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Sermon Preached On Sunday 2nd OCTOBER, 2016

Illustration: A Boy In His School Days Had Real Thick Curly Hair. After His Bath, He Had To Use A Big Brush To Comb. It Took Him Long Time To Comb And Had To Struggle To Get That Brush Through. He Graduated And Ten Years Later You Could Not Recognise Him. He No Longer Had Thick Curly Hair, He Had No Hair. He Was Completely Bald. Shocking.

What Happened? There Was A Gene In His DNA That Had Been Locked Up.Tha Name Of That Gene Was A Four Letter Word. B.A.L.D. It Had Been Passed Down By His Parents. That Gene Was Programmed To Open Up On A Certain Date. It Had Been Lying Dormant There Year After Year  Locked Up In His Genetic Code. When The Preprogrammed Time Came,  The Gene Went To Work. Its One Purpose Was To Make The Hair Fall. I Must Say It Did A Great Job.

In The Same Way, There Are Genes Locked Up In Your Genetic Code Right Now, Not From Your Physical Relatives, But From Your Heavenly Father. Before You Were Formed In Your Mother’s Womb, God Not Only Knew You, But He Put In You These Destiny Genes.

The Apostle Paul Says:

Ephesians 2:10 (AMP) … Living The Good Life Which He Prearranged And Made Ready For Us To  Live

God Has Already Pre-programmed In Your DNA: Gifts, Talents, Favor, Opportunity. Those Genes Are Lying There Dormant; You Might Not Even Know That They’re In You.

The Scripture Says:

1 Corinthians 2:9  … No Mere Man Has Ever Seen, Heard, Or Even Imagined What Wonderful Things God Has Ready For Those Who Love The Lord.

There Are Seeds Of Greatness Locked Up In Your DNA; Ideas, Inventions, Books, Songs, Movies, Businesses, Contracts. When That Preprogrammed Time Comes, Set By The Creator Of The Universe, Nothing Can Stop It:  People Can’t Stop It, How You Were Raised Can’t Stop It, A Bad Break, An Addiction, Poverty, Lack, Nothing Can Stop What’s The Most High God Has Already Put In Your DNA.

Don’t Just Look At It In The Natural, What You Don’t Have, “I Don’t Have The Connections, I Don’t Have The Resources, My Family, We’ve Always Had These Addictions.”

No,  You Need To Get Ready; They Are Destiny Genes About To Open Up In Your Life. What God Has Locked Up In Your DNA Is About To Kick In And Thrust You To A New Level.

Suddenly: You Get Promoted, A Good Break, The Business Takes Off, Your Health Improves, You Break The Addiction. You Didn’t See It Coming, You Didn’t Even Know It Was In You.

What Was That? A Destiny Gene.

You May Not See How You Could Ever Get Out Of Debt, Ever Get Well, Ever Accomplish A Dream.  What You Can’t See Is What’s Already In Your DNA, What’s Already Been Preprogrammed To Open Up: Favor Genes, Idea Genes, Abundance Genes, Health Genes. If You Will Keep Honoring God, Helping Others, Expecting Good Things, At The Right Time, You’ll Step Into Your Moment; Suddenly, It Will Come To Pass.

IllustrationFor 33 Years  There Was A Teacher In Me Which I Did Not Know. This Gene Was Lying Dormant. It Had Been Preprogrammed To Open Up At Right Time. All Those Years I Never Had The Desire To Teach Even Educational Studies. In 2002 Suddenly I Had A Desire To Step Up And Teach Bible Study. It Was Not That I Was Forced To Do It. I Wanted To Do It. Overnight That Changed. What Was That ? A Destiny Gene Opened Up. It Had Been Locked Up In My DNA.

There Are Destiny Genes In Your Future That Are Going To Open Up And Thrust You To A New Level. You’re Going To Discover Talent That You Didn’t Know You Had. You’re Going To Find Yourself Doing Things You Never Thought You Could Do: Writing, Inventing, Singing, Developing, Exceeding Your Expectations, Living Bigger, More Generous, More Fulfilled Than You Ever Imagined.

“This Sounds Good, But I Think You’ve Got The Wrong Person: I’m Not That Talented, I Never Get Any Good Breaks,, I Come From The Wrong Family.”

No, You Come From The Right Family; Your Heavenly Father, The One Who Spoke Worlds Into Existence, The One Who Flung Stars Into Space, He Not Only Breathed Life Into You, He Put A Part Of Himself In You. You Have The DNA Of Almighty God. He Didn’t Create You To Be Average, Mediocre, To Endure, Just Get By,

He Created You To Excel, Prosper, Set A New Standard For Your Family, Leave Your Mark On This Generation. You Are Not Limited By Your Environment, By What Family You Come From, By What You Did Or Didn’t Get; Your Destiny Genes Will Override Every Negative Circumstance.

Illustration A Child Passed From Family To Family. No Body Wanted To Keep Him…He Said ” I Feel Like My Future Has Been Cursed.”

But Heres The Beauty- Before Anyone Could Put A Curse On You, God Put A Blessing On You. Before You Were Born, Before You Showed Up On Planet Earth, God Put In Your DNA These Destiny Genes.

God Saw Every Disappointment, Every Unfair Situation; He Didn’t Say, “Too Bad, Look What They’re Going To Go Through, No Use Me Putting Anything Good In Their Future.” Just The Opposite; God Saw The Bad Break And Said, “I’m Going To Put Something Special Right There. I’m Going To Make The Enemy Pay For Bringing That Trouble.” God Saw The Unfair Situation, The Lack, Poverty; God Said, “I’m Going To Put A Destiny Gene Of Increase, Of Favor. I’m Going To Take Them To A New Level.”

Maybe You Struggle With An Addiction, Something That’s Been Passed Down, Been In Your Family For A Long Time; God Saw That. He’s Already Put A Destiny Gene Of Freedom, Wholeness, A Breakthrough.

Nothing You’re Facing Is A Surprise To God; You May Have Had A Setback, But Stay In Faith, A Comeback Is On The Way. It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before That Destiny Gene That’s Already In Your DNA Opens Up And Takes You To A New Level.

IllustrationThere Was A  Little Boy Named Juan  Rodriguez In  Puerto Rico. He Was Born In Extreme Poverty. His Family Had Hardly Enough To Eat. The Place They Were Living Was No More Than A Shack. At 7 Years Old He Was Working In The Sugar Cane Fields Plowing Behind The Oxen. It Looked Like That Would Be His Destiny In Life-Poor, Defeated And Limited By His Environment. But Even As A Small Boy, Juan  Knew He Was Made For More. He Could Feel His Destiny Calling. There Was A Old Golf Course Where They Had Lived. Juan  Was So Fascinated With Golf, He Made His Own Golf Club Out Of A Stick. He Used Bottle Caps As Balls And On His Sugar Cane Fields He Would Play Golf On His Imaginary Course.

One Day A Man Noticed How Interested He Was In Golf Got Him A Job At The Course At 35 Cents Per Hour. When He Was 21 Years Old After Being In The Military For 2 Years He Was Hired As A Full Time Cadet There In Puerto Rico At A Golf Course. One Day A Professional Golfer Came Through And Noticed How Talented Juan  Was. He Took Him Under His Wings , Teaching Him And Training Him. Today He Is Known As Chi-Chi Rodriguez.- The Famous Golfer. He Went On With Great Success, Earning 22 Tournament Victories Between 1986 And 1993 And To Win 8 Times On The PGA Tour

You May Be Like Juan Rodriguez In An Environment That Feels Limited, You Don’t Think You Could Ever Get Out; What You Can’t See Are The Destiny Genes That Are Put On The Inside Of You.

You Probably Can’t See Right Now:  A Professional Golfer, Successful Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher. Those Genes Are Lying Dormant, But Don’t Be Fooled; At The Right Time, They Will Activate And Take You Where You Could Not Go On Your Own.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 (NCV) 11 …Time And Chance Happen To Everyone

That Means, There Are Moments Of Favor, Increase, Blessing, That Are Already In Your Future. Good Breaks, The Right People, Ideas, Healing. Against All Odds, You’ll Rise Out Of Where You Are, And Go Places You Never Thought Possible.

That Man That Gave Juan A Job Of 35 Cents An Hour , He Was A Divine Connection. He Was Put There By The Creator As A Part Of A Destiny Gene. The Other Man Who Took Juan Under His Wings And Trained Him,-That Was Not Just A Lucky Break, That Was The Hand Of God. A Moment Of Favour, Ordained Before The Foundation Of Time.

God Has Already Lined Up Your Good Breaks, The Right People To Help You; Those Moments Of Favor Have Already Been Established.  Q

Quit  Worrying About How It’s Going To Happen, That’s Not Your Job;  Your Job Is To Believe. All Through The Day, “Lord, I Want To Thank You That You Put Destiny Genes In Me. Where I Am Is Not Where I’m Staying. I May Not See How It Can Happen, But I Believe You Have It All Figured Out.”

One Touch Of God’s Favor Can Put You 50 Years Down The Road. One Destiny Gene Opening Up, And You’ll Pay Your House Off, Break The Addiction, Get Healthy Again, Accomplish Those Dreams.

Some Of Those Destiny Genes That Have Already Been Preprogrammed To Take You To The Next Level, They’re About To Be Released In Your Life. You’re About To See Divine Connections, People With Opportunity And Influence To Help You Go Further.  What You Couldn’t Make Happen On Your Own Is Going To Suddenly Fall Into Place. You’re Going To Discover Gifts You Didn’t Know You Had, Ability To Do Things You Never Thought You Could Do: Starting Your Own Company, Running That Business, Building An Orphanage, Paying Your House Off.

What Happened? A Destiny Gene Opened Up.  It Was Already In Your DNA, But You Stepped Into Your Moment; Time And Chance Came Together. You May Feel Like You’re Blessed, God’s Been Good To You, But What God Is About To Do, When This Next Destiny Gene Opens Up, Is Going To Far Supersede Anything You’ve Seen In The Past.

God Said In Exodus:

Exodus 34:10  … I Will Do Great Things Such As Have Never Been Done Anywhere On Earth Among Any Of The Nations. All The People Will See What Great Things I, The Lord, Can Do, Because I Am Going To Do An Awesome Thing For You.

You Know What’s In Your Destiny? You Know What’s In Your Future, Already Preprogrammed To Come To Pass? Something Awesome, Something That You’ve Never Seen.

Don’t Believe Those Lies; “You’re Stuck, You’ve Reached Your Limits, Not Talented Enough, Not Smart Enough.”  No, When Your Next Destiny Gene Opens Up, You’re Going To See New Ability, Talent, Strength, Friendships, A New Level Of Your Destiny.

You May Wonder Why, When You Hear This, Something Comes Alive On The Inside; Your Head May Tell You, “It’s Never Going To Happen,” But In Your Heart, Something Is Saying, “Yes, This Is For Me. I Know Something Amazing Is In My Future.” You Can Feel An Excitement, An Expectancy; That’s Your Spirit Coming Into Agreement With What God Put In You. That’s Your Destiny Genes Beginning To Activate.  If You Will Live With This Expectancy, Your Faith Can Cause Those Genes Open Up.

But Recently Researchers Have Discovered Epigenetics


That Word Means “On Top Of The Genes.”  What They Found Is Just Because A Gene Has Been Passed Down Doesn’t Mean That It Has To Be Activated;  It Can Be Affected By Your Decisions, Environment, Experiences.  While We Cannot Deactivate What Color Our Hair Will Be, Or The Shape Of Our Eyes, BUT There Are Certain Genes That We Can, In Effect, Turn On Or Off,

Ezekiel 18:1-3 (NKJV)… The Word Of The Lord Came To Me Again, Saying, “What Do You Mean When You Use This Proverb Concerning The Land Of Israel, Saying:‘The Fathers Have Eaten Sour Grapes,And The Children’s Teeth Are Set On Edge’?“As I Live,” Says The Lord God, “You Shall No Longer Use This Proverb In Israel.

This Is A Proverb They Were Living By.  Their Attitude Was, “Since The Father Had Problems, The Children Will As Well.  Nothing We Can Do About It.  Since The Father Ate The Sour Grapes, The Parents Had Addictions, The Grandparents Were Depressed, Then The Children Will Struggle In Those Same Areas.”  That Was Their Philosophy.

Then God Showed Up And Said Through Ezekiel,  “Stop Saying That.  Why Do You Keep Using Your Relatives As An Excuse?  Why Do You Keep Using What Your Parents Did And The Way You Were Raised As The Reason To Stay Where You Are?  As Long As The Sovereign Lord Lives, You Don’t Have To Be Held Bondage By The Negative Things In Your Past.”  Your Parents May Have Eaten The Sour Grapes, Your Relatives May Have Made Decisions That Put You At A Disadvantage, But God Is Saying, “It Doesn’t Have To Affect You.  It May Have Held You Back Temporarily, But This Is A New Day.”

If You Will Start Deactivating Those Genes, Pressing Forward, Then All The Forces Of Darkness Cannot Hold You Back.  You Don’t Have To Eat The Sour Grapes;  You’ve Been Redeemed.  You’re Not Under The Curse, You’re Under The Blessing.  You Have Stepped Into A New Bloodline.  There’s No Defeat, Lack, Addictions, Mediocrity In This Bloodline;  You Are A Child Of The Most High God.  The Sovereign Lord Is Still Alive, God Is Still On The Throne;  That Means You Don’t Have To Eat The Sour Grapes.

Shake Off The Self-Pity.  Don’t Make Excuses.  Don’t Blame The Past, Your Parents, Circumstances;  That May Be The Reason You Are Where You Are, But That Doesn’t Give You The Right To Stay There.

Start Dealing With The Issues That Are Holding You Back, Activating The Right Genes.  Just Because You’re Dealing With A Tough Issue Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person.  Most Likely, Somebody In Your Family Line Opened The Door, Somebody Allowed That Iniquity, And They Refused To Deal With It.  Don’t Be Like Them.  Don’t Sweep It Under The Rug, Ignore It, Hope That It’ll Go Away;  That’ll Keep You In Bondage.

God Has Already Put In Your DNA These Destiny Genes;  He Has Amazing Things Waiting To Open Up.

But, If You Go Around With The Wrong Attitude, In The Wrong Environment, Thinking That It’s Never Going To Happen, Even Though Those Genes Are In You, You Are Deactivating Them, You’re Turning Them Off. 

The Way You Turn On Your Destiny Genes Is To Get In A Good Environment, Surround Yourself With People Of Faith, Joy, Victory.   When You Hear Me Tell You Each Week That You’re Strong, Talented, Prosperous, Blessed, Anointed, That You Can Do All Things Through Christ, That You’re More Than A Conqueror, That You Are History Maker, A World Changer, One-Of-A-Kind, A Masterpiece, I’m Not Just Saying That To Make You Feel Good, I’m Calling Out Your Seeds Of Greatness, Speaking To Those Destiny Genes Put In You By Your Creator, Activating What’s Already In Your DNA.

  • I’m Helping Us To Turn Off The Defeat Genes;  We’re Turning On The Victory Genes.
  • We’re Turning Off The Lack, Poverty, Not-Enough Genes; We’re Turning On The Abundance, Overflow, More Than Enough Genes.
  • We’re Turning Off The Self-Pity, “I’ve Been Hurt Too Badly” Genes;  We’re Turning On The Beauty For Ashes Genes, The Favor Genes, The “Something Good Is Going To Happen To Us” Genes.

The External Environment Will Impact The Internal Genes; That’s Why You Can’t Hang Out Your Whole Life With People Who Are Negative And Critical, And Expect Your Destiny Genes To Activate. If You Have People Always Pushing You Down, Telling You What You Can’t Become, “You’ll Never Get Out Of Debt, You’ll Never Break That Addiction, You’ll Never Get Well,” You Won’t Reach Your Highest Potential; You’re Turning The Gene Off. You Have To Get In An Environment Of Faith, So Those Destiny Genes Can Activate.

Illustration :When Mary The Mother Of Christ Was Pregnant With Jesus, She Went To Visit Her Cousin Elizabeth, Who Was Pregnant With John The Baptist. When Elizabeth Answered The Door And Saw Mary:

Luke 1:41 (NIV)… When Elizabeth Heard Mary’s Greeting, The Baby Leaped In Her Womb, And Elizabeth Was Filled With The Holy Spirit

Something Came Alive On The Inside. When You Get Around People Who Are Pregnant With Destiny, People Who Are Filled With Vision, Excellence, Integrity, The Destiny Genes In Them Will Help Activate The Destiny Genes In You.

Get Around People Who Make Your Baby Leap, Not People Who Put Your Baby To Sleep.

Sometimes, We Don’t Want To Hurt People’s Feelings, “I Know They’re Not Good For Me, They Pull Me Down, They’re Negative, But We’ve Been Eating Lunch Together Every Day For The Last 30 Years At The Office, I Don’t Want To Rock The Boat”; That Boat’s Already Sinking. You Need To See It In A New Light; That Is Deactivating Your Destiny Genes, Turning Off The Amazing Future God Has In Store. Life Is Too Short, Your Destiny Too Great, Your Assignment Too Important, To Spend It With People That Always Pull You Down.

It’s Not Only Affecting You, It’s Affecting The Next Generation. God Is Counting On You To Set A New Standard, Raise The Bar; Make Sure You Surround Yourself With People Of Faith, Hope, And Victory. We All Have To Be Around People That Are Negative And Critical, God Will Give Us The Grace For That, I’m Talking About When You Do Have A Choice.

All Through The Day, Feed Your Spirit, Your Mind With Good Things: Put On Uplifting Music, Not Something That’s Going To Drag You Down, Something That’s Going To Inspire You And Build You Up.

At Your House, At The Office, Put Up Scripture Verses, Inspirational Sayings, Things That Motivate You. The Environment You’re Creating Around You Is Either Activating Or Deactivating Your Destiny Genes.

Maybe Because Of A Limited Environment, People Pushing You Down, Wrong Thinking, Your Destiny Genes Are Still Locked Up In Your DNA. The Good News Is, Those Genes Are Still Alive; It’s Not Too Late To Be Activated. You Can Still Become Who You Were Created To Be.

  • One Good Break Can Make Up For All The Bad Breaks.
  • One Moment Of Favor Can Thrust You To A New Level.

Do Your Part; Get In The Right Environment, Not Only Physically, But In Your Mind. Put On A New Attitude, Start Dwelling On Thoughts Of Faith, Favor, Hope, Victory, Vision. There Are Destiny Genes In You That Have Not Yet Opened Up; They’re Still Waiting To Be Activated.

IllustrationA Lady Told A Story Of Her Mother In Law. When She Was A Little Girl , This Mother In Law Always Had A Desire To Sing. Her Dream Was To Be One Day In The Oprah. She Was Very Excellent Student In School . But When Time Came To Go To College, Her Parents Told Her That She Will Never Make A Living By Being An Oprah Singer. She Need To Get A Normal Degree. She Went On And Became A  Graduate And Made A Successful Career. But Deep Down She Always Regretted Not Following That Dream Of Singing. She Could Still Feel Her Destiny Pulling Her . She Was Close To 90 Years Old. Her Husband Had Died And Then She Moved In A Old Age  Home. Something Interested Happened.Every Day In That Old Age Home, She Would Stand Up In Front Of All The People, Without Fear And Sing A Beautiful Oprah You Could Ever Imaging. She Sounded Like Ann Angel. People Started Coming From All Over Nearby Places To Hear This 90 Year Old Woman Sing.That Was A Destiny Gene Locked Up In Her DNA.For Nearly 90 Years It Had Lied There Dormant Still Waiting To Be Activated.

There Are Destiny Genes Locked Up In You Right Now;

My Challenge Today Is, Don’t Die With The Music Still In You. Don’t Let People Talk You Out Of It, Don’t Let Circumstances Convince You That It’s Never Going To Happen.

God Has Already Preprogrammed It; He Has The Final Say. Get In Agreement With God; All Through The Day, “Lord, I To Want To Thank You That The Destiny Genes You Placed In Me Will Come To Pass, That I Will Become Everything You’ve Created Me To Be.”

If You’ll Keep Activating The Right Genes, Staying In The Right Environment, Both Physically And Mentally, Destiny Genes Are About To Open Up For You.

 I DECLARE God Is Going To Take You Further Than You Imagined. You’re Going To Discover Talent That You Didn’t Know You Had. Something Awesome Is Coming Your Way.


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