Step Towards Transformation



Sermon Preached On Sunday 1ST JANUARY , 2017.


We All Have Things That We’re Believing For, Dreams That We Want To Accomplish, Problems We’re Hoping Will Turn Around: Maybe It’s To See Our Family Restored, To Lose Some Weight, To Break An Addiction, To Start Our Own Business. But Sometimes, As It Goes On, Month After Month, Even Year After Year, And We Don’t See Anything Changing,

It’s Easy To Get Discouraged, And Think, “It’s Never Going To Happen, This Is As Good As It Gets, I’ll Just Learn To Live With It.” While It Is Good To Be Content Where We Are, We Shouldn’t Lose Our Expectancy. Just Because It Hasn’t Happened Yet, Doesn’t Mean That It’s Not Going To Happen.

There Will Always Be Forces Trying To Convince Us To Settle Where We Are. On A Regular Basis, You Have To Stir Your Faith Up. God Hasn’t Brought You This Far To Leave You; What He Started In Your Life, He Is Going To Finish. You May Not See How It’s Going To Work Out, But God Has A Way. When You Believe, The Creator Of The Universe Goes To Work.

Paul Said:

Galatians 6:9 (ESV)…9 And Let Us Not Grow Weary Of Doing Good, For In Due Season We Will Reap, If We Do Not Give Up.

What I Sense In My Spirit Is That We Are Entering Into A Due Season Year, A Year Where God Is Going To Show Out In Your Life; Promises You’ve Been Standing On, Dreams You’ve Been Praying About,

In This Due Season Year, God Is Going To Cause Things To Fall Into Place, Make Things Happen That You Couldn’t Make Happen On Your Own. Problems You’ve Been Believing To Turn Around,

In Due Season, Things Are Going To Change In Your Favor.

  • You May Have Had That Addiction For 20 Years, You’ve Tried Your Best Again And Again To Break It, No Success; The Good News Is, This Is Your Due Season, This Is Your Year To Be Free. Or
  • Maybe You’ve Struggled In Your Finances, You Can’t Seem To Get Ahead, You Take One Step Forward, 2 Steps Backwards. Let This Phrase Sink Down Into Your Spirit; My Due Season Is Here. Promotion Is Coming. Good Breaks Are Coming. Lack Is Not Your Destiny; Constantly Struggling, Barely Getting By, Is Not The End Of Your Story. Keep Believing, Keep Expecting, Keep Honoring God; Abundance Is Headed Your Way.  In This Due Season Year, Your Cup Is Going To Run Over.

Sometimes, You Need These Words Of Faith And Victory Spoken Over Your Life. Words Have Creative Power, And If You’ll Let Them Take Root In Your Spirit, They Can Help

  • Ignite Your Dreams,
  • Ignite Your Faith,
  • Ignite The Potential On The Inside.

Your Mind May Try To Talk You Out Of It; You Can’t Figure Out How It’s Going To Happen. That’s Ok, That’s Not Your Job; Your Job Is To Believe, To Say, “Yes, God, This Is For Me Today. I Believe That It’s My Due Season Year.”

A Lot Of People These Days Struggle With Depression; It’s Like A Dark Cloud Follows Them Around. They Haven’t Been Able To Shake It In The Past, It Looks Like That’s The Way It’s Always Going To Be, But The Difference Is, You’ve Come Into A Due Season; God Is About To Lift You Out Of That Pit, Set Your Feet Upon A Rock, And Put A New Song In Your Heart.

In Due Season, Chains Are Broken, Depression Cannot Stay, Sadness Has To Go. You’re Going To Feel A New Sense Of Joy, Happiness, Passion For Your Life.


I Was Talking to A Young Lady Who Had Gone Through A Break Up In A Relationship 3 Years Ago. She Was Very Discouraged, Very Lonely. She Did Not Think She Would Ever Meet The Right Person. I Told Her What I Am Telling You. In This Due Season Year, Divine Connections Are Coming Your Way; God Is Going To Bring Somebody Into Your Life Better Than You Ever Imagined.

Now You’ve Got To Get In Agreement With God; All Through The Day, “Lord, Thank You That 2017 Is My Due Season Year. I Believe This Is My Year To Get Healthy And Whole. This Is My Year To Meet The People Of My Dreams. This Is My Year To Go Further In My Career, To Step Into A New Level Of My Destiny.”


A Lady Told She Was At The Cancer Hospital In Mumbai For A Check Up. She Had Taken 6 Months Of Chemo Theraphy. She Was Hoping She Was Done And Would Have Done Better To Her Health.She Found Out That The Chemo Did Some Good But They Told Her That She Would Have To Take The Same Treatment For Another 6 Months. She Was So Disappointed.She Said ,”Melwyn , I Am Tired. I Don’t Think I Can Do This For 6 More Months. On The Way To Our Victory We Will Always Face The Weariness Test When We Will Be Tempted To Get Discouraged And Give Up. The Tests Never Come When We Are Fresh, Never Come When We First Start Out. It Always Comes When We Are Tired. That’s When We Are More Vulnerable.

Paul Said:

Galatians 6:9 (ESV)…9 And Let Us Not Grow Weary Of Doing Good, For In Due Season We Will Reap, If We Do Not Give Up.

Two Words ..Faint Not. In Other Words If You Don’t Give Up.

You May Be Facing A Situation That You’ve Been Praying About For A Long Time, Doesn’t Look Like It Will Ever Change; You Could Easily Get Discouraged, Just Accept It, And Think, “I’m Never Going To Get Well, My Child’s Never Going To Straighten Up, My Business Is Not Going To Make It.” No, You Need To Get Ready; You’re Coming Into A Due Season. Unexpectedly, Out Of The Ordinary, Suddenly Things Are Going To Change In Your Favor.

That Business That’s Slow, Doesn’t Look Like It’s Going To Make It; God Knows How To Bring You Customers, New Clients, Cause You To Stand Out. God Can Give You Ideas, Creativity, Wisdom. He’s Called Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Our Provider; One Touch Of His Favor Can Put You 50 Years Down The Road.

Now Keep Believing, Keep Expecting; Don’t Get Tired Of Doing What’s Right.

In Other Words, Don’t Start Complaining About What’s Not Working Out, How It’s Never Going To Resolve;

Stay In Faith. When You’re Tempted To Get Discouraged, Turn It Around;

“Lord, I Want To Thank You That

  • This Is My Due Season Year.
  • This Is My Year To See Increase,
  • This Is My Year To Conceive That Baby That We’ve Been Dreaming About,
  • This Is My Year To Get Free From That Chronic Pain, To See Breakthroughs In My Life.”

ILLUSTRATION:  This Is What A Lady Did In The Scripture:

Mark 5:25-26 (NIV)…25 And A Woman Was There Who Had Been Subject To Bleeding For Twelve Years. 26 She Had Suffered A Great Deal Under The Care Of Many Doctors And Had Spent All She Had, Yet Instead Of Getting Better She Grew Worse. 

She Could’ve Thought, “This Is My Lot In Life, I’ve Been Told By The Experts I’ll Never Get Well, I’ll Have To Learn To Live With It.”

No, Deep Down This Lady Knew She Was Supposed To Be Healthy And Whole, That She Was A Victor And Not A Victim.

One Day, A Friend Told Her That Jesus Was Passing Through Her Town; When She Heard That, Something Rose Up On The Inside, And Said, “This Is Your Time, This Is Your Moment, It’s Your Due Season.”

She Heard What I’m Telling You Today; Even Though She Was Weak From Losing Blood, Even Though Every Thought Told Her That She Was Wasting Her Time, She Started Making Her Way Through The Crowd, Trying To Get To Jesus; She Was Filled With Expectancy, Believing That Something Good Was About To Happen:

Mark 5:27-34 (NIV)…27 When She Heard About Jesus, She Came Up Behind Him In The Crowd And Touched His Cloak, 28 Because She Thought, “If I Just Touch His Clothes, I Will Be Healed.” 29 Immediately Her Bleeding Stopped And She Felt In Her Body That She Was Freed From Her Suffering.
30 At Once Jesus Realized That Power Had Gone Out From Him. He Turned Around In The Crowd And Asked, “Who Touched My Clothes?”
31 “You See The People Crowding Against You,” His Disciples Answered, “And Yet You Can Ask, ‘Who Touched Me?’ ”
32 But Jesus Kept Looking Around To See Who Had Done It. 33 Then The Woman, Knowing What Had Happened To Her, Came And Fell At His Feet And, Trembling With Fear, Told Him The Whole Truth. 34 He Said To Her, “Daughter, Your Faith Has Healed You. Go In Peace And Be Freed From Your Suffering.”

What Am I Saying?

When We Live With Expectancy, It Gets God’s Attention. When We Go Through The Day Saying,

“Lord, I Believe

  • This Is My Due Season Year,
  • This Is My Year To Accomplish Dreams,
  • This Is My Due Season To Break Free From This Depression,
  • This Is My Year To Meet The Right People,
  • This Is My Year To Get Healthy And Whole,”

We’re Doing Exactly What This Lady Did. Your Faith Can Cause God To Stop In His Tracks.

What I Find Interesting Is, Jesus Didn’t Heal Everyone Around Him That Day; There Were Other Sick People In The Crowd, Other People That Had Needs, But He Passed On By.

The Difference Was, This Lady Released Her Faith; It Started In Her Thinking. All Through The Day, We Should Have This Expectancy. You Have To Keep Talking To Yourself The Right Way;

In Other Words,

  • If You’re Facing An Illness, You Can’t Afford To Go Around Saying, “I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Better, I’ve Had It So Long, I Think This Is Going To Be The End Of Me.”No, Start Talking To Yourself Like This Lady; “This Is My Year To Get Well. God Is Restoring Health Back Unto Me, The Number Of My Days He Will Fulfill.”
  • If You’re Struggling In Your Finances, Not, “I’ll Never Have Enough, I’ll Never Get Ahead,” No, “This Is My Year To Come Into Overflow, To Be Debt-Free, To Lend And Not Borrow. Blessings Are Chasing Me Down. Favor Surrounds Me Like A Shield. Whatever I Touch Prospers And Succeeds.”
  • If You’re Lonely, Not Any Of This, “I’ll Never Meet The Right Person, I’m Too Old, I Don’t Have A Good Personality, I’m Not That Attractive”; Zip That Up. “This Is My Year For Divine Connections. God Is Directing My Steps, Bringing The Right People Across My Path.”
  • Maybe You’ve Been Through A Disappointment Last Year, You Had A Setback; You Could Easily Come Into The New Year With A Poor Old Me Mentality, Thinking, “Just My Luck, I Always Get These Bad Breaks.” No, Turn It Around; This Is Your Year To See Beauty For Ashes. What Was Meant For Your Harm, God Is Going To Use To Your Advantage. The Best Part Of Your Life Is Right Up In Front Of You.

You May Have Had A Setback, But Really It Was A Setup For God To Do Something Better.

Zechariah 9:12 (NIV)..12 Return To Your Fortress, You Prisoners Of Hope;Even Now I Announce That I Will Restore Twice As Much To You.

This Is Your Year To See Double. This Is Your Year For Vindication, For Restoration, For New Beginnings.

Now Get Your Mind Going In The Right Direction. Start Talking To Yourself The Right Way.

This Is One Reason That We Don’t See God’s Best; Our Mind Is In Neutral.

Like The Other People That Were Around Jesus That Day That Didn’t Get Healed, We’re Not Thinking Anything Bad, But We’re Not Releasing Our Faith;  There’s No Expectancy. Faith Is What Causes God To Work. You Can Be At The Right Place At The Right Time, But Because You’re In The Wrong Frame Of Mind, You’ll Miss God’s Best.

This Lady Was At The Right Place At The Right Time, Jesus Was Passing By, But Unlike The Other People, She Was In The Right Frame Of Mind, Expecting Things To Change, Expecting Healing, Expecting A Breakthrough; She Saw It Come To Pass.

Today, You Are At The Right Place, You Are At The Right Time; God Destined You To Be Hearing This. 2 Out Of 3 Are Already Good, But #3 Is The Deal-Breaker; Are You In The Right Frame Of Mind?

  • Do You Believe This Is Your Due Season Year?
  • Do You Believe It’s Your Year For Favor, Increase, Restoration, New Beginnings?

Jesus Is Passing By Right Now, So To Speak. He Is Not Moved By Our Needs, There Are Plenty Of Needs, He’s Concerned About Our Needs, But He’s Moved By Our Faith.

It’s Easy To Think, “The Medical Report Says I’m Not Going To Get Well, My Business Is Never Going To Make It, This Legal Situation Is Never Going To Resolve.” No, Shake Off The Doubt, Negativity; You’re At The Right Place, You’re At The Right Time, Now All You’ve Got To Do Is Get In The Right Frame Of Mind;

“Lord, I Want To Thank You That

  • This Is My Due Season Year:
  • This Is My Year To Step Into Leadership, To Finish School, To Break The Addiction, To Come Into Overflow, To Meet The Person Of My Dreams.”

If You’ll Keep Saying It To Yourself, Thanking God In Advance, You Better Get Ready; God Is Going To Show Out In Your Life. He’s Going To Take You Where You Could Not Go On Your Own, Opening Doors That No Man Can Shut, Connecting You To The Right People. He’s Going To Restore What You Thought Was Over And Done.

It’s Going To Happen Suddenly, Unexpectedly, Out Of The Ordinary, To Where You Look Up And Say, “Wow, I Didn’t See That Coming.”

Most Of The Time When We Hear That Phrase, “I Didn’t See That Coming,” It’s About The Negative, It’s About A Bad Break: “I Lost My Main Client, Didn’t See That Coming. Got A Bad Medical Report, Didn’t See That Coming.” Or, “My Friend Walked Out On Me, Left Me For Somebody Else, Didn’t See That Coming.”

But In This Due Season Year, God’s Going To Turn It Around;

  • “I Just Got A Promotion, Didn’t See That Coming.
  • My Child Made Straight A’s In School, Didn’t See That Coming.
  • Moved Into A Beautiful New House, Didn’t See That Coming.
  • My Health Turned Around, I Feel Better Than Ever, Didn’t See That Coming.”

This Year, God Is Going To Give You Something To Talk About. He’s Going To Make You An Example Of His Goodness.

That Lady That Was Healed After 12 Years Of Being Sick, I’m Sure Everywhere She Went, “Let Me Tell You What The Lord Has Done For Me”; She Had Something To Talk About.


You Hear Me Tell You All The Time How God Healed Me Of Paralysis. What Happenned God Gave Me Something To Talk About.

Every One Of You Can Look Back In Your Life And See A Time Where God Made A Way When You Didn’t See A Way;

  • He Put You At The Right Place, You Met That Person And Fell In Love.
  • He Protected Your Child From That Accident.
  • He Gave You The Promotion Even Though You Weren’t The Most Qualified.
  • He Turned That Problem Around.

He’s Giving You Something To Talk About. But Can I Tell You, You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet.

What God Has In This Due Season Year Is Going To Be Bigger, Better, More Rewarding That Anything You’ve Seen In The Past.


I Know Of A Person Who Never Really Liked His Supervisor. No Body At The Company Did Like This Supervisor. This Supervisor Was Very Hard To Get Along With. He Had Been A Source Of Frustration Year After Year. This Supervisor Was A Young Man. It Looked Like He Would Be In The Company For Another 10 To 20 Years. This Person That I Know Has A Good Attitude But Deep Down He Thought This Is Going To Be A Pain To Put Up With This Guy.But Still He Thank God For His Supervisor. One Morning , Everything Seemed Like Normal But The Management Called The Staff Meeting And Told How This Supervisors Wife Got  Transferred To Another State And The Supervisor Had Just Resigned And Was No Longer With The Company.Half The Staff Fell On Their Knees And Began To Thank God.

What Happened? This Person Did Not See That Coming. God Gave Him Something To Talk About.

You Need To Get Ready; In This Due Season Year, You’re Going To Look Up And Say,

  • “Wow, Paid My House Off, Didn’t See That Coming. Broke The Addiction, Didn’t See That Coming.” Or,
  • “My Family Member That Used To Party All The Time, Be So Wild, Now He’s Coming To Church With Me, Making Good Decisions, Fulfilling His Destiny; Sure Didn’t See That Coming.”

Scripture Says:

Deuteronomy 28:1-2 (NASB)..28 “Now It Shall Be, If You Diligently Obey The Lord Your God, Being Careful To Do All His Commandments Which I Command You Today, The Lord Your God Will Set You High Above All The Nations Of The Earth. 2 All These Blessings Will Come Upon You And Overtake You If You Obey The Lord Your God:

We’ve All Had Negative Things Overtake Us, Life Happens, But Don’t Get Stuck Expecting The Negative;

This Year, God Is Going To Turn The Table: Good Breaks Chasing You Down, Favor, Healing, Opportunity, Come Chasing After You.

One Definition Of The Word “Overtake” Is “To Catch By Surprise”; When It Says God’s Blessings Will Overtake You, You Could Say God Is Going To Surprise You. Suddenly, Unexpectedly, Out Of The Ordinary, A Good Break, A Healing, A Promotion, A Divine Connection.


There Was A Young Pastor Who Was Very Poor. He Did Not Have Running Water. He Did Not Have Electricity, He Lived On The Field In His Small Hut. Right Next Door There Was A Man That Had A Large Farm With Hundreds Of Cows And Lot Of Crops. He Would Sell Milk And Other Vegetables To People In The Village. But This Rich Man Was Very Harsh And Unkind. Hw Would Take The Prices Up Much Higher Than They Should Be Just To Show People That He Was In Control And That He Was The Boss. Often The People In The Village Had To Go Without Food. But One Day Ten Of His Cow Got Out And Came To The Property Where The Pastor And His Family Lived. Understand That Having A Cow In A Village Is A Big Deal. You Could Have Milk And Other Products That You Could Sell To Other People. When The Owner Saw That His Cows Were Out , He Got Some Of His Workers To Go And Bring The Cows Back To His Property. The Next Day The Same Ten Cows Came Back To The Pastors Land. This Happened Again And Again, Day After Day. For Some Reasons Those Ten Cows Wanted To Be With This Pastor.Finally That Owner Said To Forget About It. He Let The Pastor Have Those Cows.He Thought Its Not Going To Hurt Anything. But The Pastor Saw It As A Sign From God. He Started Selling Millk And Other Dairy Products To People In The Village But He Sold Them Much Less Expensive Than That Rich Man. Soon People Lined Up At This Pastors House And The Pastors Business Began To Grow. He Bought More Cows , More Equipment. Several Years Later That Other Farmer Came Over And Said, “You Know What , I Cant Compete With You Any More. Why Don’t You Takeover My Farm?” The Pastor Bought That Richmans Property For A Fraction Of The Price.

But Listen , It All Started Because Those Ten Cows Came Over And Would Not Leave The Pastors Property.

What Is That?

The Wealth Of The Ungodly Being Transferred To Hands Of The Righteous.

God Knows How To Get You To Your Destiny. You Have No Idea What God Has In Store For You. He Has Some Surprises That If He Showed You Right Now, It Would Boggle Your Mind.

In This Due Season Year, Things That You’ve Been Praying About Are Going To Suddenly Fallen Into Place: The Right People Show Up, The Right Opportunities. Out Of The Ordinary, Unexpectedly, God’s Going To Give You Something To Talk About. David Said It This Way:

Psalm 27:13 (Net Bible)..13 Where Would I Be If I Did Not Believe I Would ExperienceThe Lord’s Favor In The Land Of The Living?

I Wonder How Many Blessings We’re Missing Out On, How Much Favor, Increase, We’re Not Seeing, Simply Because We’re Not Expecting It, We’re Not Releasing Our Faith.

David Was Saying, In Effect, “If I Had Not Believed,

  • Maybe I Wouldn’t Have Defeated Goliath,
  • Maybe I Wouldn’t Have Taken The Throne Of Israel,
  • Maybe I Wouldn’t Have Recovered My Family, Possessions When The City Of Ziklag Was Burned Down. Where Would I Be If I Had Not Believed?”

Scripture Talks About:

Psalm 31:19 (TLB)…  19 Oh, How Great Is Your Goodness To Those Who Publicly Declare That You Will Rescue Them. For You Have Stored Up Great Blessings For Those Who Trust And Reverence You.

There Are Blessings That Have Your Name On Them Right Now That Are Stored Up. There’s Promotion, Healing, That Baby You’ve Been Dreaming About, Stored Up. God’s Already Destined It To Be Yours, But If You Never Believe, If You Think, “This Is Not Going To Happen For Me, I Never Get Any Good Breaks,” Or, “God Would Never Bless Me, I’ve Made Too Many Mistakes. I Could Never Pay My House Off, That’s Out Of The Question,” That Kind Of Thinking Will Keep You From God’s Best.

Why Don’t You Try A Different Approach, And Say, “God, I Believe You Want To Be Good To Me. I Believe You Have Surprises In My Future. I Believe This Is My Due Season Year”?

When You Live With This Expectancy, God Can Give You Something To Talk About. You’ll Look Up And Say Like David, “Where Would I Be If I Had Not Believed To See The Goodness Of God?”


I Heard A Story About A Little Frog That Was Born At The Bottom Of A Well. Just A Small Circular Well Like You Might See On A Farm. This Frog And His Family That Lived Down There And They Were So Happy, So Content To Swim And Splash In The Water All Day Long. He Thought, “Life Is Good. We’ve Got All The Water In The World To Ourselves.” As He Got A Little Older, He Noticed The Light At The Top Of The Well And Wondered What Was Up There. One Day, Very Carefully, He Climbed Up The Side Of The Well. With Great Caution He Looked Over The Edge And The First Thing He Saw Was A Pond. He Couldn’t Believe It. It Was Thousands Of Times More Water Than What He And His Family Had. He Jumped Out Of The Well And Started Hopping Until He Came To A Lake. He Stood There In Amazement. He Had No Words. He Hopped A Little More And Came To The Ocean And As Far As He Could See Was Water. He Began To Realize How Limited His Vision Had Been. He Thought He Had It All But All He Really Had Was A Drop In The Bucket Compared To What Was Out There For Him To Enjoy.

Friend, God’s Dream For Your Life Is So Much Bigger, So Much More Rewarding Than You Can Imagine. You Haven’t Even Touched The Surface Of What God Has In Store. Why Don’t You Stretch Your Faith And Dare To Step Outside Of Your Well. In Other Words, Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Let Go Of The Limiting Mindsets. Turn Away From Small Thinking And, Like That Frog, Go A Little Further Than You’re Used To. Break Out Of Your Box And Look Out Over The Horizon. Dream Bigger, Think Bigger, See Bigger, And Embrace The Oceans Of Blessings God Has In Store For You!

Isaiah 55:8-9…”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”

You Need To Get Ready; In This Due Season Year, God Has Some Surprises In Store For You. Some Of Those Blessings That He’s Had Stored Up, He’s About To Release. It’s Going To Happen Suddenly, Unexpectedly, Out Of The Ordinary.

Friends, You’re At The Right Place, You’re At The Right Time; I’m Asking You To Get In The Right Frame Of Mind.

All Through The Day, “Lord, I Want To Thank You That This Is My Due Season Year.” Keep Expecting, Keep Believing, Keep Honoring God.

If You To Do That, In 2017 God Is Going To Amaze You With His Goodness. You’re Going To See Dreams Come To Pass, Promises Fulfilled, Relationships Restored, Favor, Health, Increase, A New Level Of Your Destiny.


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