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The Rain Is Coming!


Sunday Sermon On 5th June,2016

Every Person Goes Through Times Of Drought, Dry Seasons When We Don’t See Anything Happening.  We’ve Got Big Dreams, We’re Standing On God’s Promises, But We Just Don’t See Anything Changing;  It’s Dry And Barren.  You Can Be Blessed In One Area And In A Drought In Another;  Have A Successful Career But Be Struggling In Your Marriage, A Drought In A Relationship, Or You Can Have A Great Marriage But You Just Don’t Feel Well, A Drought In Your Health.  It’s Easy To Think, “This Is The Way It’s Always Going To Be;  I’ll Always Be Lonely, Have To Deal With This Depression, Struggle In My Finances.”  No, I Want To Announce That In 2016 That Drought Is Coming To An End.  Any Area Of Brokenness, Dryness, Loneliness, Every Empty Place, If You Will Stay In Faith, God Is Going To Rain Down Favor, Rain Down Healing, Rain Down Restoration.

Psalm 68:9 (TLB)You Sent Abundant Rain Upon Your Land, O God

Why Don’t You Get That In Your Spirit;  You’re About To See An Abundant Rain.  Every Drought Is Only Temporary;  That Dry Season Is Not Going To Last Forever.  Why?  The Rain Is Coming.

  • That Addiction Is Not Going To Be With You Your Whole Life;  Rain Is Coming. 
  • Struggle And Lack Is Not Your Destiny, It’s Temporary;  Rain Is Headed Your Way.
  • Some Of You Have Been In A Drought In Your Health;  Chronic Pain, You Don’t Feel Well, You Could Easily Settle There. No, You Need To Get Your Buckets Ready.  I See Clouds Starting To Form. 
  • Maybe In Your Career You Feel Stuck And Can’t Seem To Get A Good Break, You Got Passed Over For The Promotion, Don’t Get Discouraged;  God Has Something Better For You.  It’s Not Going To Be A Drizzle, Not A Sprinkle, But A Downpour, An Abundance Of Rain.

When You Get Up In The Morning, You Need To Declare It;  “Father, Thank You That The Drought Is Ending And The Rain Is Coming.  Thank You That In 2016 I’ll See An Abundance Of Your Goodness In My Life.” 

Illustration: I Have A Friend That Lost His Wife To Cancer Some Years Back. He Had  Been Married To A Beautiful Girl. They Were On Their Honeymoon Enjoying And Making Plans For Their Future Life. Just As They Were Enjoying This New Season Of Life, She Tripped Down From A Stairs In A Hotel And Had To Be Hospitalised. There During One Of The Check Up He Found Out That She Had Blood Cancer And That Too On The Final Stage. For Days And Months He Took Care Of Her. He Treated Her Like A Queen. She Fought The Good Fight Of Faith. But Ended Up Going To Heaven. Was Very Difficult On Him. He Told How He Felt Lonely , Empty. He Never Ever Thought Life Would Turn Out That Way.He Was In A Drought. He Could Have Been Bitter , Depressed. Would Have Been Easy To Settle In That Empty Place. But He Understood This Principle. The Drought May Come, There Are Dry Seasons When We Feel Empty, But That Is Not The End Of Your Story;  Rain Is Coming.

Psalm 30:5(AMP)… Weeping May Endure For A Night, But Joy Comes In The Morning.

Rain Can Take A Dry, Barren Place And Bring New Life.  It May Have Been That Way For A Month, For A Year, Or For 20 Years, But When The Rain Comes, Things That Seem Dead Begin To Bloom,  Blossom, Flourish;  They Just Needed Some Rain.

What You May Think Is Over And Done, The Loss Of A Loved One, Loss Of A Dream, Loss Of A Relationship, You Feel Lonely, Empty, Like It Could Never Change, No, To Change All You Need Is Some Rain.  The God We Serve Is Saying, “I’m Going To Send Rain To Your Barren Places.  It’s Not Over;  I’m Going To Rain Down New Opportunities, New Relationships, New Ideas, New Dreams.

Illustration Contd.: Not Long Ago  This Friend Of Mine Met A Very Beautiful Lady As His Client In Business. It Happened That They Liked Each Other , They Got Engaged And Then Got Married.Now He Is Settled In Life And Has Two Children. Weeping May Endure For A Night, But Joy Comes In The Morning . He Was In A Barren Place But God Sent The Rain In His Life.

Some Of You Are In That Dry Place, Things Haven’t Turned Out The Way You’ve Hoped, Been Through Some Difficulties, But That Is Not The End;  Joy Is Coming.  You May Be In A Drought, But Rain Is Headed Your Way.  This Is Your Year To Bloom, Blossom, Flourish.  It’s Your Year To See New Growth, Opportunities; God Is About To Rain Down His Favor In Abundance.  He Is Going To Turn Your Mourning Into Dancing

Psalm 30:11-12 (NRS)

11 You Have Turned My Mourning Into Dancing; You Have Taken Off My Sackcloth And Clothed Me With Joy, 12 So That My Soul May Praise You And Not Be Silent. O Lord My God, I Will Give Thanks To You Forever.

Your Sorrow Into Joy, Your Loneliness Into Love.  He’s Going To Give You Beauty For Those Ashes;  The Drought Is Coming To An End.

1 Kings 18:1-41 (NKJV)

1 And It Came To Pass After Many Days That The Word Of The Lord Came To Elijah, In The Third Year, Saying, “Go, Present Yourself To Ahab, And I Will Send Rain On The Earth.”

2 So Elijah Went To Present Himself To Ahab; And There Was A Severe Famine In Samaria…

41 Then Elijah Said To Ahab, “Go Up, Eat And Drink; For There Is The Sound Of Abundance Of Rain.”

When He Said That, There Wasn’t A Cloud In The Sky, No Sign Of Rain, Yet He Chose To Believe What He Heard His Spirit In Spite Of What He Saw With His Eyes.  He Saw Drought, Famine, Barrenness, But Down In His Heart He Heard The Sound Of An Abundance Of Rain.

This Is What Faith Is All About;  You Have To  Believe What You Hear In Your Heart Even When What You See Is Just The Opposite.

  • You Hear Abundance, But You May See Lack.
  • You Hear Health, But You May See Sickness.
  • You Hear Rain, But You May Look Around And See Drought.

It’s Easy To Talk Yourself Out Of What God Wants To Do.  God Is Saying, “There’s About To Be An Abundance Of Favor In Your Life;  The Drought Is Coming To An End.  You’re Going To See Healing, Restoration, New Opportunities, New Growth.  Don’t Say, “I Don’t Think So, The Medical Report’s Still Bad, My Child’s Still Acting Up, I’ll Never Meet The Right Person.”  No,

  • Why Don’t You Be Like Elijah And Have A Boldness To Believe What God’s Put In Your Heart?
  • Why Don’t You Start Declaring, “The Rain Is Coming, Favor Is Coming.  2016 Is My Year To Bloom, To Blossom, To Flourish, To See New Growth.”

1 Kings 18:42-43 (NKJV)

42 … Elijah Went Up To The Top Of Carmel; Then He Bowed Down On The Ground, And Put His Face Between His Knees, 43 And Said To His Servant, “Go Up Now, Look Toward The Sea.”…

He Put Actions Behind His Faith;  He Was Expecting It To Change.

1 Kings 18:43 (NKJV)

43  … So He Went Up And Looked, And Said, “There Is Nothing.” And Seven Times He Said, “Go Again.”

Elijah Didn’t Get Discouraged.  He Didn’t Think, “Well, I Must Have Heard God Wrong,” He Told Him To Go Back And Look Again.  If You’re Going To See Abundance, You Can’t Let People Talk You Out Of What God Put In Your Heart.  Don’t Let Words Of Doubt And Discouragement Take Root.

People May Tell You Things Like, “You Really Think You’re Going To Get Well?  My Grandmother Died Of That Same Disease.  You Think You’re Gonna Get That Position?  I Don’t Think You’re Really Qualified.”  Let That Go In One Ear And Out The Other.  People Don’t Determine Your Destiny, God Does.

What You Hear In Your Spirit Is More Powerful Than Any Negative Words That Have Been Spoken Over You.  If You’ll Listen Carefully, You’ll Hear The Sound Of Abundance, The Sound Of Increase, The Sound Of New Levels;  That’s The Creator Of The Universe Calling Out Your Seeds Of Greatness.

God Does Not Want You To Stay Where You Are;  He’s Got New Levels, But You’ve Got To Get Into Agreement With Him.  You Have Got To  Ignite This Moment And Say, “Yes, This Is For Me Today.

  • My Child May Be Off Course, But I’m Not Worried;  I Hear The Sound Of Restoration.  I Know The Rain Is Coming.
  • I May Not Feel Well;  I’m Not Discouraged, I Hear The Sound Of Healing.
  • I Went Through A Loss;  I’m Not Living Depressed, I Hear The Sound Of New Beginnings. I Know The Drought Is Ending And The Rain Is Coming.”

When I Look Out At You, You Know What I Hear? The Sound Of Dreams Come To Pass, The Sound Of Marriages Being Restored, The Sound Of That Baby You’ve Been Believing For, The Sound Of Divine Connections, You Meeting The Right Person.  I Hear The Sound Of New Opportunities;  It’s The Sound Of Abundance.

1 Kings 18:44 (NKJV)

44 Then It Came To Pass The Seventh Time, That He Said, “There Is A Cloud, As Small As A Man’s Hand, Rising Out Of The Sea!…

One Thing I Love About God Is He Can Take Something Small And Turn It Into Much.  God Doesn’t Need The Whole Sky To Be Filled With Clouds, He Can Take A Tiny Little Cloud, Most People Would Dismiss It, It’s Nothing, It’s Insignificant, Yet God Can Bring A Downpour Out Of It.

  • You Don’t Need A Bunch Of People Behind You, You Just Need The Right Person Behind You.
  • You Don’t Have To Be The Most Powerful, The Most Influential;
  • God Used A Teenage Girl Named Esther, An Orphan, To Save All Of Israel.
  • God Used A Donkey To Speak To A Prophet;  No Offense, But Most Of Us Don’t Pay Any Attention To A Donkey, It’s Insignificant.
  • God Used A Slingshot And A Few Stones To Defeat Goliath, And Put David, A Shepherd Boy With No Training, On The Throne Of Israel.

Don’t Discount The Little Cloud;  God Can Take Something Small And Turn It Into Something Great.  Don’t Despise The Day Of Small Beginnings[Zech 4:10]

Some Of You, Like Elijah, All You Can See Is A Little Cloud, A Little Spark Of Hope;  It Doesn’t Look Like Much.  Every Voice Tells You, “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, You’re Going To Be Disappointed Again, Nothing’s Going To Change.”  I Want To Tell You Just The Opposite;

Get Your Hopes Up, Find Your Umbrella, Put Your Raincoat On, God’s About To Rain Down An Abundance Of Favor, There’s Going To Be An Abundance Of Goodness In Your Life.  God Has Done It In The Past;  He’s Going To Do It In The Future.  That Drought Is Coming To An End.  Elijah Told King Ahab:

1 Kings 18:44 (NKJV)

44 …So He Said, “Go Up, Say To Ahab, ‘Prepare Your Chariot, And Go Down Before The Rain Stops You.’

He Meant, “The Sound Of Abundance That I’ve Heard On The Inside Is About To Come To Pass On The Outside.”  This Was Before There Was Any Sign Of Rain.  Notice Elijah’s Faith;  He Was Making Plans For Abundance When All He Saw Was A Little Cloud.

If You Wait Around Discouraged, Negative, “I’ll Believe It When I See It,” You’ll Be Waiting Your Whole Life.  You Got To Do Like Elijah And Start Making Plans For Abundance, Start Making Plans For Increase, Start Talking Like It’s Going To Happen.

  • Not “If I Get Well” But “When I Get Well.”
  • Not “If I Break This Addiction” But “When I Break This Addiction.”
  • Not “If I Start My New Business” But “When I Start My New Business.”

You’ve Got To Show God That You’re Trusting Him.  This Is What Elijah Did; As He Was Heading Out, The Heavens Opened Up The Rains Came Pouring Down:

1 Kings 18:45 (NKJV)

45 Now It Happened In The Meantime That The Sky Became Black With Clouds And Wind, And There Was A Heavy Rain. So Ahab Rode Away And Went To Jezreel. 46 Then The Hand Of The Lord Came Upon Elijah; And He Girded Up His Loins And Ran Ahead Of Ahab To The Entrance Of Jezreel.

“That Sounds Great, But I Don’t Even See A Little Cloud In My Sky.  I’ve Been Believing To Meet The Right Person, But I Haven’t Had A Date In 27 Years. I Don’t See How It Could Happen.”  No, Just Because You Don’t See Anything Doesn’t Mean God’s Not Working;  You Don’t Know What God Is Up To Behind-The-Scenes.

Illustration:  Last Year During The Month Of June I Was Travelling On By Bike. It Was Very Hot. All Of A Sudden Out Of Nowhere It Begin To Rain. I Did Not See One Cloud In The Sky. It Was As Blue As It Could Be. The Sun Was Out Very Bright. For 3 Minutes There Was This Downpour Of Rain. I Thought Where Is This Rain Coming From. It Was Like God Saying “Melwyn, I Can Make It Rain Whenever I Want To. I Can Use A Little Cloud, A Big Cloud Or No Cloud. I Am God. Iam The All Powerful Creator Of The Universe.’”

  • “When I Say Rain, I Don’t Need A Cloud.
  • When I Say Healing, I Don’t Have To Have Medicine.
  • When I Say Promotion, I Don’t Need Your Boss’ Approval.
  • When I Say Abundance, I Don’t Need A Bank.

I’m Not Limited By The Natural;  I’m A Supernatural God.”

All Of Your Circumstances May Say, “You’ll Never Get Well, You’ll Never Get Out Of Debt, Never Accomplish Your Dreams, There’s Not A Cloud In The Sky”;  But Take Heart;  He’s Still God, He’s Still On The Throne.  He Doesn’t Need A Cloud To Make It Rain.

Illustration ; A Person Had 90% Of His Vocal Chords Removed Because Of Some Kind Of Infection. It Could Be Treated , So Finally The Doctors Had To Remove The Vocal Cords.The Doctors Told That The Person Would Never Be Able To Speak. But Today After So Many Years This Person Talks Normally , Sings, Shouts. The Doctors Could Not Explain It. Medically Speaking It Is Impossible For This Person To Talk.

What Was That? God Making It Rain Without A Cloud.

God Can Do What Medical Science Cannot Do.  Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It.  Don’t Let Your Circumstances Discourage You.  Everything Doesn’t Have To Look The Way You Think It Should Look.  God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways:

  • God Brought Water Out Of A Rock.
  • Jesus Told Peter To Go Catch A Fish, Open Its Mouth, And There Was The Money He Needed For Taxes.
  • God Called A Young Lady Named Mary To Have A Baby Without Knowing A Man.
  • God Healed My Paralysis Without Medication
  • God Gave Me A Beautiful Wife Without Shaadi.Com

He’s God:  He Can Use Those Things, Or He Can Do It Another Way, Without A Cloud, Without A Bank, Without The Treatment, Without The Experience.  God Has Ways To Make It Rain In Your Life That You’ve Never Dreamed Of.  You Don’t Have To Figure Everything Out;  All You’ve Got To Do Is Believe.  In Fact, It Says In Proverbs:

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart   And Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

Sometimes, There Is No Logical Solution;  You’ve Gotta Turn Your Mind Off.  If You’re Constantly Trying To Figure It Out, That’s Just Going To Make You Discouraged, Depressed, Frustrated. Just Because You Don’t See A Way Doesn’t Mean That God Doesn’t Have A Way.

Illustration;  I Heard A Story Of A Little Girl That Wanted A Kitten So Badly That She Kept Asking Her Mother Week After Week But She Kept Refusing. Now This Mother Was A Cat Hater And Everyone In Town Knew It. For Months The Little Girl Continued To Ask For That Kitten . So Finally The Mom Told Her , “Well If God Gives You A Little Kitten , You Can Keep It.” The Girl Instantly Went Into Her Yard And Prayed ”God Give Me A Kitten” When She Had Finished Praying And This Mother Watching This , A Kitten Suddenly Came Flying Out Of The Clear Skiy With Its Paws Outspread, And Landed Right In Front Of The Little Girl. The Mother Thought She Was Seeing Things. She Went Outside , Looked Around  And There Was No Tree Any Where Over Head. It Was As If The Kitten Had Been Rained Down From Heaven. The Little Girl Picked It Up And Sais “Thank You , Lord”

Several Months Later The Mother Learned That One Of Her Neighbours Who Lived Behind Her And About Four Houses Down Was Trying To Get This Little Kitten Down Out Of The Small Tree. The Father Could Not Reach It With His Ladder , So He Tied A Rope Around That Tree And The Other End To The Bumper Of His Car .And Began To Roll Over His Car Further Enough That He Thought , He Could Get The Kitten.. But As He Ws About To Get It The Rope Broke And The Tree Acted Like A Sling Shot. It Flung The Kitten 600feet Away Right In Front Of The Little Girl.

Friends, God Knows How To Make It Rain In Your Life.  He Doesn’t Need A Cloud.  He May Not Do It An Ordinary Way;  Quit Trying To Figure Out How It’s Going To Happen, And Just Believe That It Will Happen.  You May Be In A Drought Today, You Don’t See Any Clouds In The Sky, But Remember, God Doesn’t Need A Cloud.

Now You’ve Got To Get In Agreement With God, And Start Saying, “Father, Thank You That The Rain Is Coming, Healing Is Coming, Restoration Is On Its Way.”  Dare To Make Some Declarations Of Faith;  “The God I Serve Is A Rainmaking God.”

This Is What Abraham Did When He Was Waiting For The Child God Promised Him.  He Was Way Too Old, It Looked Impossible, But The Scripture Says:

Romans 4:20 (TLB)

20 But Abraham Never Doubted. He Believed God, For His Faith And Trust Grew Ever Stronger, And He Praised God For This Blessing Even Before It Happened.

He Got Up Every Morning And Said, “Lord, Thank You That Your Rain Is Coming, Thank You That My Baby Is On His Way, Thank You That You’re Faithful To Your Word.”  He Kept Thanking God For What He Heard In His Spirit.

Like With Abraham, God Has Put Dreams In Your Heart.  He’s Spoken Promises Over You.  Deep Down, You Know You’ll Get Well, You Know You’ll Break That Addiction, You Know You Will Accomplish Your Dreams.  But In The Natural, It Looks Impossible;  You Don’t See How, The Odds Are Against You, It’s Been So Long.  No, God Is Saying, “What I Started In Your Life, I Will Finish.  Rain Is Coming.  The Clouds Are Starting To Form.  I Can Hear Some Thunder Rumbling In The Distance.”

Now Keep Praying, Keep Believing, Keep Expecting;  One Touch Of God’s Favor, One Downpour, And Like With Abraham The Baby Will Suddenly Be Conceived, The Drought Will Come To An End.  You Need To Get Ready;

In 2016, Rain Is Going To Come Looking For You.  You’re Not Going To Have To Go After It:  Good Breaks, Opportunities, Restoration, Divine Connections Are Going To Track You Down.  Friends, I Hear The Sound Of An Abundance Of Rain. You Need To Get Your Buckets Ready;  God Is About To Show You A Downpour Of His Favor.  Every Drought In Your Life Is Coming To An End.  The Dry Places, The Barren Spots, Are About To See New Life;  This Is Your Year To Bloom, To Blossom, To Flourish.

Now Get Up Every Morning Expecting It;  “Lord, Thank You That Your Rain Is Coming.”  If You Do This, I Believe And Declare, You’re Going To See, Not A Trickle, Not A Sprinkle, But A Downpour Of God’s Goodness, An Abundance Of Rain In 2016.

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