Step Towards Transformation

Remove The Crutches In Your Life.


Sunday Sermon on 15th May,2016.

It’s Easy To Come Up With A Reason Why We Can’t Accomplish A Dream, Why We Can’t Be Happy, Why We Can’t Overcome A Problem; Excuses Are Very Cheap In The Market.

We Think, “I’ve Got An Excuse To Be Sour:

  • Traffic Was Bad,
  • My Boss Was Rude,
  • A Co Worker Left Me Out.
  • I’ve Got An Excuse To Be Offended, These People Hurt Me: They Didn’t Keep Their Word, They Betrayed Me.” Or,
  • “I’ve Got An Excuse To Settle Where I Am: I Had A Bad Childhood, Lost A Loved One, Went Through A Breakup.”

Illustration: Every Man Can Relate To The Husband Who Is Sitting Home When His Wife Comes In From A Shopping. She Says, “I Saved You 25 Percent On The Dress I Just Bought,” And Then She Proceeds To Tell Him What A Beautiful Dress It Is And How Well It Looks On Her.” Well, The Husband Responds By Saying, “Even If You Think You Saved Us 25 Percent, The Fact Remains That You Bought A Dress That You Know We Can’t Afford Right Now. How Come You Didn’t Resist The Temptation?”

She Says, “I Tried To, I Really Did But When I Tried It On It Looked So Good On Me And It Was On Sale; It Was Just Too Big A Temptation.” The Husband Says, “You Know That Was The Devil Tempting You To Do Something That You Knew You Shouldn’t Do, Why Didn’t You Tell The Devil To Get Behind You?” The Wife Says, “I Did Tell Him To Get Behind Me But Then He Said, ‘It Looks Good From Back Here Too.”

As Long As You’re Making Excuses, You Will Justify Staying Where You Are. Excuses Give Us Permission To Settle For Less Than God’s Best. You Can Find An Excuse About Anything.

 It’s Easy To Find An Excuse:

  • “I Can’t Lose This Weight, My Metabolism Is Too Slow.”
  • “I Can’t Break This Addiction, Everybody In My Family Has It, It’s In My Genes, It’s Been Passed Down To Me.” Yes, It May Be In Your Genes, You Can Turn Off Those Genes; You Have The Power To Overcome It.

But The Only Way It’s Going To Happen Is If You Get Rid Of The Excuses. As Long As You’re Blaming The Past, Blaming A Neighbor, Blaming The Traffic, The Weather, Then You’re Going To Get Stuck. I’m Asking You To Throw Out The Excuses.

It May Be A Valid Excuse: It Wasn’t Fair, You Went Through A Disappointment, A Sickness, A Betrayal, But You Have To Draw The Line In The Sand, And Say, “I Refuse To Live My Life With A Chip On My Shoulder, Angry, Upset, With No Passion.”

If You’ll Get Rid Of The Excuses, God Will Be Your Vindicator; God Will Pay You Back For The Unfair Things. This Is Your Year To Step Up To A New Level, To See God’s Favor In A New Way. Now Have This Attitude; “No More Excuses.

  • No Excuses To Be Unhappy. Say-This Day Is A Gift From God; I’m Going To Enjoy It In Spite Of What’s Going On.
  • No Excuses To Settle For Average Or Give Up On My Dreams; Say-  I’m Pursuing My Goals, Overcoming Obstacles, Breaking These Bad Habits.” Or
  • “No Excuses To Go Around Feeling Inferior; Say- I Know Who I Am, A Child Of The Most High God.”
  • No Excuses For Saying “I’m Too Tall, Too Short, Too Old, Wrong Nationality.” You Have Been Fearfully And Wonderfully Made. Step Up To Who You Were Created To Be.

But You Say Br Melwyn, “I Don’t Think I Could Accomplish My Goals; I’m Not That Talented, I Don’t Really Have The Connections. I Didn’t Get With My Friends Got; They Have The Looks, Personality, Good Breaks.”  If You Didn’t Get It, Then You Don’t Need It. You Have Exactly What You Need. If You Needed What They Have, God Would’ve Given It To You. Quit Comparing Yourself And Start Running Your Own Race. You Are Anointed To Be You; Nobody Can Beat You At Being You. You Are Fully Loaded, Totally Equipped, Uniquely Designed For The Race That’s Been Laid Out For You.

Any Time God Is About To Take You To A New Level, There Will Be Excuses You Have To First Get Rid Of.

  • Before You See Promotion, You Have To Get Rid Of That Excuse; “I’m Not Qualified, I’m Not That Talented, I Can’t Do That.”
  • Before You Break The Addiction, Get Rid Of The Excuse, “I’ve Had It Too Long, I’m Not Disciplined Enough.”
  • Before You Meet The Person Of Your Dreams, You Have To Get Rid Of The Excuse, “I’m Not That Attractive, I Don’t Have A Good Personality.”

God Wants To Do Something New In Your Life. He Wants To Take You To A New Level Of Your Destiny; Are You Allowing Excuses To Hold You Back?

Illustration :I Used To Write Out My Sermons By Hand.On Saturday I Tried To Put Them All Together. My Wife Said That She Will Get A Laptop So I Can  Type And Then You Cut And Paste.I Had  Done  Typing In School But Hadn’t Typed In 20 Years. Excuses.

My Wife Said , You Can Do It – Now Do It . Sometimes, You Need Someone To Speak The Truth In Love To You.

Maybe You’re Coasting Like I Was, Thinking That You Can’t Step Up, You’ve Reached Your Limits; No, You Have Gifts And Talents On The Inside That You’ve Not Tapped Into. I’m Telling You, No Ifs, Ands Or Buts, It’s Time To Lose The Excuse Bag, Step Up To A New Level, Start Learning Something New. Start Training For That Next Program, Start Taking On More Responsibility, Or How About Start Writing That Book, Those Songs, Start Developing That Business Plan.

You Have Potential Lying Dormant On The Inside Right Now; It’s Seeds Of Greatness. The Enemy Would Love To Use Excuses To Keep It From Ever Coming Out; You’ve Got To Stir Up What God Put On The Inside..

I  Started Typing My  Messages On The Laptop And It Was Like Night And Day.In A Couple Of Weeks The Typing All Came Back.

Quit Telling Yourself What You Can’t Do, How You Don’t Have The Discipline, The Training, The Education; You Have Everything You Need. You Are Well Able; God Has Already Put It In You.

Illustration: You’ve Heard That Saying, “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks,” But I’ve Learned, It Depends On What Kind Of Dog You Have.

  • If Your Dog Thinks, “I’m Limited, I’m Lacking, I Can’t Learn Anything New,” Then That Dog Will Get Stuck.
  • But If You Have A Dog That Says, “I Am Well Able, Equipped, Empowered, Nothing’s Too Hard For Me,” That Dog Will Learn New Tricks.

 Are You Stuck Doing Something The Old-Fashioned Way, Because You Think You Don’t Have The Talent, The Know-How, The Ability To Step Into The New? Quit Discounting Yourself; You Have What You Need To Live In This Generation. Quit Shrinking Back; Don’t Let Those Excuses Convince You That You’re Lacking, Too Old, Too Young, Not Up To Speed, Not Up To Par. God Put In You What You Need For This Day; This Is Your Time To Shine.

Get Rid Of Those Limiting Excuses, And Stay Open For New Ideas, New Ways To Do Things.

When We Keep Making Excuses, They Become A Crutch; That Way, We Can Justify Why We’re Not Where We’re Supposed To Be. “They Hurt Me, They Did Me Wrong, Now I Have To Use This Self-Pity Crutch To Limp Along. I’ve Got A Reason To Be This Way.” Or, “My Friend’s More Talented, They Got The Looks, The Personality, So I’ve Got To Use This Inferiority Crutch,.” Or, “I Made Some Mistakes In Life, Didn’t Raise My Kids Right, Blew My Relationship, That’s Why I’m Using This Regret Crutch, This Not Up To Par Crutch.” Every Time You Make An Excuse, It’s Slowing You Down, Causing You To Limp.

The Tragedy Is, Some People Spend Their Whole Life On Crutches;  Don’t Let That Be You. If You’ll Get Rid Of The Excuses, Believe That You Have What It Takes, Trust God To Make Your Wrongs Right, Then Instead Of Limping, Barely Getting By, You’ll Keep Stepping Into New Levels Of Your Destiny.

Illustration; That’s What Wilma Did.

She Was Born Prematurely In The 40’s; The 20th Of 22 Children. Had Polio And Was Told She’d Never Walk Again.Couldn’t Play With The Other Kids.Spent 2 Years Bedridden.Wilma Had No Excuses Mentality.

Doctor Made Her A Special Leg Brace And She Learned To Walk.She Took Off Brace And Practiced Walking Without Her Parent’s Knowledge.She Ran. Wilma Worked Hard At Improving Her Walk, And Eventually Was Strong Enough To Run; And Run She Did! She Ran Foot Races Up And Down Her Street With Every Kid She Could Find And, Beat Every One Of Them.

At 16 She Qualified For The Olympics. She Was Invited To Compete For The United States In Melbourne, Australia. She Brought Home A Bronze Medal.

Wilma Rudolph Not Only Won Her Events At The Olympics, But Tied The World Record In The 100 Meter Dash; Set A New Olympic Record For The 200 Meter Dash; And, Brought Her Relay Team From The Rear To Win The Gold Medal. She Was The First American Woman To Win Three Medals In One Olympic Competition..

That’s What Happens When You Don’t Let Self-Pity Become A Crutch.

When You Don’t Let Self-Pity Become A Crutch, You Don’t Sit Around Thinking About What You Didn’t Get, How You Don’t Measure Up, You’ll Beat The Odds. God Will Get You To Where You’re Supposed To Be.

We’ve All Had Bad Breaks, Things We Don’t Understand; If That Was Going To Keep You From Your Destiny, God Would’ve Never Permitted It. Don’t Let It Become A Crutch. Don’t Use It As An Excuse To Settle Where You Are; Stir Up What God’s Put The Inside. You Will Go Places That You Never Dreamed.

In The Scripture:

John 9:1-3 (Niv)
9 As He Went Along, He Saw A Man Blind From Birth. 2 His Disciples Asked Him, “Rabbi, Who Sinned, This Man Or His Parents, That He Was Born Blind?”

They Wanted Somebody To Blame, An Excuse, A Reason. Jesus Said:

John 9:3-7 (Niv)
3 “Neither This Man Nor His Parents Sinned,” Said Jesus, “But This Happened So That The Works Of God Might Be Displayed In Him… 6 After Saying This, He Spit On The Ground, Made Some Mud With The Saliva, And Put It On The Man’s Eyes. 7 “Go,” He Told Him, “Wash In The Pool Of Siloam” (This Word Means “Sent”). So The Man Went And Washed, And Came Home Seeing.

When You Have A Bad Break, A Disadvantage, Don’t Get Stuck Looking For Someone Or Something To Blame. You’re Not Always Going To Understand Why Things Happen In Life, But If You’ll Stay In Faith, It Won’t Work Against You, It Will Work For You; God Will Use It To Show Out In Your Life.

 Like These People, It’s Easy To Want To Blame The Parents; “It’s Their Fault, That’s Why He’s Blind.” Blame The Man, Blame The Neighbor, Blame A Friend; All That’s Going To Do Is Give You A Reason To Feel Sorry For Yourself. Before Long, You’ll Have That Crutch.

But Nothing That’s Happened To You Is A Surprise To God; You Have To Take The Hand You’ve Been Dealt And Make The Most Of It. It May Not Have Been Fair, But God Is Fair. He Is A God Of Justice. He Sees Every Wrong That’s Been Done To You, Every Hurt, Every Disadvantage. If You Won’t Let It Become An Excuse To Get Bitter,  Then God Said He’ll Take That Wrong, Turn It Around And Use It To Your Advantage. He Will Pay You Back For The Unfair Things.

People Can’t Stop Your Destiny; What They Said About You, What They Did To You, How They Tried To Make You Feel, Doesn’t Have To Affect You. The Only Power That Has Over You Is The Power That You Give It.

If You Sit Around Nursing Your Wounds, Thinking About The Wrong, About How Bad It Was, That’s Going To Become A Crutch That Will Hold You Back. But If You’ll Let It Go, God Will Fight Your Battles. God Will Be Your Vindicator.

Illustration: We See This Principle In The Life Of Joseph. He Went Through One Unfair Situation After Another. His Brothers Betrayed Him, Sold Him Into Slavery. He Could’ve Become Bitter, Thought, “I’ve Got A Good Excuse To Live My Life Angry.” He Was Lied About, Falsely Accused, And Put In Prison; Another Excuse To Have A Chip On His Shoulder. He Spent Years In Prison For Something That He Didn’t Do. He Could’ve Come Up With Excuse After Excuse To Settle Where He Was. But Joseph Knew That Those Excuses Would Become Crutches That Would Keep Him From His Destiny. He Had This No-Excuse Mentality. He Kept Shaking Off The Disappointments, Overlooking The Offenses, Doing The Right Thing When The Wrong Thing Was Happening. In The End, He Came Out Vindicated, Promoted, In A Place Of Honor, Prestige, Influence.

You May Have Had Some Bad Breaks, Things You Don’t Understand, But Don’t Get Stuck Looking Back, Reliving The Negative; That Is A Distraction. If You’ll Do Like Joseph, And Keep Moving Forward, Doing The Right Thing, God Will Get You To Where You Supposed To Be. No Bad Break Can Stop You, No Disadvantage, No Injustice; God Has The Final Say.

  • “They Hurt Me, They Did Me Wrong”; I Say This Respectfully, Everybody’s Been Hurt, You Have To Get Over It.
  • They Left Me Out”; Everybody’s Been Left Out.
  • “They Lied About Me”; Everybody’s Been Lied About.

 It’s Not Worth Missing Your Destiny Over. I’m Not Saying That What They Did Was Ok; What I’m Saying Is, It Doesn’t Have To Control The Rest Of Your Life.

It Would Be Easy To Live Thinking About How Wrong It Is; Before Long, You’ll Have That Crutch That Will Cause You To Limp When God Created You To Run. You’ve Got To Draw The Line In The Sand, And Say, “That’s It, No More Excuses. I Can’t Do Anything About The Past, But I Can Do Something About Right Now; I Am Going To Live My Life In Faith, Trusting God To Make It Up To Me.”

This Day Is A Gift; Once We Live It, We Can Never Get It Back. Life Is Too Short To Waste Another Day Angry, Offended, In Self-Pity. Like Joseph, You May Have Had A Rough Start, But You Don’t Have To Have A Rough Finish. God Wants To Pay You Back. He Wants To Give You Beauty For The Ashes:

Isaiah 61:3 (Niv)
3 … To Bestow On Them A Crown Of Beauty Instead Of Ashes,The Oil Of Joy Instead Of Mourning,And A Garment Of Praise Instead Of A Spirit Of Despair

Double For The Injustice:

Zechariah 9:12 (Esv)
12 … Today I Declare That I Will Restore To You Double.

I Realize It’s Not Always Easy To Get Over It, It’s Not Necessarily Easy To Move Forward, But Here’s The Key; The Pain Of Letting It Go Is Less Than The Pain Of Holding On And Missing Your Destiny. In The Scripture, It Tells Us:

1 Corinthians 11:1 (Niv)
1 Follow My Example, As I Follow The Example Of Christ.

His Life Should Be Our Example. If We’re Going To Be Like Jesus, That Means We’re Going To Have People Come Against Us, Trying To Make Us Look Bad. It Means We’re Going To Be Misunderstood And Criticized, And We’re Going To Have A Garden Of Gethsemane, Times We Feel Alone And Abandoned. And Yes, We May Even Have A Judas, People That Betray Us, Turn Their Back And Walk Away. It’s Interesting, When Judas Came To Betray Jesus:

Matthew 26:47-50 (Cev)
47 Jesus Was Still Speaking, When Judas The Betrayer Came Up. He Was One Of The Twelve Disciples, And A Large Mob Armed With Swords And Clubs Was With Him. They Had Been Sent By The Chief Priests And The Nation’s Leaders. 48 Judas Had Told Them Ahead Of Time, “Arrest The Man I Greet With A Kiss.”
49 Judas Walked Right Up To Jesus And Said, “Hello, Teacher.” Then Judas Kissed Him.
50 Jesus Replied, “My Friend, Why Are You Here?”

Jesus Knew He Was Going To Betray Him, But He Still Called Him “Friend.” His Attitude Was, “I’ve Already Gotten Over What You’re About To Do. Your Poor Choice Is Not Going To Steal My Joy Nor Stop My Destiny; My Father Has The Final Say. It May Get A Little Rough, But I Know In The End I’m Going To Come Out Wearing That Victor’s Crown.”

If We Will Do Like Jesus, Not Get Bitter When Unfair Things Happen, And Trust Our Father To Make It Up To Us, At Some Point We Too Will Be Wearing The Victor’s Crown. Like Joseph, You’ll Come Out Vindicated, Promoted, In A Place Of Honor And Influence.

John 5:2-5 (Amp)
2 Now There Is In Jerusalem A Pool Near The Sheep Gate. This Pool In The Hebrew Is Called Bethesda, Having Five Porches (Alcoves, Colonnades, Doorways).
3 In These Lay A Great Number Of Sick Folk—Some Blind, Some Crippled, And Some Paralyzed (Shriveled Up)—Waiting For The Bubbling Up Of The Water.
4 For An Angel Of The Lord Went Down At Appointed Seasons Into The Pool And Moved And Stirred Up The Water; Whoever Then First, After The Stirring Up Of The Water, Stepped In Was Cured Of Whatever Disease With Which He Was Afflicted.
5 There Was A Certain Man There Who Had Suffered With A Deep-Seated And Lingering Disorder For Thirty-Eight Years.

What Is A Lingering Disorder? It’s Not Just Physical. But When We Stay Focused On Negative Things In The Past, We Keep Making Excuses And Not Moving Forward, Those Lingering Disorders Can Keep Us From Our Destiny.

John 5:6 (Amp)
6 When Jesus Noticed Him Lying There [Helpless], Knowing That He Had Already Been A Long Time In That Condition, He Said To Him, Do You Want To Become Well? [Are You Really In Earnest About Getting Well?]

By The Way This Man Responded, It Shows Us Why He Had Been That Way So Long:

John 5:7 (Erv)
7 The Sick Man Answered, “Sir, There Is No One To Help Me Get Into The Water When It Starts Moving. I Try To Be The First One Into The Water. But When I Try, Someone Else Always Goes In Before I Can.”

“I’m At A Disadvantage, I’m All Alone. You See My Legs; When The Angel Comes, Everybody Gets In Front Of Me.” He Had Used That Excuse For So Long, It Had Become A Crutch. Jesus Didn’t Reply To The Man’s Sad Story, He Took Action:

John 5:8 (Niv)
8 Then Jesus Said To Him, “Get Up! Pick Up Your Mat And Walk.”

He Spoke Faith Over The Man, And For The First Time, When That Man Heard That, Something Came Alive On The Inside; He Thought, “You Mean, I Don’t Have To Keep Making Excuses, I Don’t Have To Just Sit Here And Wait For Something To Change, I Can Make Something Happen?”

John 5:9 (Niv)
9 At Once The Man Was Cured; He Picked Up His Mat And Walked.

I Wonder How Many Things We Would Get Out Of, Defeat, Depression, Bad Habits, If We Would Just Quit Feeling Sorry For Ourselves, Quit Making Excuses, And Start Moving Forward.

God Is Asking Us Today What He Asked This Man;

  • “Are You Serious About Getting Well?
  • Are You Serious About Overcoming That Addiction,
  • About Finishing School,
  • About Moving Past That Disappointment?

Then There’s Something You Have To Do; Get Up On The Inside, In Your Attitude, In Your Thoughts, In Your Countenance (Face), In How You Talk.” In Other Words, Shake Off The Self-Pity, Quit Reliving The Negative. You’re Waiting On God, But God Is Waiting On You; If You Will Get Up, Take Up Your Bed, So To Speak, And Start Moving Forward, That’s When You’ll See Things Begin To Change In Your Favor. God Said:

Isaiah 42:9-10 (Amp)
9 Behold, The Former Things Have Come To Pass, And New Things I Now Declare… 10 Sing To The Lord A New Song

God Is Saying, “The Things You’ve Been Struggling With Are Coming To An End: The Discouragement, The Loneliness, The Bad Breaks, The Depression.” God Is About To Put A Stop To It; He’s Going To Do A New Thing. But There Is One Requirement; The Last Part Of This Verse Is The Whole Key. If You Want To See The Negative End, And God Do A New Thing, Then You Have To Sing A New Song.

You Can’t Keep Singing That Old Song Of, “Who Hurt Me, I’ve Been By This Pool For 38 Years, I’m Never Going To Get Well,” No, Throw Out That Song Of Self-Pity, Get Rid Of That Song Of Defeat, Erase That Song Of “It’s Never Going To Work Out,” And Start Singing A Song Of Victory; “I May Have Had Some Bad Breaks, But I Know This Is My Due Season Year; Things Are Changing In My Favor. I Am Armed With Strength For This Battle. I Will Overcome This Illness, Break This Bad Habit, Finish School, Live Healthy, Whole, Victorious.” If You Want To See The New, You’ve Got To Start Singing The New Song. In Other Words, No More Sad Songs, No More Talking About Who Hurt You, What Didn’t Work Out; God Knows Everything You’ve Been Through, You Don’t Have To Constantly Remind Him. If You’ll Lose The Sad Song, And Start Singing A New Song, God Will Turn Your Mourning Into Dancing:

Psalm 30:11 (Nrsv)
11 You Have Turned My Mourning Into Dancing;  You Have Taken Off My Sackcloth And Clothed Me With Joy

He’ll Take The Setback And Use It As A Setup To Take You Somewhere Greater.

But I Wonder How Many Of Us Today, Like This Man, Have These Lingering Disorders; We Went Through A Hurt, A Disappointment, And Instead Of Letting It Go, Moving Forward, Trusting God, We Started Making Excuses; Now, It’s Gone On Year After Year. The Good News Is, If You’ll Get Rid Of The Excuses, It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before Those Lingering Disorders Will Leave; That’s When God Will Show Up And Begin To Turn Things Around.

Is There Something You Need To Get Over Today?

  • A Childhood That Wasn’t So Great,
  • A Friend That Betrayed You,
  • A Business That Didn’t Make It,

Now You’re Using It As A Crutch To Stay Where You Are? Why Don’t You Make This Decision With Me; No More Excuses. You Can’t Do Anything About The Past, But You Can Do Something About Your Future.

Because You Have This New Song, The Things That Have Held You Back Are Coming To An End. God Is Doing A New Thing. You’re Going To See Beauty For Those Ashes. You’re Going To Overcome The Illness, See New Relationships, New Opportunities, A New Level Of Your Destiny.

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