Step Towards Transformation

Are You Flying Solo?


Sermon Preached On Sunday 19Th Mar.,2017.


Hindi Teaching VIDEO @: https://www.facebook.com/melwynruth/videos/1471294889547212/

It’s Easy To Do Life On Our Own, And Think That We Don’t Need Any Help, But You Won’t Reach Your Highest Potential By Yourself;

God Has Ordained People To Come Into Your Life To Strengthen, Encourage You, Push You Towards Your Purpose.

Illustration: You’ve Seen Birds That Fly In  V-Formation. When These Birds Make That V -It Takes Forty Percent Less Energy For Them To Fly. They Could Not Do It By Themselves.

They Understand This Principle -They Won’t Go As Far- If They Fly Solo.

Over 30 Times In Scripture, It Says Love, Encourage, Comfort, Serve, “One Another”; You Need One Another’s Around You. Don’t Isolate Yourself, And Think, “I’m Strong, Talented Enough”; You May Be For What You Have In Mind, But Not For What God Has In Mind. He Has Something Bigger, More Rewarding, That You Can’t Do By Yourself.

Are You Flying Solo Or Do You Have A Community Of Faith. People Flying With You, Watching You Over, Encouraging You, Inspiring You?

Illustration: After The Football Game  The Star Player Running Back Was Being Interviewed. He Had A Great Game, Set A Record.  The Reporter Asked Him How He Did It. The First Thing He Said Was It Was Because Of My Offensive Line. Those Guys That Blocked For Me, They’re The Best And My Coaches Had Poured Into Me And Made Me Better. My Trainers Have Helped Me To Get Stronger. He Recognized That We Need Each Other.

You Can Be Good By Yourself, But You Can’t Be Great By Yourself; You Won’t Become All You Were Created To Be Without The Right People Around You. When You Have A Family Of Faith Encouraging And Praying For You, You’ll Go Further.

Hebrews 10:25 …25 Let Us Not Forsake The Assembling Of Ourselves Together

When We Come Together As A Body Of Believers, United In Faith, There’s Something That Happens That You Cannot Get On Your Own. We Draw Strength From Each Other; Power, Healing, Joy Is Released.

Every Time We Come Together, You’re Being Refreshed, Restored, Reenergized, It’s Like Your Batteries Are Being Recharged. What The Week Took Out Of You, God Is Putting Back In You.

It’s Good To Worship And Pray By Yourself, But Something Happens Corporately That Doesn’t Happen Individually;

That’s Why David Said:

Psalm 34:3 (NKJV)…3 Oh, Magnify The Lord With Me, And Let Us Exalt His Name Together.

When We Come Together To Magnify God, The Intensity Is Turned Up; There Is Power In Connectivity. Your Faith, Mixed With Everybody Else’s, Creates Something Powerful: It Breaks Bondages, Lifts Depression, Brings Healing, Restores Joy.

Watching And Reading Are Good, But They Don’t Take The Place Of Church; You Need To Be Around A Community Of Faith.

I Know It Takes Effort, But You Will Never Give God Something Without Him Giving You More Back In Return;

He Can Give You One Idea, One Good Break, That Will Put You 6 Months Down The Road. God Sees The Sacrifice; Every Time You Obey, There’s A Blessing That Follows.

When We Come Together, It’s Not Only Refueling You, It’s Helping Others.

Illustration: There Have Been Times That I’ve Come , I Had A Lot On My Mind- Dealing With Challenges But When I Walk In These Doors Of The Church And Hear The Songs Of Praise And See The Smile On Your Face, I Can Feel The Victory In The Room. All Of The Sudden I Have A New Perspective.  I’m Reminded That God Is Bigger Than Anything That I’m Facing And That He’s In Control Of My Life. It’s Like- That Heaviness Lifts Right Off. I Have A Whole New Attitude.

What Is That? God Refreshing, Restoring Re-Energizing. I Could Have Stayed At Home And Hoped To Get Better.  Prayed For Joy And Believed For A Breakthrough But There’s Power In Connectivity. Your Faith Is Making Me Stronger. Your Praise Is Helping Fight My Battles. Your Smile Is Giving Me Joy. When We Come Together Together It’s Not Only Refueling You But It’s Helping Others.

Sometimes, We Think, “Everything’s Great In My Life, I Don’t Need To Come”;

  • Why Don’t You Come And Let Your Praise Be For Somebody Else,
  • Why Don’t You Let Your Worship Create An Atmosphere For God To Bless Others?.

Illustration: I Talked To Someone That’s Been To Our Church For Over Many Years. They Were Telling Me About How Much The Church Meant To Them. How They Would Have Not Made It Through Some Tough Times If It Wasn’t For Church. They Were So Grateful For What They Had Received But All I Could Think About Is How Much I Had Received From Them. About How Many Other People They’ve Impacted With Their Faithfulness -Giving, Serving Year After Year.

You Being Here Is Making Us All Stronger. Your Faithfulness Is What Is Causing Some People To Keep Moving Forward.

They Came In Didn’t Think They Could Go On But When They Heard Your Praise, When They Saw Your Smile Your Encouragement, It Breathed New Life Back Into Their Spirit.

Well Bro. Melwyn,”Not Me I’m Just One Person In This Big Crowd.” Yes But Your Presence Made That Atmosphere. Infact You Brought God With You. You Brought Faith With You.

Matthew 18:20 (Niv)..20 For Where Two Or Three Gather In My Name, There Am I With Them.”

How About When Twenty Or Thirty Together Or Two Or Three Hundred Together. I Believe That Is Multiplied. Every One Of Us Is Causing That To Be Greater Faith, Greater Strength, Greater Joy

Together We’re Better, Stronger, More Powerful. The Blessing Is In The Obedience Of Assembling Together.

 In Hebrews 10:25 …It Goes On To Say As The Matter Of Some.

Hebrews 10:2525..Not Giving Up Meeting Together, As Some Are In The Habit Of Doing…,

That Means ‘Some’ Used To Be Plugged In. ‘Some’ Used To Make God A Priority. They Used To Be Faithful Giving, Serving, Attending But They Got Distracted. They Got Busy. What They Were Really Saying Is- I Can Fly Solo. I Can Do Life On My Own.

The Problem With Not Having A Community Of Faith Is That You Get Out From Under Protection.

When You’re With A Body Of Believers, You Not Only Have People Watching Over You, But God Covers You, Puts A Hedge Of Protection That Will Make It More Difficult For You To Get Off Course


A Man I Know. He And His Family -They Were Some Of Our Main Leaders. Really Great People But He Got Distracted. He Decided He Didn’t Need A Community Of Faith. He’s Going To Fly Solo. He’s Going To Live Isolated. Nobody To Watch After Him. He Ended Up Losing His Job. He Turned To Alcohol -Went Way Downhill And Now None Of His Children Obey Him. His  Marriage is at stake.

I Thought About How Different His Life Would Be If He Would Have Just Stayed Connected. If He Would Have  Been Committed  & Continued That Commitment To Make God A Priority Being Here Each Week Serving With Others.

When You’re In The House Of The Lord There Is A Protection That God Puts On You.

There Will Be Battles That You Won’t Have To Fight, Temptations That You Won’t Have To Deal With, Struggles That You Won’t Have To Go Through, Because You’re Connected, Plugged In, Honoring God.

I Can’t Think Of A Better Gift That You Could Give To Your Children Than To Raise Them In The House Of The Lord.

Some People Won’t Understand; “Why Are You Getting Up Early On A Sunday Morning, Not Only Going To Church, But Going Early To Serve, Staying Late To Help Others, What’s Wrong With You?”;

They Don’t Realize That That’s Not Only Refueling You, But Others Too.

Psalm 92:13 (NKJV)..13 Those Who Are Planted In The House Of The Lord Shall Flourish In The Courts Of Our God.

When You’re Plugged In, Faithful, You Make Being At God’s House A Priority, There Is A Blessing On Your Life That Will Cause You To Bloom, Blossom, Flourish; You Will Reach Levels That You Could Not Reach On Your Own.

David Said:

Psalm 26:8 ..8 I Love The Temple Where You Live, And Where Your Glory Shines.

When You’re In Church, God’s Glory, Favor, Strength, Healing, Encouragement, Is Shining Down On You; Your Week Will Go Better Because You’re Covered With The Glory Of God.

The Good Breaks That You Got Recently Weren’t Lucky Breaks, They Were Blessings That Came Because Of Being Planted In The House Of The Lord, That’s God’s Glory Shining Down, Covering You, Favoring You, Protecting You, Keeping You Safe.

There Are So Many Distractions Today -Good Things That Are Keeping You Busy Can Keep You From God’s Best;

When You Realize The Benefits Of Coming Together, You Will Rearrange Your Schedule To Be In The House Of The Lord. It’s All About What You Make Important In Your Life.


I’ve Seen People Go To A Cricket Match, Sit Outside In Hot Sun, Traffic Is Terrible. They Have To Walk A Mile To The Stadium. Sit In The Upper Deck.  Can’t Even See. They Don’t Complain They Don’t Get Upset. They Say – I Love Their Team.

What If We Had That Same Spirit.  I’m A Fan Of Jesus.  I’m Going To The House Of The Lord. Not To Cheer My Team But To Worship My God, To Thank Him For What He’s Done, To Draw Strength From Other Believers, To Have His Glory Shine Down On Me.

Hebrews 10:25 (AMP)…25..Not Giving Up Meeting Together, As Some Are In The Habit Of Doing…, And All The More [Faithfully] As You See The Day [Of Christ’s Return] Approaching

This Is Saying, Be Sure You Come Together, But As Times Start Getting Darker, There’s More Trouble, Calamity, Make Especially Sure That You Come Together.

If There Was Ever A Time That We Should Get Together To Draw Strength And Encouragement From Each Other, It’s These Days. Amongst All The Distractions And Opportunities, You Have To Make It A Priority; Me And My House Will Not Only Serve The Lord, We Will Go To The House Of The Lord. It Will Prepare You For What You’re Going To Face During The Week; You’ll Make Better Decisions, Have More Creativity, See More Of God’s Favor.

You Can’t Make It By Yourself; You Need The Warmth, Strength, Encouragement Of Other Believers.


I Saw A Report On Penguin’s. They Live In A Climate That Can Get Down To 40 Below Zero With Winds Of A Hundred And Twenty Miles An Hour. The Windshield Would Probably Close To A Hundred Below Zero. The Way They Survived Is They All Group Together.  They Stay In Side-By-Side All Around As Many As 6,000 In A Group. There Their Feathers Catch The Warmth From Their Bodies. The Temperature In The Center Of The Group Can Get Up To 70 Degrees. Their Protection Is In Their Connectivity. But If One Of Those Penguins Decided He Was Going To Do Life On His Own. He Didn’t Have Time To Group; He’s Got Places To Go People To See He’s Going To Fly Solo. Then  It Wouldn’t Be Long Until He Was In Penguin Heaven. He Couldn’t Make It By Himself. His Survival Is Dependent On Staying Connected.

Same Way With Us. All That’s Going On In The World -Distractions Calamities Opportunities For Compromise With All That Cold You Can’t Make It By Yourself. You Need The Warmth The  Strength The Encouragement The Support From Other Believers.

You Have To Stay Connected. It’s Time To Get Plugged In.  Don’t Go Another Year Flying Solo. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Doing Life Without A Community Of Faith.

The Scripture Says

Psalm 133:1-3 (NKJV)..1 Behold, How Good And How Pleasant It Is For Brethren To Dwell Together In Unity!….. For There The Lord Commanded The Blessing, Even Life For Evermore.

When We Come Together In Unity There Is A Commanded Blessing.

We Are Here Today From All Walks Of Life. All Races Or Social Standings, Rich, Poor, Young, Old. When We Walk In The Door We Put All That Down. We Are Here As One Family To Worship The God Who Spoke World Into Existence. Doesn’t Matter Where You’ve Been, The Mistakes You Made, What Caste You Are, Who You Voted For, What Your Occupation Is.

We Realize Even Though We Have Differences We Are Worshiping The Same God Because There Is A Spirit Of Unity, Because We Know We’re All Part Of The Same Family

God Says Every Time We Come Together He’s Going To Command A Blessing. He Commands Favor, Commands Joy, Commands Breakthroughs.

What Stopped You In The Past Every Time, When  You Show Up Together, It’s Getting A Little Bit Weaker. You Keep Coming Together Faithfully Week After Week and One Day That Commanded Blessing Is Going To Break Every Force That’s Holding You Back. You’re Going To Step Into A New Level Of Your Victory Of Your Destiny

Illustration Of David:

In Psalm 73..This Man David Was Having A Lot Of Problems. People Were Coming Against Him He Was Discouraged. He Said

Psalm 73:14-17 (NIV)..14 All Day Long I Have Been Afflicted, And Every Morning Brings New Punishments… 17 Till I Entered The Sanctuary Of God

When He Got Around People Of Faith, Who Knew That God Was In Control, That Spirit Of Defeat, Depression, Couldn’t Stay:

Psalm 73:23-24 (NLT)…23 Yet I Still Belong To You; You Hold My Right Hand.24 You Guide Me With Your Counsel,  Leading Me To A Glorious Destiny.

He Went From Thinking ‘All I Have Is Trouble’ To ‘I Have A Glorious Destiny’

What Changed Him?  Did He Drink A Redbull? No -He Came To The Sanctuary. In Other Words He Showed Up At Witness Ministries Church.

In The House Of The Lord We Draw Strength From Each Other. There Are Some Breakthroughs That Are Only Going To Happen When You Get To The Sanctuary.

Your Faith Alone May Not Be Enough; That Is Why God Has Ordained You To Be In A Community Of Faith. What Held You Back Individually Cannot Hold You Back Corporately.

What Would Happen If You Would Get To The Sanctuary More Often?

Illustration Of Pentecost Day:

After Jesus Had Risen From The Dead He Told His Followers To Not Leave Jerusalem But To Wait For The Promise Of The Holy Spirit

Acts 1:4-5 (NLT)..4 … He Commanded Them, “Do Not Leave Jerusalem Until The Father Sends You The Gift He Promised… In Just A Few Days You Will Be Baptized With The Holy Spirit.”

Scholars Say That They Were About 500 People There, But When The Holy Spirit Came, Only 120 Were There. The Others Maybe Were Busy, Maybe They Had Work To Do, Maybe They Were Tired. Whatever The Reason- They Missed What God Promised Those Hundred And Twenty People In The Upper Room.

Acts 2:1-2 (NKJV)…2 When The Day Of Pentecost Had Fully Come, They Were All With One Accord In One Place.

When You’re In Unity, Connected With Other Believers, Planted In The House Of The Lord, There Will Be Some Suddenly’s.

  • Suddenly Your Health Will Improve.
  • Suddenly Your Business Will Take Off
  • Suddenly You’ll Meet The Right Person

In This Year Of Unboxing, You’re Going To See Unexpected Favor, Sudden Turnarounds; Things That You Couldn’t Make Happen, God Is Going To Suddenly Make Happen.

Illustration Of Redwood Trees;

I Read About Redwood Trees. They’re The Tallest Trees In The World.They Can Reach Heights Of 350 Feet And Live For 2,000 Years. They’re Incredibly Resilient With Standing Strong Wind Storms Passed Other Things That Would Take Our Pest Or Things That Would Take Other Trees Down. What’s Interesting Is The Redwoods Roots Only Go Down Six To 12 Feet In The Ground. The Largest Route Is 1 Inch In Diameter. How Can These Small Roots That Only Go Down A Fraction Of The Height Of The Tree Keep The Tree Up. What’s Unique About The Redwood Is Its Roots Intertwined With Other Redwoods Roots.They Spread Out A Hundred Feet And Connect With The Roots Of All The Redwoods Around. So When The Wind Blows Even If It’s A Strong Storm The Redwood Doesn’t Just Rely On Its Own Roots. The Whole Forest Is Linked Together. The Wind Is Not Blowing Against One Tree. It’s Going Against Thousands Of Trees.That’s How The Redwood Can Stand Hundreds And Hundreds Of Years. It Has The Strength Of The Whole Forest

When You’re Planted In The House Of The Lord, Your Roots Get Connected To My Roots And Their Roots. Before Long You Have A Support System That Cannot Be Shaken. When The Storms Come, What Would Have Normally Blown You Over By Yourself, But Because You’re Connected To Other Redwood -You’re Steady.

We’re There To Stabilize You, To Steady You, To Encourage You. For That Storm To Take You Out It Would Have To Take All Of Us Out And That’s Not Possible.

The Bible Says That “…One Will Put One Thousand To Flight , But Two Will Put Ten Thousand To Flight.”   How About When We’re All Connected Together. We Can’t Be Defeated Together. 

How Powerful The Wind May Be Blowing Against You Today In Your Health, In Your Finances, In Your Relationship, Trying To Push You Down- Telling You It’s Never Going To Work Out. You Have Too Many Obstacles, You Need To Know You Have A Lot Of Redwoods Around You.

You Are Surrounded By A Community Of  Faith. We’re Not Going To Let You Go Down. The Enemy Is Not Just Dealing With You, He Has To Deal With All Of Us.  Our Roots Are Connected. We Are Planted In The House Of The Lord.

  • You May Get Weak But We’re Going To Be There To Hold You Up. The Storms May Blow But We’re Going To Stabilize You.
  • You May Feel Like Giving Up But We’re Going To Keep Pushing You Forward.

That’s The Benefit Of Being Connected.

It’s Not Just Your Prayers, It’s All Of Our Prayers-When We’re In This –Together- As Family Of Faith.

You Don’t Have To Do Live By Yourself. If You’re A Redwood All Out On Your Own, You’re Not Going To Last Very Long.  You Were Designed To Be Connected. You Need A Family Of Faith. That’s Why We’re Here Every Week. We’re Going To Steady You, Encourage You, Challenge You, Inspire You.

We Didn’t Meet By Accident. You Didn’t Just Slip Across This Church. You Didn’t Just Decide To Show Up At Church Today.

1 Corinthians 12:18  (KJV)….18 But Now Hath God Set The Members Every One Of Them In The Body, As It Hath Pleased Him.

God In His Divine Destiny Has Connected Us Together.

Now My Question Is

  • Are You Flying Solo?
  • Are You Doing Life On Your Own?

That’s Going To Keep You From Your Highest Potential. We Need You Plugged In, Committed, Faithful For The Long Haul.

Without You We Won’t Be A Strong. You Have Something To Offer That Nobody Else Has. When You’re Planted In The House Of The Lord, You Will  Not Only Go To New Heights But You’ve Created An Atmosphere For God To Bless Others.

This Is The Year To Get Connected.

If You Do This I Believe And Declare Because We’re Together In Unity God Is About To Command A Blessing On Your Life. You’re Going To Blossom, Flourish And See The Glorious Future That He Has In Store In Jesus Name.

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  1. Sheena Punathil
    March 27, 2017

    Awesome teaching on how to walk in unity, togetherness as one body in christ.

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