Step Towards Transformation

You Have What You Need For Right Now.


Sermon Preached On Sunday 26th June , 2016

It’s Easy To Think, “If I Had More Money, A Bigger House, More Talent, A Better Personality, Knew The Right People, I Could Accomplish My Dreams, Do Something Great, Be Happy. ”  But As Long As You Feel Like You’re Lacking, You Don’t Have Enough, You Were Short-Changed, Then You’ll Make Excuses To Be Less Than Your Best.

You’ve Got To Have A New Perspective;  God Has Given You Exactly What You Need For The Season That You’re In.  You Have The Talent, Friends, Connections, Resources, Experience You Need For Right Now.  It Doesn’t Mean That’s All You’re Ever Going To Have.  You May Need More Next Month, Next Year;  When That Time Comes, God Will Make Sure That You Have More Then.

Psalm 34:10 (Nlt) 10 ….. But Those Who Trust In The Lord Will Lack No Good Thing.

Because Your Trust Is In The Lord, You Don’t Have To Worry;  Whatever You Need, God Will Make Sure You Have It When You Need It.  You Wont Lack Any Good Thing.

This Means, If You Don’t Have It Right Now, Don’t Fight It, Don’t Be Discouraged, You Don’t Need It Right Now. Our Attitude Should Be, “I’m Equipped, Empowered And Anointed For This Moment.  I Am Not Lacking, Short-Changed, Inadequate, Missing Out, Less Than;  I Have What I Need For Today.”

This Approach Is So Much Better Than Thinking, “If I Just Had The Finances, If The Loan Would Have Gone Through, If They Would Have Been My Friend, If I Had A Better Personality.”


  • If You Needed A Better Personality, God Would Have Given You One. God Wasn’t Having A Bad Day When He Created You.
  • If You Needed More Talent, God Would Have Give You More Talent.
  • If You Needed More Friends, You Would Have More Friends.

Take What You Have And Make The Most Of It;  It’s What You Need For Right Now.  

Quit Thinking About All The Things That You Don’t Have, That You Wish Were Different;

  • “All I Have Is This Old Car;  I’m Depressed.”  No, Have A New Attitude;  “This Old Car Is All I Need Right Now.  God Is On The Throne, Directing My Steps.  When I Need More He Will Give Me More.”
  • “All I Have Is This One Friend.”  No, Turn It Around;  “This One Friend Is All I Need For This Season.  I’m Not Going To Sit Around In Self-Pity;  When I Need More Friends, God Will Give Me More Friends.”
  • “All I Have Is This Low-Level Job.”  No;  “That’s All I Need Right Now.  When It’s My Time To Be Promoted, Nothing Can Stand Against My God, I Will Be Promoted.

But In The Meantime, I’m Going To Keep Being My Best Right Where I Am.”  This Is An Empowering Way To Live;  Not Making Excuses, Feeling Short-Changed.  “If I Just Had More Money.”

Listen, If You Needed More Money To Fulfill Your Destiny Right Now And God Withholds It, He Wouldn’t Be A Just God.  The Truth Is, God Has Already Lined Up The Right People, Opportunities, Finances, Wisdom, Good Breaks, Protection You Need;  It’s In Your Future.  As Long As You Keep Honoring God, He Will Give You What You Need When You Need It.

That Means, If You Don’t Have It Right Now, You Don’t Need It Right Now.  Will You Trust Him?

Illustration: David

2 Samuel 12:7-8 (Nlt) Then Nathan Said To David, “You Are That Man! The Lord, The God Of Israel, Says: I Anointed You King Of Israel And Saved You From The Power Of Saul. I Gave You Your Master’s House And His Wives And The Kingdoms Of Israel And Judah. And If That Had Not Been Enough, I Would Have Given You Much, Much More

In Other Words, “David, Looking Back Over Your Life, If You Were Ever Lacking, If You Ever Needed More Wisdom, Favor, Protection, Finances, God Would Have Given It To You.”  That Tells Me What I Have Right Now Is What I Need To Fulfill My Destiny.

  • The Moment It Becomes Not Enough Is The Moment God Will Give You More.
  • The Moment Something Starts To Keep You From Your Destiny, Stop God’s Plan For Your Life, Is The Moment God Will Show Up, Intervene.

So If It Hasn’t Happened Yet, Don’t Be Discouraged, Thinking That It’s Never Going To Work Out;  If It Hasn’t Happened, You Haven’t Needed It.  When You Need It, It Won’t Be One Second Late.

  • The Moment You Need A New Friend, Good Break, Idea, It Will Show Up.

God Is Closely Watching Your Life.  You Are His Most Prized Possession.  He’s Saying To You, “If It’s Ever Not Enough, You Can Count On Me;  I Will Always Be There To Give You More.”

If You Don’t Have Something Right Now, You Didn’t Miss It,  God Didn’t Forget About You.  As Long As You’re Honoring Him, At The Right Time, When You Need It, The Right People Will Show Up, The Finances, Healing, Restoration, Vindication Will Find You.  If It Hasn’t Happened Yet, Don’t Sit Around Sour;  Have The Attitude, “I Don’t Need It.  When I Need It, God Promises It Won’t Be One Second Late.”

Illustration: David And Goliath

1 Samuel 17:38-40 (Niv)38 Then Saul Dressed David In His Own Tunic. He Put A Coat Of Armor On Him And A Bronze Helmet On His Head. 39 David Fastened On His Sword Over The Tunic And Tried Walking Around, Because He Was Not Used To Them.“I Cannot Go In These,” He Said To Saul, “Because I Am Not Used To Them.” So He Took Them Off.40 Then He Took His Staff In His Hand, Chose Five Smooth Stones From The Stream, Put Them In The Pouch Of His Shepherd’s Bag And, With His Sling In His Hand, Approached The Philistine.

What God Has Given Other People Is Not Going To Work For You.  Don’t Try To Be Like Somebody Else.  “I Wish I Had Their Talent, Looks, Personality”;  No, If You Put That Armor On, You Would Be Uncomfortable, It Would Slow You Down.  Why?  It Wasn’t Designed For You.  You Are Unique, One Of A Kind;  God Custom-Made Your Armor.  Nobody Has What You Have.  

If You’ll Walk In Your Own Anointing, Use What God Has Given You, You Can Have Less Talent, Resources, Friends, But Because God’s Breathing On Your Life, You Will Go Further Than People That Have More Talent, Resources.

When David Went To Face Goliath,  All David Had Was A Slingshot And 5 Smooth Stones;  It Looked Insignificant,Ordinary, Nothing Special. Goliath Was Twice His Size. Goliath Had Been Trained In The Military.He Was Wearing A Full Set Of Armour.Had Lot Of Experience And Was Extremely Powerful.Here David Was Ateenager . He Did Not Have Formal Training.No Equipment , No Experience.He Was A Shepherd.

1 Samuel 17:43  ..He Said To David, “Am I A Dog, That You Come At Me With Sticks?” 

When Goliath Saw David And Saw How Small He Was, He Began To Laugh. Goliath Said ..You Are No Match For Me. But David Understood This Principle.Even Though ,That Sling Shot Was Small, He Knew That It Was Part Of His Devine Destiny.The Scripture Says That David Ran Towards Goliath.

1 Samuel 17:48  …As The Philistine Moved Closer To Attack Him, David Ran Quickly Toward The Battle Line To Meet Him.

When You Know What You Have Is What You Need , You Will Not Run Away In Fear But You Will Run Towards Your Enemiy.God Used A Simple Sling Shot To Trust David To A New Level.

My Question Today:

  • Are You Overlooking Something Small, Something Ordinary That God Has Given You.
  • Are You Sitting Back Thinking , I Don’t Have The Talent,The Education, I Don’t Know The Right People.

No You Have Exactly What You Need.

Melwyn “I Can’t Do Anything Great, I Don’t Have The Talent, My Marriage Is Too Far Gone, The Medical Report Is Too Bad.”  No, You’re Just Looking In The Natural, But We Serve A  Supernatural God;

  • He Can Take Something That Is Ordinary, Breathe On It, And Turn It Into Something That’s Extraordinary.
  • You Can Have Average Talent, But When God Breathes On Your Life You Will Go Further Than People That Have Great Talent.

Illustration: Samson And Jaw Bone

Judges 15:15…  Finding A Fresh Jawbone Of A Donkey, He Grabbed It And Struck Down A Thousand Men.

Samson Was Surrounded By A Huge Army. He Had No Weapon, No Armor, Nobody Backing Him Up. All He Had Was The Jawbone Of A Donkey;  He Could Have Thought I Need A Sword , I Need A Shield. H  But He Picked Up That Jawbone, It Was Small , Ordinary.But He Did Not Dismiss It.He Was Smart Enough To Realise That It Was A Part Of His Divine Destiny. He Picked It Up To Defeat The Entire Army.That Jaw Bone , Even Though It Was Ordinary , When God Breathed On It, It Became Extraordinary. And He Defeated 1000 Men, The Whole Army.

What Am I Saying? You Don’t Have To Be Bigger,Stronger , Tougher To Overcome Your Obstacles. When You Honor God , You Have A Powerful Force In The Universe Breathing In Your Direction.

Illustration: Moses And Rod

All Moses Had Was An Ordinary Stick, Yet When He Picked It Up, Held That Rod In The Air, The Red Sea Supernaturally Parted.

Don’t Underestimate What You Have;  It May Look Small, Insignificant, Compared To What You’re Facing It Seems Impossible.  All The Odds Are Against You, But When God Breathes On Your Life, The Odds Dramatically Change.  You And God Are A Majority.

  • God Can Open Doors That Should Have Never Opened.
  • God Can Take You Beyond Where Your Talent, Education Says You Should Go.
  • God Can Make A Way Even When You Don’t See A Way.

It’s Not Enough To Just Have Faith In God, That’s Important, But You’ve Got To Have Faith In What God Has Given You.  You Are Not Lacking, Short-Changed, At A Disadvantage;  The Creator Of The Universe Is Breathing On Your Life, Health, Finances, Marriage.  If You Will Be Confident In What God Has Given You, He Can Take What Looks Like Little And Turn It Into Much.

Zechariah 4:10 (Nlt)10 Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings, For The Lord Rejoices To See The Work Begin

In Other Words, Don’t Look At What You Have And Say, “I Can’t Do Anything Great, I Don’t Have A Lot Of Talent.  A Low-Level Job?  God, I Wanted To Be In Management.”  No, What God Has Given You Right Now May Seem Small, But Don’t Let That Fool You;  When You Use What You Have, God Will Multiply It.  You’ll See An Explosion Of His Goodness.

Illustration:  Fish And Bread

Mark 6:36-37 Send Them Away So That They May Go Into The Surrounding Countryside And Villages And Buy Themselves Something To Eat.” 37but He Answered Them, “You Give Them Something To Eat!” And They Said To Him, “Shall We Go And Spend Two Hundred Denarii On Bread And Give Them Something To Eat?”

On The Surface, It Seemed Like What Jesus Asked Was Impossible.  But God Will Never Ask You To Do  Something And Then Not Give You The Ability To Do It.

  • Melwyn “I Can’t Raise This Child, He’s Too Difficult”;  No, God Wouldn’t Have Given You The Child If You Weren’t Able To Raise Him.
  • Melwyn “These People At Work, They’re Driving Me Crazy”;  No, When God Gave You That Job, He Gave You The Ability To Be There With A Good Attitude.
  • Melwyn “I Couldn’t Accomplish My Dreams, I Don’t Know The Right People”;  No, The Moment God Put The Dream In Your Heart, He Lined Up Everything You Need To Bring It To Pass.

Mark 6:37-44 37but He Answered Them, “You Give Them Something To Eat!” And They Said To Him, “Shall We Go And Spend Two Hundred Denarii On Bread And Give Them Something To Eat?”  38and He Said To Them, “How Many Loaves Do You Have? Go Look!” And When They Found Out, They Said, “Five, And Two Fish.” 39and He Commanded Them All To Sit Down By Groups On The Green Grass. 40they Sat Down In Groups Of Hundreds And Of Fifties. 41and He Took The Five Loaves And The Two Fish, And Looking Up Toward Heaven, He Blessed The Food And Broke The Loaves And He Kept Giving Them To The Disciples To Set Before Them; And He Divided Up The Two Fish Among Them All. 42they All Ate And Were Satisfied, 43and They Picked Up Twelve Full Baskets Of The Broken Pieces, And Also Of The Fish. 44there Were Five Thousand Men Who Ate The Loaves.

Jesus Said, “You’ve Told Me All About What You Don’t Have, All I Want To Know Is What Do You Have.” The Disciples Looked At What They Had, 5 Loaves And 2 Fish, And Dismissed It;  It’s Not Enough

“I Believe I Could Do Something Great If I Had More Going For Me,  If I Had More Talent, Friends, Money.”  No, You’re Just Looking At The Natural;  Get Rid Of That “I Don’t Have Enough” Mentality.  God Controls The Whole Universe.

He Is Saying To You Today What Jesus Said To The Disciples, “Give Me What You Have.  Don’t Make Excuses. Don’t Sit On The Sidelines Of Life Feeling Intimidated, Short-Changed.  Put Your Life, Goals, Dreams, Into My Hands.”  

When You Give God What You Have, He’ll Multiply It.  

That Means When If You Be The Best You Can Be, Right Where You Are, Living With Confidence, Believing That Gods Breathing In Your Direction, Then God Will Do What He Did For Then. He Will Take The Little And Multiply It.

Here’s What I Have Learnt, God Is Not Looking For Super Talented People. He Is Looking For Ordinary People, Who Can Use What They Have Believing God, So That He Can Use That Little And Multiply It.

Illustration: Lepers

2 Kings 7:3-7 (Nlt) Now There Were Four Men With Leprosy Sitting At The Entrance Of The City Gates. “Why Should We Sit Here Waiting To Die?” They Asked Each Other. “We Will Starve If We Stay Here, But With The Famine In The City, We Will Starve If We Go Back There. So We Might As Well Go Out And Surrender To The Aramean Army. If They Let Us Live, So Much The Better. But If They Kill Us, We Would Have Died Anyway.”So At Twilight They Set Out For The Camp Of The Arameans. But When They Came To The Edge Of The Camp, No One Was There! For The Lord Had Caused The Aramean Army To Hear The Clatter Of Speeding Chariots And The Galloping Of Horses And The Sounds Of A Great Army Approaching. “The King Of Israel Has Hired The Hittites And Egyptians To Attack Us!” They Cried To One Another. So They Panicked And Ran Into The Night, Abandoning Their Tents, Horses, Donkeys, And Everything Else, As They Fled For Their Lives.

There Were Four Lepers Sitting Outside The City Gates.They Were Contagious, So They Had To Stay Away From People. To Make Matters Worse Their City Was Surrounded By An Army.They Cut Off Their Water Supply. They Were Waiting For The People To Get So Weak Then They Would Attack Those People. These Lepers Had No Future For Themselves-So To Say.But One Of The Lepers Said To His Three Friends..If We Just Sit Here, We Are Going To Die For Sure.Why Don’t We Take A Chance And March Towards The Enemy Camp And See What Happens.

Notice: They Didn’t Have Great Faith. They Didn’t Say “We Know God’s Going To Protect Us, Deliver Us, Save Us,” Their Attitude Was, We Are 99% Sure We’re Going To Die, What Do We Have To Lose?  They Had Small Faith, They Used What They Had, It Wasn’t Much, Just A Little Faith, Effort, Strength.  As They Marched Toward The Enemy, God Multiplied The Sound Of Their Footsteps, And Caused Them To Sound Like A Vast Army, And When The Enemy Army Heard It, They Panicked And Took Off Running For Their Lives, Leaving Behind Their Belongings, Food, Livestock And Treasures;  When The Lepers Got To The Camp Nobody Was There.  They Were Amazed, They Went Back Home And Told Their Families, They All Came Back And Gathered Up The Spoils;  God Not Only Saved Their Lives, But God Used Them To Spare The Entire City;

That’s What Happens When You Use What You Have;  It Doesn’t Have To Be Great Faith, Even Little Faith, Just Doing Something Small, Just Showing God That You’re Trusting Him, That’s When Supernatural Things Can Begin To Happen;  God Can Cause People To Hear What He Wants Them To Hear;  God Can Cause You To Be Seen The Way He Wants You To Be Seen; You May Not Feel Very Powerful, Influential, The Good News Is, It’s Not How You Feel That Matters, It’s How God Causes You To Be Seen.

They Could Have Been Sitting Around Depressed, Focused On What They Didn’t Have.  No, These Men Were Using What God Had Given Them.  “I Don’t Have A Lot Of Talent, Money”;  If You’ll Use What God Has Given You, He’ll Multiply It.  He’ll Multiply Your Talent, Resources, Influence.  God Is Not Into Addition, He’s Into Multiplication.

What You Have Today May Seem Small, But If You’ll Keep Honoring God It’s Not Going To Stay Small.  You’re Going To Come Into Supernatural Increase, Good Breaks, Divine Connections, Opportunities That You’ve Never Seen Before.  You Have Exactly What You Need To Fulfill Your Destiny.

Here’ S The Key:It May Not Be As Much As A Family Member, Coworker, Friend, But That’s Ok, You’re Not Running Their Race, You’re Running Your Race.  If God Gave You What They Have, It Wouldn’t Help You,  It Would Hinder You.  You’re Not Anointed To Be Them, You’re Anointed To Be You.


During WWII, A Soldier Got Separated From His Unit In The Jungle In The Middle Of The Night, Hid In A Cave, Asked God To Spare Him, And Saw A Spider Drop Down Across The Entry And Begin To Spin A Web;  He Said “God, I Need A Brick Wall, An Iron Gate,  And You Send Me A Spider?” The Enemy Soldiers Were Going Through Each Cave, Checking Them;  When They Got To His Cave, And Saw The Spider’s Web Across The Entry, One Of Them Said “We Don’t Need To Check This One, Nobody Could Have Gotten In Without Disturbing The Spider’s Web”;  They Passed On By.

God Knows How To Take Care Of You, He’s Already Lined Up Everything You Need To Live In Victory;  You Don’t Have To Worry, Lose Any Sleep, Just Stay In Peace, Confident That You Have Exactly What You Need;  Sometimes, When We Face A Big Problem, We Think, “God, I Need A Big Solution;  This Soldier Prayed For An Iron Fence Or A Brick Wall, God Says, “No, I Have Ways To Protect You, Promote You, Heal You, That You’ve Never Thought Of, I Can Take Something Small, Ordinary, Insignificant And Turn It Into Something Great”

You’ve Got To Be Confident In Who God Made You To Be.  You’re The Right Size.  You Have The Right Personality.  You’re The Right Nationality,  You’ve Been Custom-Made By The Creator Of The Universe.

  • Well Melwyn I Have Got A Big Problem. Don’t Worry There Are Some More Spiders Out There.
  • Well Melwyn I Have Got A Big Enemy. Don’t Worry You Got Your Feet , God Can Multiply The Sound.
  • Well Melwyn My Business Is Very Slow. . Don’t Worry You Got 5 Loaves And 2 Fish.

Put Your Shoulders Back,Hold Your Head Up High;  You Are Not Lacking, You Have Exactly What You Need For Where You Are.  

Get Up Every Morning And Remind Yourself, “I Have The Strength, Talent, Friends, Resources, Qualifications I Need For Today.  If You’ll Do That, Because Your Trust Is In The Lord, You Will Never Lack Any Good Thing.

God Is Going To Take Small, Turn It Into Much.   He’s Going To Multiply What You Have.  You Will Become Everything He Created You To Be, And Have Everything He Intended For You To Have

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