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Unbox Your Yes And Amen !


Sermon Preached On Sunday 26Th Mar.,2017.

HINDI TITLE: Ha Aur Amen Ko Unbox Karo !

Hindi Teaching VIDEO @:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AFBYOsI158&t=10s

Sometimes, We’ve Gone Through So Many NO’S That We Get Discouraged, And Give Up On Our Dreams.

  • May Be The Loan Didn’t Go Through
  • May Be You Didn’t Get The Promotion
  • You Tried To Break That Addiction But You Couldn’t Do It

God Is Saying, This Is Going To Be A Year Of YES;

Yes To The Healing -Yes To The Promotion -Yes To The Breakthrough -Yes To Have That Baby

  • What Hasn’t Worked Out In The Past Is Suddenly Going To Fall Into Place,
  • Doors That You Thought Were Closed Are Suddenly Going To Open.
  • Dreams And Promises That You’d Given Up On, God Is About To Make A Way. In This Year Of Yes,

God Is About To Reverse The NO’S; The Times

  • You’ve Been Denied,
  • You’ve Been Turned Down,
  • You’ve Been Told No Thanks,

That’s Not The End, It Just Wasn’t The Right Time. Yes Is Coming.

Yes To The Dream You Quit Pursuing -Yes To The Child Getting Back On The Right Course -Yes To The Business You’ve Been Wanting To Start

Now People May Tell You No;

  • No-You Can’t Get Well -Look At The Medical Report
  • No Sorry You Don’t Have The Experience We Need
  • No You’re Not Talented Enough
  • No That Idea Is Not Going To Work For Us

Their No Does Not Cancel Out God’s Yes.

Don’t Let Them Talk You Out Of Your Dreams; God Has The Final Say, And He’s Saying, “Get Ready For Yes.”

  • Yes To Increase
  • Yes To Freedom From The Addiction
  • Yes To Seeing Your Family Restored
  • Yes To New Opportunities

God Is Going To Put You At The Right Place At The Right Time, Send Divine Connections, People Who Will Go Out Of Their Way To Be Good To You. You Couldn’t Make It Happen; It Was The Favor Of God Bringing You Into Your Yes.


I Read Of A Lady That Had Been Out Of Work For Over A Year. She Worked As A Executive In Sales, Very Successful. After Many Years, Unexpectedly Her Contract Was Not Renewed. She Had An Impressive Resume. She Applied At Many Companies But No One Was Interested. She Was Turned Down Again And Again.

Several Months Later, A Company Called And Asked Her To Come In For An Interview. She Was Excited. Looked Like Something Had Finally Opened Up.  The Interview Went Well. She Thought She Had It But They Call Back And Said She Just Wasn’t The Right Person. This Happened Four More Times. Where She Went In And Was Interviewed, Looked Like She Was The Front-Runner And Then She Was Told No. One No After  Another .

Few Months Later, A Company From Out Of State Called. They Were Very Interested. It Was Between Her And Another Man. She Took A Plane To Fly To This Large City. On The Way To The Office The Taxicab Driver Struck Up A Conversation. She Was Very Friendly And Told How She Was There To Go On A Job Interview And Actually Been Praying And Believing That Something Would Open Up. She Also Told -Out Of All The Offers This Was The One She Wanted The Very Most. He Dropped Her Off And Told Her That He He Believed That She Was Going To Get That Job.

Later That Day The Lady That Interviewed Her Had To Catch A Plane. It Just So Happens This Same Man Came Back To The Office And Picked Her Up When She Called For A Taxi. Being A Friendly  Taxicab Driver That He Was, He Asked Her How Her Day Was Going. She Explained How She Had Been Interviewing Two People- A Man And A Woman – For A New Position.  She Said She Could Not Decide Between The Two.  The Taxicab Driver Said Let Me Tell You Who You Should Pick. She Said What Do You Mean. He Said I Picked Up That Lady You Interviewed And Dropped Her This Morning And You Won’t Find A Better Person. She’s Smart, She’s Talented, She’s Articulate Plus She Wants To Work For You. He Went On And On.

The Lady Said You Know What- I Just Made My Decision. When She Called The Lady In The Other State And Told Her That She Got The Position. She Said If You Ever See That Taxicab Driver Again, You Need To Thank Him Because He Is The Reason  I Chose You.

What Are The Chances In A Large City That The Same Taxi Cab Driver Would Pick Up Both Ladies. That Wasn’t A Coincidence. That Was The Hand Of God.

In This Year Of Yes,  God Is Going To Have The Right People Put In To Work  For You.

You May Not Think You Have The Right Connections; Don’t Worry, You Have Friends In High Places. God Is Not Only Guiding And Directing Your Steps, He’s Lining Up The People You Need, Arranging Things In Your Favor.

Paul Said:

2 Corinthians 1:20 (MSG)….20 Whatever God Has Promised Gets Stamped With The Yes.

That Means That The Dreams And Promises That He Has Spoken Over You Are Already Stamped With Yes. God Has Already Set The Date To Bring It To Pass.

But There’s One More Thing. It Goes On To Say God’s  Yes With Our Yes Together Makes It A Sure Thing

2 Corinthians 1:20 (MSG)…..20… God’s Yes And Our Yes Together, Gloriously Evident. God Affirms Us, Making Us A Sure Thing In Christ

  • God Is Saying Yes, But He Needs Your Yes To Make It Happen;
  • God Yes By Itself Is Not Enough. God Works Where There Is Faith.

If This Lady Would Have Gone Around Thinking And Saying, “ I’ll Never Get That Position. Nothing Good Ever Happens To Me. That Would Have Kept Her From Getting That Job.

When It Comes To God, Be A Yes Man/Woman.

  • God Says He’s Restoring Health Back Into You. You Can Think Of All The Reasons Why You’re Not Going To Get Well Or You Can Be A Yes Man. Yes God I Agree, Thank You That I’m Getting Healthier, Thank You That I’m Getting Stronger.

Psalm 65:11 (NLT)…11 You Crown The Year With A Bountiful Harvest

You Can Go Around Not Expecting Good Breaks, Not Expecting To Get Ahead, Or You Can Be A Yes Man/Woman: “Yes, God, I Agree; Thank You That It’s Going To Be A Blessed, Prosperous, Abundant, Bountiful Year.”

That’s Not Just Being Positive, It’s Putting Your Yes With God’s Yes.

God Said That What Was Meant For Your Harm, He’s Going To Turn And Use To Your Advantage. You Can Dwell On All Your Hurts, What Didn’t Work Out, The People That Did You Wrong, Or You Can Be A Yes Man/Woman.

Is God Waiting For Your Yes?

Are You Letting The NO’S, Disappointments, Delays, Convince You That It’s Not Going To Happen? You May Not Have Seen It Yet, But This Is A New Day; You’re Coming Into A Year Of Yes.

Put Your Yes With God’s Yes, And Watch What Happens.

Illustration Of Hannah:

There Was A Woman In The Scripture Named Hannah; She Was Married, But:

1 Samuel 1:6 (NIV)…6 … The Lord Had Closed Hannah’s Womb

To Make Matters Worse:

1 Samuel 1:2, 6-7 (NIV)..2 He Had Two Wives; One Was Called Hannah And The Other Peninnah. Peninnah Had Children, But Hannah Had None… Her Rival Kept Provoking Her In Order To Irritate Her. 7 This Went On Year After Year. Whenever Hannah Went Up To The House Of The Lord, Her Rival Provoked Her Till She Wept And Would Not Eat.

But Then:

1 Samuel 1:9,17-18 (NIV)…9 Once When They Had Finished Eating And Drinking In Shiloh, Hannah Stood Up. Now Eli The Priest Was Sitting On His Chair By The Doorpost Of The Lord’s House…17 Eli Answered, “Go In Peace, And May The God Of Israel Grant You What You Have Asked Of Him.” 18 … She Went Her Way And Ate Something, And Her Face Was No Longer Downcast.

On The Outside, Nothing Had Changed, There Was No Sign Of A Baby, But On The Inside, She Put Her Yes With God’s Yes.

1 Samuel 1:20 (NIV)…20 So In The Course Of Time Hannah Became Pregnant And Gave Birth To A Son. She Named Him Samuel

She Came Into Her Yes.

Like Hannah, You May Have Had A Lot Of NO’S, People Have Tried To Discourage You, Make You Think It’s Never Going To Happen; You Need To Get Ready, Your Yes Is Coming.

The Same God That Shut Hannah’s Womb Opened Hannah’s Womb;

God May Have Said No In The Past, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Going To Be No In The Future.

Just As God Turned Hannah’s No Into A Yes, God Is Going To Turn Some NO’S Around For You.

Will You Do Like Hannah, And Start Acting Like What God Told You Is Going To Happen?

All Hannah Had Was A Word From The Prophet That She Was Going To Have A Baby. She Didn’t Have An Ultrasound. She Didn’t Have A Pregnancy Test. She Just Had What Eli Said To Her. He Could Have Been Wrong.

You Have Something Much More Powerful, A Promise From The God Who Spoke Worlds Into Existence. He’s Saying, “If You’ll Put Your Yes With My Yes, I’ll Turn The NO’S Around.”

Those Situations That Seem Permanent:

  • The Addiction That You’ve Dealt With For Years,
  • The Health Issue That Won’t Go Away,
  • A Struggle In Your Finances.

It Seems Like You’re Stuck, Thoughts Tell You, “Just Accept The NO’S”; Don’t Believe Those Lies,

God Is About To Open Up Your Womb. What You’ve Been Dreaming About, You Need To Get Ready, Your Time Is Coming; Your Yes Is Headed Your Way.

Illustration Of Elijah:

In The Scripture

1 Kings 18:41-43 …41 Then Elijah Said To Ahab, “Go Get Something To Eat And Drink, For I Hear A Mighty Rainstorm Coming!” 42 So Ahab Went To Eat And Drink. But Elijah Climbed To The Top Of Mount Carmel And Bowed Low To The Ground And Prayed With His Face Between His Knees. 43 Then He Said To His Servant, “Go And Look Out Toward The Sea.” The Servant Went And Looked, Then Returned To Elijah And Said, “I Didn’t See Anything.”

There Was A Great Drought In The Land. The Prophet Elijah Went To The Top Of Mount Carmel He Prayed And Asked God To End The Drought. After He Prayed He Said That I Can Hear The Sound Of An Abundance Of Rain. He Was Saying In Effect There’s A Yes In Our Future. Rain Is Coming. He Told His Assistant To Go Look On The Other Side Of The Mountain To See If He Could See Any Sign Of Rain. Assistant Went Out Came Back A Little Later And Said No Elijah There’s Not A Single Cloud In The Sky. It’s Perfectly Clear. Oh Man Of God,  You Must Have Heard God Wrong Of The Rain Coming. What Are We Going To Do Now.

When He Heard That He Said All Right, That’s One No Out Of The Way. Now Go Back And Look Again. The Assistant Went Back Out Came Back With The Same Answer. Elijah No Rain And He Just Said That’s Fine – Second  No Out Of The Way. Go Back And Look Again. Three No’s, For No’s  Five No’s  Six No’s.

On The Seven-Time The Servant Came Back And Said

1 Kings 18:44-45 ..Seven Times Elijah Told Him To Go And Look. 44 Finally The Seventh Time, His Servant Told Him, “I Saw A Little Cloud About The Size Of A Man’s Hand Rising From The Sea.” Then Elijah Shouted, “Hurry To Ahab And Tell Him, ‘Climb Into Your Chariot And Go Back Home. If You Don’t Hurry, The Rain Will Stop You!’”  45 And Soon The Sky Was Black With Clouds. A Heavy Wind Brought A Terrific Rainstorm, And Ahab Left Quickly For Jezreel.

Rain Is Coming Our Way. See It May Be A Small Yes. I Barely See It.

Yes But When You’re Expecting Things To Change In Your Favour, When You Know God Has Yes In Your Future, It May Be A Small Sign But By Faith You Latch Onto It.

That’s My Yes. Other People May Not See It. Other People May Try To Talk Me Out Of It. Other People May Say I’m Just Too Positive, Too Hopeful. That’s Okay. I’m A Believer And Not A Doubter. I Know That’s My Year.

But Had Elijah Given Up On The First NO The Second NO The Sixth NO, It Would Have Never Happened. Think About This When He Sent His Assistant Out To Look Again And Again, That Was An Act Of His Faith

Faith Is What Causes God To Move. There Are Yeses In Your Future.

NOTE; If You Knew Your Yes Was Only 20 NO’S Away, You Wouldn’t Give Up. You Would Just Check It All And Say,   ‘ All Right, That’s One NO Out Of The Way. Now I’m Only 19 NO’S Away From My YES.”

Rather Than Being Discouraged You Would Be Encouraged. But Too Many People, Because They Have Hit Several NO’S In A Row, They’ve Lost Their Passion. They’ve Lost Their Fire. You’ve Got To Get This Down In Your Spirit- There Are YES’S In Your Future.

  • Are You Thanking God Even Though You Don’t See Anything Happening?
  • Will You Be Bold Enough To Believe That You’re Still Going To Give Birth, Even Though It Feels Like Your Womb Has Been Shut?

If You Keep Adding Your No To God’s Yes, You Can Cancel Out What God Has In Store.

  • Other People’s No Cannot Stop You, What They Say, What They Do; They Don’t Control Your Destiny.
  • The Enemy’s No Cannot Stop You;

What You Believe Is What Matters.

God Needs Your Yes. He Has Amazing Things In Your Future, More Influence, Favor Than You’ve Ever Imagined; Keep Adding Your Yes. Thoughts May Tell You No, Circumstances May Tell You That It’s Never Going To Happen, But Your Yes And God’s Yes Makes It A Sure Thing, Because God Controls The Universe; One Touch Of His Favor Can Turn A No Into A Yes.

You Need To Get Ready; Your Yes Is On The Way.

Illustration Of Hezekiah:

2 Kings 20:1 (NIV)..1 In Those Days Hezekiah Became Ill And Was At The Point Of Death. The Prophet Isaiah Son Of Amoz Went To Him And Said, “This Is What The Lord Says: Put Your House In Order, Because You Are Going To Die; You Will Not Recover.”

What Do You Do When God Says No?

2 Kings 20:2-3 (NIV)….2 Hezekiah Turned His Face To The Wall And Prayed To The Lord, 3 “Remember, Lord, How I Have Walked Before You Faithfully And With Wholehearted Devotion And Have Done What Is Good In Your Eyes.”

His Attitude Was, “If I’m Going To Die, I’m Going To Die Asking For The Yes.”

2 Kings 20:4-6 (NIV)…4 Before Isaiah Had Left The Middle Court, The Word Of The Lord Came To Him: 5 “Go Back And Tell Hezekiah, The Ruler Of My People, ‘This Is What The Lord, The God Of Your Father David, Says: I Have Heard Your Prayer And Seen Your Tears; I Will Heal You… I Will Add Fifteen Years To Your Life.

Even When You Feel Like God Has Said No, If You’ll Dare Do Like Hezekiah, And Ask God For The Yes, Your Faith Can Cause God To Change His Mind.

In This Year Of Yes, God Is Going To Reverse Some NO’S; God Is Going To Correct Your Mistakes, Bring Back Opportunities That You’ve Missed, And Give You Another Chance. The Things That Have Been A Struggle, Constant Pressure, Are Going To Suddenly Turn Around.

Hezekiah And Hannah Both Faced Situations Where God Said No. They Both Asked For Yes In The Face Of No; “God, You Control The Universe; We’re Asking You In Your Great Mercy To Change Your Mind.”

Are You Bold Enough To Ask For A Yes Even Though All You Keep Getting Are NO’S?

Jesus Told A Parable:

Luke 18:2-5 (CEV)…2 In A Town There Was Once A Judge Who Didn’t Fear God Or Care About People. 3 In That Same Town There Was A Widow Who Kept Going To The Judge And Saying, “Make Sure That I Get Fair Treatment In Court.” 4 For A While The Judge Refused To Do Anything. Finally, He Said To Himself, “Even Though I Don’t Fear God Or Care About People, 5 I Will Help This Widow Because She Keeps On Bothering Me. If I Don’t Help Her, She Will Wear Me Out.”

She Kept Asking For Yes In The Face Of No.

If You’re Going To See Your Yes, You Have To Be Determined; If You Accept The First To No, You Weren’t Serious About It.

The NO’S Are A Test; God Wants To See How Bad You Want It. If You Get Discouraged, Give Up, That Means You Didn’t Want It Badly Enough;

You Have To Do Like This Woman And Keep Asking, Praying, Believing, Dreaming, Hoping. If One Door Closes, Try Another Door;

You Have To Come To Your Closed Doors Before You Can Come To Your Open Doors.

Don’t Get Discouraged By The NO’S, They Are Part Of Your Destiny, Leading You To The Yes. You May Have Had A Lot Of NO’S In The Past, Things Haven’t Worked Out; You Need To Get Ready, Your Yes Is Coming. God Is Going To Open Doors That You Could Not Open, Cause People To Change Their Minds, And Go Out Of Their Way To Be Good To You. It’s Going To Be Unprecedented Favor; You Will Know That It’s The Hand Of God.

Illustration Of Nazareth:

Nazareth Was A Poor, Run-Down City In Biblical Days:

John 1:46 (CEV)…46 “Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth?”

Yet, Jesus Came From The City Of Nazareth.

Can Any Good Thing Come Out Of Your Neighborhood? Yes, You Can;

You Are The Exception, The History-Maker, You Have Seeds Of Greatness.

There Are Yeses In Your Future That Are Going To Thrust You To The Next Level. God Is Going To Bring Divine Connections That Will Use Their Influence To Push You Into Your Purpose.

You May Have Had A Lot Of NO’S In The Past, But You Need To Get Ready; You Are Coming Into Your Year Of Yes. Yes To The Scholarship, Right Person, Healing, Breakthrough. Your Yes Is On The Way.

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  1. Sheena Punathil
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    YES and Amen!

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