrote It Down. Steve Came From A Low Income Family. He Also Had A Problem With Speaking. He Would Stammer.

The Teacher Started To Call Out The Students Name Out Loud And Reading What They Had Written. But When She Came To Steve’s Assignement She Stopped And Said “Steve Will You Please Come Up Here.”

He Walked In Front Of The Class So Proud, Thinking That She Would Encourage Him But It Was Just The Opposite. She Said Steve ,” What Did You Write”. He Said “I Wrote That I Wanted To Be On Television, Making People Laugh”. She Said .”.Steve ,Do You Know Anybody On Television? “He Said , “No Mam”. She Said “Steve Has There Been Anyone In Your Family Ever Been On Television?” He Said ,” No Mam”.

She Said “Then You Should Take This Back And Write Down Something More Realistic”. As A Six Year Old Boy, Steve Was Confused. Up Till That Point Nobody Had Ever Told Him What He Couldn’t Become. I’m Sure She Meant Well. That Night Steve Told His Father What Had Happened In His Class. Steve Showed His Father The Paper That He Had Written His Dream On, To Be On Television. His Father Said, “Steve, Put This Paper In The Front Door Of Your Drawer. Every Morning Before You Go To School, Every Night Before You Go To Bed, You Take This Paper Out , Read It And Thank God That One Day You Will Be On Television”.

He Did That, Year After Year ,And Today Many Years Later , Steve Is American Comedian On Television 24x 7 . He Is No Other Than Broderick Stephen Harvey Known Professionally As Steve Harvey. He Hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve Harvey (The Talk Show), Family Feud And Little Big Shots.

Your Life Is Going To Follow Your Thoughts. If You Believe You’ve Reached Your Limits, Then You Have. If You Believe You’ll Never Get Well, Then You Won’t. Because Your Mind Has Become Conditioned With Limitations, It Will Keep You From Your Highest Potential.

You Have To Get Rid Of These Thoughts That Are Holding You Back; You May Not See How You Can Do It In Your Own Ability, But You’re Not On Your Own; You Have The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Breathing In Your Direction.

God Created You To Rise Higher, Break Barriers Of The Past, Overcome Bad Habits, To Be Free From Generational Curses.

People May Have Labeled You At Risk, Average, Less Than, But God Labels You Well Able, Equipped, Anointed, Creative, A Masterpiece. The Good News Is, People Don’t Determine Your Destiny, God Does. What They Said About You, The Environment You’re In Now, How You Were Raised, Cannot Keep You From Your Purpose.. If You Will Stay In Faith, Instead Of Holding You Back, It Will Propel You Forward; Instead Of Defeating You, It’ll Make You Stronger God Knows How To Take What Was Meant For Your Harm And Use It To Your Advantage.

People Around You May Accept Average. They May Be Fine With Being Average, Having Little Goals, Working At An Ok Job, But Don’t Let That Spirit Rub Off On You. That Is Not Who You Are; You’re The Exception, A Barrier Breaker, Not Limited By Education, How You Were Raised, By That Environment. God Has Destined You To Rise Higher, Go To The Next Level.

  • Maybe Everyone In Your Family Is Depressed, Except You. You Broke Out; You’re Happy, Full Of Joy.
  • Everyone Is Addicted, Except You; You’re Free, Clean, Helping Others.
  • Everyone Is Struggling, Can’t Make Ends Meet, Can’t Get Ahead, Except You; You’re Blessed, Good Breaks Are Chasing You Down, Opportunities Are Looking For You, Your Gifts And Talents Are Coming Out In Greater Ways.

Why Is That? You’re The Exception. Not Arrogantly, Like You’re Better Than Someone Else, But A Quiet Confidence, Knowing That You Were Made For More.

Are You Accepting Things That Are Less Than God’s Best? Have You Adapted To A Limited Environment?

No, Don’t Settle There, Break Out Of That Mold.

Get Rid Of Low Expectations. Quit Making Excuses To Settle Where You Are. You May Be In Some Kind Of Limited Environment, Dysfunction, Addictions, Depression; The Good News Is, You Don’t Have To Stay There. That Is Not Your Destiny.

Somebody May Have Labeled You At-Risk, But The Creator Of The Universe Labels You At-Possibility. You’ve Gone As Far As Your Family And Friends, That’s Good, But Don’t Settle There; You’re The Exception, You’re Supposed To Go Further.

If You’re Going To Be A Barrier Breaker, You Have To Get Rid Of The Excuses.

Quit Thinking About What You Didn’t Get, What You Can’t Do, How The Odds Are Against You.

You Have To Recondition Your Mind.

  • Instead Of Dwelling On All The Negative Things People Have Said About You, Dwell On What God Says About You; “I Will Run And Not Be Weary.” Or,
  • Instead Of, “You Can’t Break That Addiction,” “I Can Do All Things Through Christ. Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed.”
  • Instead Of, “You’ve Reached Your Limits, This Is Not For You,” No, “The Path Of The Righteous Gets Brighter And Brighter. God’s Plans For Me Are For Good And Not Evil, To Give Me A Future And A Hope.”

Nothing Will Happen Until You Change Your Mind. Are There Strongholds Keeping You Back? Have You Adapted To An Environment, Letting What People Have Said, What’s Around You, Set Limits For Your Life? God Is Saying, “This Is A New Day. You Are A Barrier Breaker. I’m Going To Take You Further Than You’ve Imagined, Help You Set A New Standard. You’re Going To Defy The Odds.”

Now Do Your Part; Let This Seed Take Root In Your Spirit. Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It; Get In Agreement With God.

Illustration: For Years, Experts Said No One Would Ever Be Able To Run A Mile In Under 4 Minutes. They Studied The Human Body, And Thought It Would Collapse Under That Much Pressure. Scientists Said It Was Not Only Dangerous To Try, But It Was Literally Impossible. But A Young Man Named Roger Banister Didn’t Believe The Negative Reports; He Didn’t Let His Mind Become Conditioned To Think That It Couldn’t Be Done. In May Of 1956, He Made History By Running A Mile Under 4 Minutes. What’s Interesting Is, 46 Days Later, Someone Else Broke The 4 Minute Mile. Within 10 Years, 336 People Had Run The Mile Under 4 Minutes. It Hadn’t Happened For Years, Now It Was Happening All The Time. Why Was That? The Barrier Was Broken In Their Minds. For Years, They Believed What The Experts Said; They Were Convinced In Their Own Thinking That It Couldn’t Happen. Once That Barrier Was Removed, They Were Able To Do Things That Seemed Impossible.

If You’ll Recondition Your Mind, Start Thinking Better, Believing That You’re A Can-Do Person, Knowing That You Have Seeds Of Greatness, You Too Will Break Barriers That You Thought Were Impossible.

Note: Here’s The Beauty; When You Break A Barrier, You Make It Easier On Those That Come After You. You’re Paving The Way Your Children, Your Relatives; That’s What It Means To Set A New Standard. God Is A Progressive God; He Wants Every Generation To Increase.

Illustration: There Was A Young Man In The Scripture Named Hezekiah.  He Was Raised In A Very Dysfunctional Home. His Father Was Ahaz, King Of Judah; He Set Up Idols For The People To Worship, He Was A Very Hard King, Cruel To The People. Because He Didn’t Honor God, The Nation Went Downhill And Became Very Poor. Five Different Armies Came Against Judah; They Lost Every Battle, The Place Was Decimated. You Would Think Ahaz Would Learn His Lesson, Turn To God, Ask For His Help, But It Was Just The Opposite; He Closed The Doors Of The Temple And Began To Sell Off The Sacred Treasures. Hezekiah Was Raised In This Environment Of Compromise, Defeat, Average. He Could’ve Turned Out Like His Dad, Adapted To That Environment, But Hezekiah Understood This Principle; When He Became King, The First Thing He Did:

2 Chronicles 29:3 (NLT)

3 In The Very First Month Of The First Year Of His Reign, Hezekiah Reopened The Doors Of The Temple Of The Lord And Repaired Them.

He Turned The Nation Back Toward God. His Father Chose To Compromise, Push People Down, But Hezekiah’s Attitude Was, “I May Have Been Born Into Average, But I’m Not Settling Here; I’m Going To Put An End To This Generational Curse And Start A Generational Blessing.” Hezekiah Was A Barrier Breaker.

You May Be In Some Kind Of Limited Environment; If Hezekiah Were Here Today, He Would Tell You, “You Don’t Have To Stay There.”

How You Start Is Not Important; How You Finish Is What Matters. Do Yourself And Your Family A Favor; Break Out Of That Mold. Don’t Pass Negative Things Down To The Next Generation. You Can Be The Difference-Maker, The One That Sets Your Family On A Course To Honoring God, A Course Of Blessings, Favor And Victory. I’m Asking You To Recondition Your Mind, Get Rid Of Strongholds That Are Keeping You Back. You’re Not At-Risk You’re At-Possibility; Stir Up Your Seeds Of Greatness, Be A Barrier Breaker. If You’ll Do This, God Is Going To Breathe On Your Life In A New Way. You’re Going To Go Beyond Barriers Of The Past, Overcome Obstacles, Accomplish Dreams, And Become Everything God Created You To Be.

Illustration: Researchers Put Four Monkeys In A Room. In The Middle Of The Room Was A Large Pole. At The Top Of The Pole Was A Huge Bunch Of Bananas. One By One Each Monkey Climbed The Pole But Just Before Each One Reached The Bananas A Bucket Of Cold Water Was Dumped On It. Each Monkey Never Again Tried. Then The Researchers Replaced One Of The Monkeys. When The New Monkey Tried To Climb The Pole The Other Three Kept Pulling It Down. This Went On Until The Monkey Gave Up. The Researchers Replaced Each Original Monkey One By One. And Each One Kept Being Pulled Down By The Others. Eventually All Original Monkeys Were Replaced But The New Monkeys Were Afraid To Climb The Pole And Kept Passing That Fear On To Newer Monkeys In The Room.

This Is What Fear, Negativity, Limiting Beliefs, And Other People Do To Us, How Many Times Have We Had Dreams Or Goals That Our Beliefs Talked Us Out Of Trying To Accomplish? Or Worse Yet Other People In Our Lives Talked Us Out Of It?

I Say Let’s Make A Decision To Reach For Our Bananas! Pursue Those Dreams! Make A Plan To Achieve Those Goals!

Somebody May Have Told You That You Can’t Do It, Nobody In Your Family Did It, Daddy Didn’t Do It, Granddaddy Didn’t Do It, Great-Granddaddy Didn’t Do It;  That’s Ok, This Is A New Day, You’re The Difference-Maker, Rise Up And Go Get What Belongs To You. Don’t Settle Where You Are Because Everybody Around You Is Stuck; Go Get Your Dream.

You’ve Got To Learn How To Encourage Yourself; You Can’t Rely On People To Keep You Built Up And Cheer You On. Sometimes People Will Let You Down, Try To Keep You At The Same Level; They May Not See What You Can See. Paul Said:

Romans 3:3 (NKJV)

3 For What If Some Did Not Believe? Will Their Unbelief Make The Faithfulness Of God Without Effect?

Just Because Somebody Doesn’t Believe That You Can Do What God Put In Your Heart, That Doesn’t Change Anything; You Don’t Have To Have Everybody On Board. You’re Never Going To Get All Your Relatives, Friends, Coworkers To Cheer You On And Support You;

In Fact, Sometimes They’ll Tell You, “Do You Really Think You Can Do That? Do You Really Think You Can Break That Addiction, Start That Business, Write That Book? I Don’t Think So.” Your Attitude Should Be, Respectfully; “So What If They Don’t Believe? I Don’t Need Their Encouragement, Their Support, Their Prayers. I Know This; God And I Are A Majority. If God Be For Me, Who Dare Be Against Me?” Start Encouraging Yourself; “I’m Strong, I’m Talented, I’m Well Able. I’m Coming Into My Wide Open, Spacious Life.”

If You’re Going To Live A Large Life, You Have To Delete The Negative Things That Were Spoken Over You. You Are Not Who People Say You Are, You Are Who God Says You Are.

Don’t Let What They Said Contain You:

  • “You’re Just A C Student”; Delete That, You’re An A Student.
  • “You’ll Never Get Out Of Debt”; Delete That, You Will Lend And Not Borrow. “
  • You Can’t Accomplish Your Dreams”; Delete That, You Can Do All Things Through Christ.
  • “You’re Not Talented, You’re Not Attractive”; Delete That, You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made.

People Don’t Have The Final Say, God Does, And He Says, “I’ve Prepared For You A Wide Open, Spacious Life.” Get Rid Of The Old Wineskins, Start Throwing Out Your Nets, This Is A New Day. God Wants To Take You Where You’ve Never Been. He Wants To Show You Something That You’ve Never Seen. If You Will Start Living Large, You’re Going To See New Doors Begin To Open, New Talent Come Out Of You, New Friendships, New Opportunities, A New Level Of Your Destiny.

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