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You Are The Vaccine-The Cure And The Answer


Sermon Preached On Sunday 9th  OCTOBER, 2016.

Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

Jeremiah 8:17-22…..Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

Jeremiah Is Our Weeping Prophet. He Weeps Over The Children Of Israel Because He Sees The Situation That They Have Allowed Themselves To Get In. They Have Gone Away From God Becoming A Prostitute. Gone After Idols. God Compares Idolatory With A Woman Going After Another Man- Adultery. Consequently God Has Judged Her. Israel Has Fallen Vulnerably To Her Enemies.

That’s The Worst Thing In The World To Happen To You. To Become Vulnerable To Your Enemies. They Have Been Exiled And Snatched Away From Their Own Land. They Have Been Brought Into Babylonian Captivity. They Were Dragged In To A Strange Land

Have You Ever Been In A Strange Land?  Snatched In To A Situation Where You Say.”This Is Not Me”

Jeremiah Is Weeping Over What They Had.

Note:  See There Is Somebody Who Never Had , You Don’t Feel The Loss. But If You Ever Had And Then You Lose It, The Loss Is So Powerful, So Loud – It Is Deafening.

What We Lost …Jeremiah Weeps Out  In Tears. He Inderstands  That Judgement Has  Been Pronounced On Them Because They Have Forgotten God.

If You Are In A Strange Land Today, There Is A Reason. It Is Not Gods Will That You Be In A Strange Land.

But God Is So Committed To Awaken You Up That He Will Allow To Be Bitten Before He Will Allow You To Be Beaten.

At The End Of Jeremiah 8, The Bite Is Already Happened. They Are Already In Trouble. They Are Already In Captivity. Jeremiah Is Weeping For Cure.  Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

See The Enemy Wants To Convince You That Once You Get In To Trouble There Is No Way Out. I Came To Tell You That The Devil Is A Liar.  There Is A Cure ..There Is A Cure…There Is A Cure.

I Want You To Know That There Is A Cure But If The Enemy Can Convince You That There Is No Cure, You Wont Start Looking For One. And You Will Satisfy Yourself With Your Afflictions.

Here Jeremiah Is Asking— Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

  • I Don’t Care What Has Afflicted You.
  • I Don’t Care What Has Infected You.
  • I Don’t Care How Bad It Is How Long You Have Gone Without Sleep .
  • I Don’t Care How Depressed You Are.
  • I Don’t Care How Bad Your Circumstances Are.
  • I Don’t Care How Infected Your Finances Are.
  • I Don’t Care How Long It Has Been Since You Have Had Peace.

 I Want You To UTTER Out Loud Out Of Your Swollen Mouth … I Shall Recover..I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover..

Hell Got Nervous When You Said It. Demons Got Shivered When You Said It..

Shout Again.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover.. I Shall .. I Shall Recover.. I Shall Recover..

  • I Have Made Some Mistakes..But I Shall Recover..
  • I Have Made Some Bad Choices But I Shall Recover..
  • I Got Myself In This Mess .. But I Shall Recover..

 NOTE: There Is Always A Certain Amount Of Guilt When You Know You Bought It On Yourselves…. But  I Shall Recover..

  • I Got A Fever …But I Shall Recover..
  • I am Sick…But I Shall Recover..
  • I am Broke …But I Shall Recover..
  • I am In A Bad Situation …But I Shall Recover..
  • My Children Are In Trouble…But I Shall Recover..
  • My Family Is Broken …But I Shall Recover..
  • My Marriage Is In Trouble…But I Shall Recover..
  • I am In Debt …But I Shall Recover..
  • My Business Is Slow. …But I Shall Recover..

I Am Looking , I Am Looking For Solutions… I Am Looking For Answers

I Am Not Looking For Sorrow, Complains, Company In My Crisis.…But I am Looking For Healing

NOTE: Healing Is Something You Must Insist On. If You Don’t The Enemy Will Convince You That Sickness Is Normal.

You Must Insist..

  • I Got To Get My Healing
  • I Got To Get My Peace Back.
  • I Got To Get My Joy Back.

The Devil Is A Liar.

Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

I am Talking To Somebody.

I Looked At This Text And Found It Interesting That It Starts With A Bite And Ends With A Question Begging For Cure. It Reminds Me Of Numbers  When The Children Of Israel Were Going Through The Wilderness. The Bible Says God Allowed The Snakes  And Serpents To Bite Them. When Moses Saw All The Swollen And Bitten People , He Asked God For A Cure.

Numbers 21: 6-9….

Then the Lord sent venomous snakes among them; they bit the people and many Israelites died. The people came to Moses and said, “We sinned when we spoke against the Lord and against you. Pray that the Lord will take the snakes away from us.” So Moses prayed for the people.The Lord said to Moses, “Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.” So Moses made a bronze snakeand put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.

NOTE:  They Did Not Say They Had Sinned Till They Were Struck Down.

That’s What We People Do. When Push Comes In Our Lives, People Admit That They Have Sinned. It’s A Bad Thing . Trouble Will Make You Be Honest. Trouble Will Make You To Stop Lying and Spoken

Against God And Leadership.

WAIT A MINUTE. Moses Might  Be Thinking , I Have To Pray For You Now, After You Have Spoken Against Me. See That’s Why Everybody Cant Be A Leader. Because God May Call You To Pray For The Very People Who Were Against You Day And Night. And Let Me Tell You, God Has A Way To Bring People Back  On Their Knees  – The People Who Hurt You. That’s Why It Is Better To Be Right On The First Time Because You Don’t Know Who You Are Going To Need The Second Time Around.

Now They Are Saying , We Made Your Life Miserable, But Now Please Pray For Us.  Pray That God May Take Away The Serpents From Us. And Moses Prayed For The People.  They Were Saying Infact … I Don’t Wanna Live With Snakes.

  • I Got Snakes In My Marriage.
  • I Got Snakes In My Finances.
  • I Got Snakes In My Business.

I Cant Get Rid Of These Snakes , So I Need You To Pray To God To Take The Snakes Away From Amongst Us.

Do You Have Snakes In Your Life? That’s Why I Am Here To Get Every Snake Out Of Your Life.

Because I Cannot Stay With The Snakes Biting My Peace, Biting My Joy, Biting My Health, My Strength And My Energy. I Will Not Live With Snakes. I Will Not Bring Myself Down To The Level Of Snakes. I Will Not Crawl With Snakes. I Will Not Sliver With Snakes.

Shake Yourself And Say.. Get It Off Me. .. Get It Off Me. .. Get It Off Me. I Feel Deliverance Coming In This Place

Numbers 21: 8…And The Lord Said To Moses..Make One..Make Another Serpent.

Moses Saying .”Lord I M Trying To Get Rid Of Snakes And You Are Teeling Me To Make One.’

And Moses Made A Serpent Of Brass.

NOTE: In Order To Make A Serpent Of Brass , You Have To Take The Brass And Beat It. You Have To Beat The Brasss Into The Shape Of A Snake. This Is What Isaiah Meant When He Said “He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions.

Moses Lifted Up The Serpent That Was Beaten So That Anything That Had Been Bitten Would Be Healed. He Was Beaten For The Bitten.

  • Why In The World Would God Have Moses Beat The Brass In To The Very Thing He Wanted To Get Rid Of.
  • Why Did God Not Ask Him To Make It In The Form Of Angel.
  • Why Did He Not Tell Moses To Make It In Another Holy Symbol.
  • Why Serpent?

A Serpent Is A Wicked Thing. A Serpent Is Crawling Thing. A Serpent Is A Cursed Thing.

The First Time We Read About A Serpent Is In The Garden Of Eden Going Towards Eve Offering Her Suggestions. The Serpent In The Garden Did Not Bite Her. But He Bit Her Thinking With His Suggestions.

NOTE; ANYTIME The Enemy Can Get In Your Head, He Has Gotten Into Your System With His Suggestions. The Serpent Comes Against The Knowledge Of God. You Will Notice That Whenever The Enemy Attacks You, He Comes Against What You Know About God.

  • If God Said You Are Healed, The Enemy Will Come And Say You Will Die.
  • If God Said You Are Free, The Enemy Will Come And Say You Are Not Really Free. He Is Trying To Get His Venom Inside Of You. He Is Putting His Poison Inside Of You. His Doubt Inside Of You.

 You Have To Pull That Thing Out. Somebody Say I Am Getting Him Out Of Me.

  • What I Cant Be.
  • What I Cant Have.
  • What I Cant Do.
  • What I Cant Become. I Have Got To Get That Venom Out Of Me.

That Fear That Scares Me, That Insecurity, I Have Got To Get It Out Of Me.

  • That Unhappiness,
  • That Worry,
  • That Unrest , I Have Got To Get That Venom Out Of Me.

It’s The Curse , The Venom , I Have Got To Get That Venom Out Of Me. Its Got To Go.

Tell Your Neighbour ..Get The Snakes Out. They  Got To Go Out. They  Got To Go Out. They  Got To Go Out.

  • Turn My Daughter Loose.
  • Turn My Son Loose.
  • Turn My Marriage Loose.
  • Turn My Mind Loose.
  • Turn My Creativity Loose. You Hissing Snake.

Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

Why Would God Use A Snake Against A Snake?

The Medicine– The Cure Is Interesting Because You Would Think God Would Use Right Against Wrong, Good Against Evil But God Uses Evil Against Evil. He Uses Sin Against Sin.

EG.God Sent His Son In The Likeness Of Sinful Flesh, In The Shape Of The Very Thing He Came To Destroy.

Jesus Said In John 3 : 14.. Just As Moses Lifted Up The Snake In The Wilderness, So The Son Of Man Must Be Lifted Up,….

Are You Getting It?

2 Corinthians 5:21 .. For He Made Him Who Knew No Sin To Be Sin For Us, That We Might Become The Righteousness Of God In Him.  He Became What He Was Not. So We Could Be What We Could Not.

Did You Know When You Are Bitten By A Snake, The Vaccine That Heals You Is Made From The Venom That Bit You.

That Mean The Same Thing That Brings The Curse Brings The Blessing.

That’s Why I Can Say ..You Meant It For Evil But God Turned The Same Thing That Brings The Curse In To The Blessing.

The Vaccine Is Made From The Venom.

Jesus Became Sin To Save The Sinner.

The Bible Says In 1 Corinthians 10:13…No Temptation Has Overtaken You That Is Not Common To Man. God Is Faithful, And He Will Not Let You Be Tempted Beyond Your Ability, But With The Temptation He Will Also Provide The Way Of Escape, That You May Be Able To Endure It.

  • I Did Not Realise That The Same Thing That Came To Tempt Me Also Has A Way Of Escape Because The Vaccine Is Made From Venom.
  • I Did Not Understand That When Goliath Came Down To Fight David, And He Had A Sword To Kill David,That The Same Sword That He Was Going To Kill David Became The Same Sword That Cut Off His Own Neck.

I Am Trying To Tell You What The Enemy Is Trying Against You, God Is Going To Take That Same Thing To Bless You.  Tell Someone You Are The Cure And The Answer.

Note: The Very Thing We Are Running From Is The Very Thing God Is Going To Use To Bless Us.

EG. My Marriage . God Used The Same Thing-Marriage that  I Disliked To Bless Me.

Don’t You Know The Way He  Formed You, He Formed You For A Reason.

That What You Call A Weakness He Calls A Strength. So He Says Let The Weak Say I Am Strong Because My Strength Is Made Perfect In Your  Weakness. Don’t Get Rid Of Your Weakness , I Am Going To Use It.

EG : I Was Only Talking Talking Guy…But Now  That Weakness Has Become My Strength. People Told Me To Shut Up  Earlier But Now God Has Anointed Me To Speak

NOTE Your Greatest Strength May Appear As Your Greatest Weakness At One Stage In Your Life. But When God Converts It….You Will Be Different.

EG.Jesus Said Peter When I Convert You You Will Strengthen Your Brothers

EG. Moses– The Greatest Pastor Of The Old Testament Was A Runaway , A Murderer, And God Was Looking For A Missionary And He Picked Up A Murderer. Because A Vaccine Is Always Made From The Venom. God Says I Call You To Give Life But I Will Use A Killer Will Do It.

NOTE : Moses As Long As He Saw Himself As A Murderer , He Was Running Away From His Destiny But When He Found Out That The Vaccine Was Made From The Venom, At The Burning Bush, When God Said I Know How You Are. I Know Why You Are The Way You Are.I M Going To Send You Right Back To The Thing That Bit You And Now You Are Going To Beat It Because Now You Understand That The Vaccine Is Made From The Venom.

Moses Was Somebody’s Cure, A Vaccine Even Though He Was Somebody’s Venom.

EG. God Says Jonah, Go Down There And Preach To Nineveh Because Ninevah Has Disobeyed Me.

Why Would God Send Jonah To The Disobedient When Jonah Disobeyed You, Right Before He Went. Because God Is Going To Use The Very Venom That Made Jonah Disobey And Run To Tarshish And Is Going To Use Jonah At His Worst State, When He Is  Swallowed By The Whale, And Turnaround And Send Him To Preach To Nineveh

NOTE God Is Going To Use A Man who Just Got Up From Sinning To Preach Repentance..

  1. EG. Aaron Was Dancing Naked Around A Calf. Moses Had Gone Up On The Mountain Top And Aaron Was At The Bottom Of The Mountain Dancing Naked With The Whole Congregation. While They Were Dancing Naked, God Was Designing His Priest Garment, Because God Will Always Make The Vaccine From The Venom. He Said Moses I Got One Man That I Will Use As High Priest. Who Is The Man Lord? You See That Brother Down There Dancing Naked Around The Calf. I Am Going To Make Him The One Man Who Has Access To The Holi Es Of Holies. He Is Naked Right Now, But I Am Making Clothes For Him.
  2. EG. Jesus Was A Cure A Vaccine. He Became Sin Who Knew No Sin

EG Peter Was A Cure , A Vacinne . But Jesus Said Peter Before I Can Use You , You Are Going To Deny Me. The One Who Denied Jesus Was The One Who Jesus Chose To Do The Inaugural Speech Of The Church. What Jesus Was Saying Was I Know Peter You Have Been Bit, But A Vaccine Is Made From The Venom.

NOTE ; If The Devil Has Told You That God Can Never Use You, The  Devil Is A Liar. Come On Give God A Praise.

 EG The Apostle Paul Was A Saddam Hussein Of The New Testament Church. He Went From City To City.  He Was A Terrorist. He Was A Christian Killer. God Called Him On The Road To Damascus And Said You Think You Are A Venom But I Am Going To Make A Vaccine Out Of You. God Made A Greatest Apostle In The New Testament Church.

Somebody Turn Around In A Circle. That’s What God Is Getting Ready To Do With Your Life.

  • He Is Going To Bring Out Beauty Out Of Your Ashes.
  • He Is Going To Bring Joy Out Of Your Mourning.
  • He Is Going To Bring Victory Out Of Your Defeat.

And The Very Thing The Devil Used Against You, God Says I am Getting Ready To Turn It Around.

If You Believe Turn Around In A Circle And Give God A Praise.Tell Your Neighbour ..

  • It Was Good For Me That I Was Afflicted. ..
  • It Was Good For Me That Made A Mistake. ..
  • It Was Good For Me That Messed Up. .
  • It Was Good For Me That I Have Been In Trouble..


  • Can Anybody Witness To A Drug Addict Like Somebody Who Has Been A Drug Addict.
  • Can Anybody Witness To A Prostitue Like Somebody Who Has Been A Prostitute
  • Can Anybody Minister To Somebody Who Is Hurting  Like Somebody Who Has Been Hurt.


All The While You Were Suffering , All The While You Were Crying, All The While You Were In Pain,.God Was Making A Vaccine. The Very Things That Almost Killed You , That Brought You To Your Knees, Made You Think That You Are Never Fit For Anything, That Always Made You Feel Worthless..You Don’t Understand God Was Not Trying To Kill You, He Was Making A Cure Out Of You.

EG The Doctor Who Got Ebola Could Never Be Cured By Anyones Blood Because They Never Had Any Ebola Virus. They Had To Find Somebody Who Had Survived Ebola In Order To Cure Somebody Who Had It.

When We See In The Bible We Can List 6 People, Whom God Used , It Made No Sense.

  • Why Would He Use Peter?
  • Why Would He Use Paul?
  • Why Would He Use Moses?
  • Why Would He Use Aaron?
  • Why Would He Use Jonah?
  • Why Would He Use People That Had Been Bitten?

Because They Survived.

Wait A Minute. This Is My Problem. I Asked  The Lord , “God , Why Only 6 When 7 Is Your Number Of Completion? And The Lord Told Me To Tell You The Seventh One Is You.

Where Are The Survivors? Whatever You Survive…Because You Survived You Built Up An Immunity To The One Around You Who Is Infected By Now.

  • You Survived Divorce, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Abuse, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Violence, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Loneliness, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Bad Choices, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Mistakes, You Are A Vaccine.
  • You Survived Wilful Sin, You Are A Vaccine.

God Left You In The Earth To Be Cure To Somebody.

Is There No Balm In Gilead? Is There No Physician?

NOTE: Sometimes We Spend So Much Energy ,Trying To Make People Think That We Never Went Through Anything.Trying To Impress Them With How Fulfilled You Are. Some Of Us Are Trying To Act Tough Like Nothing Bothers You, When It Is A Fact That It Bothers You That God Can Use You. I Don’t Care You Say . Yes You Do. That’s Why God Called  You Because You Care. You Are The Vaccine- The Cure.

Everything You Went Through God Wants To Use You.

  • If Have Been Jealous …Welcome We Need You To Treat Jealousy
  • If You Have Been Arrogant And God Has Humbled You ..We Need You

We Don’t Need Your Stars , We Need Your Scars.

Thomas Did Not Believe Until He Seen The Scars.Don’t Hide What God Wants To Reveal. Stop Seeing Yourself As Weakness.Because What You Thought As Weak Is His Strength


Whatever Bits You..Whatever Made You Cry At Night…Whatever Made You Doubt Yourself…Whatever Made You Feel Worthless….God Wsas Making Vaccine And He Is Going To Use You Like You Have Never Been Used,

Touch Somebody And Say..You Are Touching A Survivor

Others Died From What You Survived.They Gave Up On What You Endured. There Is Something In You That God Wants To Use. God Kept You In The Earth Because You Are Somebodys Cure.

Your Smile, Your Faith, Your Ministry,Your Compassion, Your Heart, Your Fearlessness, God Wants To Use.


Father Let Your Glory Sweep This House. Sweep Us Away From Our Excuses. Sweep Us Away From Our Fear Sweep Us Lord Until We Understand That We Need To Run To That What We Are Running From..

It Took Moses 40 Years To Realise That He Had Been Running In The Wrong Direction. You Met Him And Said I M Going To Use Everything You Have Been Going Through And I Am Going To Multiply You. Yes Lord Halleluiah

God Says He Is Going To Multiply. He Is Not Going To Add You Because Addition Takes Too Long. He Told Abraham That I Will Multiply You. God Is Multiplying You. You Are Coming Into A Season Of Multiplication. Halleluiah.. There Is An Anointing Sweeping This House Right Now. He Is Calling You.

Just Because You Are Standing In A  Garage It Doesn’t Make You A Car.

Let Me Let You Who You Really Are.

  • You Are The Child Of The King.
  • You Belong To Him.
  • You Are A Vaccine Made Out Of Venom.
  • You Are Miracles Made Out Of mistakes And Today, This Sunday is The Day Of Your Salvation.

Don’t Harden Your Heart,.Dont Run From Jesus.   Come To Him . He is making a cure out of you.

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