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Unbox Your Laughter!


Sermon Preached On Sunday 2nd April,2017.

HINDI TITLE: Apne Hasi Ko Unbox Karo !

Hindi Teaching VIDEO @:  https://www.youtube

It’s Easy To Let The Pressures Of Life Weigh Us Down; We Deal With Traffic, Bills, Rude People. If We’re Not Careful, We Won’t Smile Or Laugh As Much, Be As Friendly, Have Fun Anymore;

We Have Too Much Pressure, Responsibility To Enjoy Life. But God Didn’t Create You To Live With A Heaviness; You’re Not Supposed To Go Around Serious All The Time, Burdened Down By Problems.

Taking Time To Laugh And To Have Fun, Reenergizes You, Helps Keep You In Balance;

If It’s All Work, Stress, Dealing With Problems, That’s Going To Weigh You Down. You Can Get So Busy Raising Your Children That You Don’t Enjoy Them; Sometimes, We Think That We Have To Be Serious To Show That We’re Responsible, But You Can Be Responsible And Good-Natured At The Same Time.

God Created You With A Sense Of Humour; You Were Made To Laugh, Have Fun.

My Question To You :Have You Let The Pressures Of Life Weigh You Down?

If You Don’t Make This Adjustment, Not Only Will You Not Enjoy Your Life To The Full, But You Won’t Have Good Relationships. Nobody Wants To Be Around A Grumpy, Sour Person; That Pushes People Away. We Represent Christ Here On This Earth; If You’re A Believer, Smile, Be Good-Natured, Friendly, Learn To Laugh.

Proverbs 17:22 (NKJV).. 22 A Merry Heart Does Good, Like Medicine

Joke: One Sunday When A Faithful Christian Had No Sermon To Attend He Took His Father’s Advice To Do Something That He Had Never Ever Done Before. He Went Bear Hunting As His Father Suggested. Believe It Or Not, The First Time He Goes Bear Hunting Ever He Sees A Bear Who Grows Rather Suspicious Of Him. The Bear Advances Toward The Christian Man And The Man Gets Shaken From This And He Runs Away From The Bear (Not A Good Idea!) He Tries To Climb Up A Near-By Tree But Fails And Loses His Balance Completely! The Man His Numbed In Fear But He Still Tries To Pretend Like He’s Dead. But The Bear Knows Better And He Gets Up On His Hind Legs And He Makes Himself Big. The Bear Is Ready To Attack The Man. Just As The Man Thinks That He Is Surely Going To Die He Prays To God In His Head And He Says: “Please God Don’t Let Me Die! Not Now! Not Today!” He Prays To God And Says: “Please God I Wish For You To Transform This Bear Into A Christian!” The Man Looks Up And He Is Relieved As The Bear Kneels Down To The Ground, Puts His Paws Together And Says: “Dear God Thank-You For This Food That I Am About To Recieve!”

Find The Humor In Life. Too Often, We Used To Laugh, Have Fun, But Now We’ve Let The Pressures Of Life Cause Us To Become More Serious; We Don’t Have Time To Laugh.  We Have Bills To Pay, Children To Raise, Problems To Handle. But The Joy Is What’s Going To Help You Get Through The Tough Times; Laughing Together, Having Fun, That’s Going To Help Keep You Together.

Illustration Of A Married Couple:

I Read Of A Couple Who Were Having Difficulties In Their Marriage. They Were Good People But They Had Let The Pressures From Everyday Life Drive Them Apart. They Were About To Separate. They Decided To Try Something. For A Few Months Once A Week They Would Rent A Funny Movie And Watch It Together. They Would Sit There And Laugh And Laugh. They Told How That One Simple Thing Helped Change Their Perspective. It Helped Heal Their Wounds. They Fell Back In Love. Today They’re Happily Married.

Maybe You Would See Your Relationship Go To A New Level If You Would Bring More Joy Into The Home; Living With Stress, Pressure, Tension, Division, Will Drive You Apart.

NOTE : The Enemy Can’t Stand To Hear You Laugh, Having Fun, Enjoying Each Other. He Wants There To Be Tension, Pressure, Strife.

The Lord instructs us to laugh at circumstances

Job 5:19-22…You will laugh at destruction and famine,…

The Lord too laughs at the enemies

Psalms 2:2-4:  2.The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3.“Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!” 4. He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.

Laughter Is Spiritual Warfare; It Will Bring Down Walls, And Help Your Family Stay Together.

Yes We All Have To Deal With Tension And Stress, But You Need To Create A Joyful Atmosphere In Your Home; Don’t Bring In Pressures From Work, Stress From School, Offense From What Somebody Said.

Illustration Of A Trouble Tree:

I Heard About A Man. He Had A Tree In A Pot Next To His Back Door At Home. He Was Walking In His House With A Friend And He Stopped And Touched The Tree. His Friend Asked What He Was Doing. He Said This Is My Trouble Tree. I Leave All My Troubles On This Plant. I Don’t Take Any Worry Inside. I Don’t Take Any Problems, Any Disappointments, Any Offense, I Leave Them All At The Door.

We All Need A Trouble Tree.

Your Home Needs To Be A Cheerful Place, A Retreat From The Negative Things That You Have To Deal With During The Day; Leave The Negative Outside.

Illustration Of A Hospital Experiment:

There Was A Hospital That Tried An Experiment With Patients That Had Been Sick For A Long Time And Were Not  Getting Well. They Started Taking Them Out To The Park Several Hours A Day To Watch The Children Playing. They Discovered When The Patients Heard The Children Laughing Over And Over, The Sound Of Laughter Stimulated The Body’s Natural Healing Process. It Not Only Affected The Patient’s Outlook But Research Showed They Begin To Recover Faster.  Just Hearing Other People Laugh Helped Bring Healing.

Imagine What Happens To Us On The Inside When We Take Time To Live Joyfully; It Not Only Affects Us Mentally, Our Attitude, Our Moods, It Affects Us Physically.

Laughter Will Help You Stay Younger. Every Time You Laugh What’s Known As The Youth Hormone Increases Eighty-Seven Percent. This Is The Hormone That Slows Down The Aging Process And Helps You Feel Younger And Fresher. You’ve Seen People That Have Gone Through A Tough Time In Life. They Were Under Stress And Pressure And You See Them Two Years Later, It Looks Like They’ve Aged 20 Years.

Why Is That? When We Don’t Laugh, We’re Not Releasing The Healing That God Put On The Inside.

When We Live Stressed, Serious, Discouraged- The Chemicals God Designed To Keep Us Young And Fresh Sit There Unused And Ineffective.

Well Melwyn This Is Just Not My Personality. I’m A More Serious Person.

We All Have Different Personalities, But Most Of The Time, If We’re Not Laughing, It’s Because We’ve Forgotten How.

The Average Child Laughs A Hundred And Fifty Times A Day. The Average Adult Laughs Three Times A Day.

JOKE: One Day A Little Girl Went Up To Her Mother And Said, “Mommy I Have A Stomach-Ache!” Her Mother Replied, “That’s Because It’s Empty Dear, You Have To Put Something Into It.” Later That Night When They Had The Teacher Over For Dinner He Said,”I Have A Headache!” The Little Girl Smiled And Replied, That’s Because It’s Empty, You Have To Put Something Into It!”

Some People They Haven’t Laughed For So Long. Their Laughter Has Gotten Rusted. You Need To Get That Thing Out And Dust It Off. Everyday Find Some Reason To Laugh. Start Taking Your Medicine.


I Read Where A Common Ingredient In People That Live Way Up Into Their Nineties Wasn’t Their Diet , Wasn’t Their Exercise Routine.  It Was The Fact That They Were Extremely Joyful People. They Never Forgot How To Laugh. They Didn’t Take Everything So Seriously.

Sometimes, We Think That The Older We Get, The More Serious We’re Supposed To Be, The Less Fun We’re Supposed To Have; That’s Not God’s Way.

Acts 20:24 (KJV)…24 … Finish My Course With Joy

If You Don’t Have Joy, If You’re Not Good-Natured, You’re Not Going To Finish Your Course The Way God Wants You To.

I Have Learned That ‘Old’ Is All In Our Mind. Just Because Our Physical Body Ages Doesn’t Mean Our Thoughts, Our Attitudes, Have To Get Old .


I Know Of A Man At Palava. He Is 80 Plus. He Is Very Happy And Fun Man To Be Around. He Acted Like He Was My Age. Now I Asked Him How He Stayed So Young. He Said Bro, I Don’t Think Old Faults, I Don’t Think Of Myself As Being An Old Man. I Think Of Myself As Being In My Twenties.

Note: Your Spirit Person- The Real You, It’s On The Inside Is Ageless. It’s Going To Live Forever.

Sometimes We Talk Ourselves Into Being An Old And Serious And Sour Person.

Don’t Ever Lose The Child On The Inside. You May Have To Retrain Yourself To Have Fun, See The Humor; Sometimes, If We’re Not Working, We Feel Guilty, And Stress Out About What We Think We Should Be Doing. All Work And No Play Is Out Of Balance; Give Yourself Permission To Enjoy Your Life.

You May Have A Serious Position, But You Can Still Have A Light-Hearted Spirit.

When You’re Secure, You Can Even Laugh At Yourself; If You Can’t Change It, There’s No Reason To Lose Your Joy. These Days, Everyone Is So Uptight, There’s So Much Divisiveness In Our Society. If You’re Not Careful, You’ll Think, “This Is No Time To Enjoy Life, Laugh, See The Humor,” But Just The Opposite Is True; More Than Ever, This Is The Time To Live Joyfully.

There’s Too Much Sadness In Our World; Everyone Deals With Hurts, Disappointments, We All Have Stress And Tension; Don’t Let That Deceive You Into Living With A Heaviness, Discouraged, Solemn. Jesus Said:

John 16:33 (NKJV)…In The World You Will Have Tribulation; But Be Of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome The World.”

Jesus Went On To Say I Have The Solution –Be Of  Good Cheer. He Didn’t Say To Be Discouraged, Sad, Offended; In The Tough Times, You Need Your Joy.

Joy Is What Gives You Strength. But If The Enemy Deceives You Into Living With A Heaviness, Discouraged, Serious, He’ll Be Able To Defeat You At Every Turn. Don’t Fall Into That Trap;

Your Circumstances May Not Change, But You Can Change. Make A Decision In The Midst Of The Difficulty That You’re Going To Be Of Good Cheer.


  • Studies Tell Us Living Joyfully Boost Our Immune System.
  • It Lowers Our Blood Pressure.
  • People That Laugh Regularly Are Forty Percent Less Likely To Have A Heart Attack.
  • Laughter Can Clear Mucus From Your Lungs
  • Laughter Is Good For Allergies
  • Laughter Improves Digestion
  • Laughter Releases The Body’s Natural Tranquilizers That Help Us To Calm Down And Sleep Better

You’re Not Supposed To Live On Edge Always Thinking About Your Problems, Stressed Out.

Your Mind Needs A Break. Sometimes We Give Our Body Vacation But Our Mind Never Get  A Day Off.

Scripture Says,

Psalm 16:11 (Esv)…In Your Presence There Is Fullness Of Joy

Romans 14:17..For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit,

If You Don’t Have Joy, That Means You Have Disconnected Yourself From God’s Presence.

What I’m Saying Is Don’t Let Those Problems Weigh You Down To Where You Live With The Heaviness. You Can’t Laugh, You Can’t Have Fun. You’re Dealing With Serious Issues.

You Have To Have Times Where You Can Still Be Light-Hearted. That’s What’s Going To Help You Make It Through. That’s What’s Going To Help Balance Out The Difficulties That We Face.

Illustration Of Insomnia;

I Read About A Lady That Hadn’t Slept Well In Many Years. She Was Constantly Taking Tranquilizers. She’d Been On Them So Long That They Hardly Had Any Effect On Her. She Tried Everything -Different Diets, Different Doctors, Different Medicines. Nothing Worked. She Went To A New Doctor. He Gave Her An Unusual Prescription. He Told Her Every Night Before She Went To Bed She Was To Watch Something Funny – A Funny Movie, A Funny Video -Something To Make Her Laugh. She Started Doing That Night After Night. She Began To Sleep Better And Better. Today She’s Off Of All Of The Medicine. Now She Can Sleep Like A Baby.

What Was The Problem?  She Was Having To Take Man-Made Tranquilizers Because She Wasn’t Releasing The Natural Tranquilizers That God Put In Us.

Could It Be That You Would Receive The Healing You’ve Been Believing For.  The Headaches, The Chronic Pain, Depression, The Insomnia, It Would Go Away If You Would Just Lighten Up And Learn To Laugh More Often.

Much Of The Sicknesses We Face Today Are Stress Related. If A Doctor Gave You A Prescription To Take A Pill Several Times A Day You Would Be Very Strict To Follow His Instructions Even If You Had To Get Up In The Middle Of The Night.

I Have A Prescription For You Not From A Doctor But From Your Creator. He Says- Stay Cheerful, Laugh Regularly And Be Of  Good Nature By  Keeping A Light Hearted Spirit.

If You Will Stay On Your Prescription And Have A Merry Heart, You’ll Sleep Better, You’ll Be More Creative.  These Areas Of Chronic Pain And Sicknesses Will Begin To Go Away.

Illustration Of A Lady With Fibromyalgia:

A Lady Had A Severe Case Of Fibromyalgia Which Is Very Painful. She Would Spend Hours In Bed Everyday Suffering. She Had Chronic Fatigue, No Energy. She Was Not Only Physically Sick But Emotionally She Wasn’t Well Either.  She Had  Been Through Tough Times And Lived A Very Depressed Life. The Doctor Gave Her Medication For The Pain But He Knew That Was Only Treating The Symptom And Not The Root Cause. After Talking With Her And Realizing How Depressed She Was He Asked Her How Long Has It Been Since You Had A Good Hearty Laugh. She Thought About It A Moment And Said “Doctor I Haven’t Had A Good Laugh In Over 30 Years Since I Was A Little Child”  He Said Your  Prescription Is To Go Watch Every Funny Movie You Can Find, Read Every Funny Book, Laugh As Much As You Can. She Began To Do This Lying In Bed. Instead Of Feeling Sorry For Herself, She Began To Laugh. Little By Little, She Got Her Joy Back. Every Day She Would Laugh More And More. She Noticed The Pain Started Reducing. She Started Having More Energy, Feeling Better. Several Months Later She Went Back To The Doctor. The Doctor Noticed The Moment She Walked In His Cabin, He Knew Something Was Different. There Was A Sparkle In Her Eye. She Had A Smile On Her Face. She Said “Dr. I’ve Never Felt This Good In All Of My Life.”

Month After Month As She We Learned How To Laugh, She Got Healthier And Healthier. Today She’s Free From All Those Diseases.

There Is Healing Power In Laughter. When You Have A Joyful Spirit, Health And Wholeness Are Constantly Flowing Through.

My Question To You?  How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Had A Hearty Laugh?  A Day, A Week, A Month, 10 Years

In The Old Testament, One Way That An Army Would Overtake A City Is That They Would Clog Up The Wells That Provided Water To That City, Forcing The People To Come Out From Behind The Protective Walls.

All Of Us Have A Well Of Joy On The Inside, But Worry And Stress Prevent It From Flowing The Way God Intended It To.

Genesis 26:18 (ESV)…18 And Isaac Dug Again The Wells Of Water That Had Been Dug In The Days Of Abraham His Father, Which The Philistines Had Stopped After The Death Of Abraham.

Isaac’s Name Means Laughter. It’s Significant That Isaac Was The One That Redug The Wells;

Laughter  Is A Drainer- The Best Way To Unclog Our Wells. If You Want To See God’s Goodness Flow In New Ways, You Have To Get Your Joy Back.

Job 8:21 (NIV).. He Will Yet Fill Your Mouth With Laughter And Your Lips With Shouts Of Joy.

That’s God’s Dream, That Your Life Would Be Full Of Laughter.

Illustration :

A Young Woman Went To Her Mother And Told Her About Her Life And How Things Were So Hard For Her.  She Did Not Know How She Was Going To Make It And Wanted To Give Up.  She Was Tired Of Fighting And Struggling.  It Seemed As One Problem Was Solved A New One Arose.

Her Mother Took Her To The Kitchen.  She Filled Three Pots With Water.  In The First, She Placed Carrots, In The Second She Placed Eggs, And The Last She Placed Ground Coffee Beans.

She Let Them Sit And Boil Without Saying A Word.  In About Twenty Minute She Turned Off The Burners.  She Fished The Carrots Out And Placed Them In A Bowl.  She Pulled The Eggs Out And Placed Them In A Bowl.  Then She Ladled The Coffee Into A Bowl.  Turning To Her Daughter, She Asked, “Tell Me What You See?”

“Carrots, Eggs, And Coffee,” She Replied.

She Brought Her Closer And Asked Her To Feel The Carrots.  She Did And Noted That They Were Soft.  She Then Asked Her To Take An Egg And Break It.  After Pulling Off The Shell, She Observed The Hard-Boiled Egg.  Finally, She Asked Her To Sip The Coffee.  The Daughter Smiled, As She Tasted Its Rich Aroma.

The Daughter Then Asked, “What’s The Point, Mother?”

Her Mother Explained That Each Of These Objects Had Faced The Same Adversity… Boiling Water – But Each Reacted Differently.  The Carrot Went In Strong, Hard, And Unrelenting.  However, After Being Subjected To The Boiling Water, It Softened And Became Weak.  The Egg Had Been Fragile.  Its Thin Outer Shell Had Protected Its Liquid Interior.  But, After Being Through The Boiling Water, Its Inside Became Hardened.  The Ground Coffee Beans Were Unique, However.  After They Were In The Boiling Water They Had Changed The Water.

“Which Are You?” She Asked The Daughter.  “When Adversity Knocks On Your Door, How Do You Respond?  Are You A Carrot, An Egg, Or A Coffee Bean?”

Think Of This:  Which Am I?

Am I The Carrot That Seems Strong, But With Pain And Adversity, Do I Wilt And Become Soft And Lose My Strength?

Am I The Egg That Starts With A Malleable Heart, But Changes With The Heat?  Did I Have A Fluid Spirit, But After Death, A Break Up, A Financial Hardship, Or Some Other Trial, Have I Become Hardened And Stiff?  Does My Shell Look The Same, But On The Inside Am I Bitter And Tough With A Stiff Spirit And A Hardened Heart?

Or Am I Like The Coffee Bean?  The Bean Actually Changes The Hot Water, The Very Circumstance That Brings The Pain.  When The Water Gets Hot, It Releases The Fragrance And Flavor.  If You Are Like The Bean, When Things Are At Their Worst, You Get Better And Change The Situation Around You.

When The Hours Are The Darkest And Trials Are Their Greatest Do You Elevate To Another Level?

How Do You Handle Adversity?

Are You A Carrot, An Egg, Or A Coffee Bean?

Are You Living Stressed, Serious, Worried? Make A Change Today.

If You’ll Make The Decision To Have A Merry Heart, I Believe And Declare – You’re Going To See Chronic Pain And Illnesses Go Away, Have Better Relationships, Feel Younger, Stronger, Fresher, And You Will Finish Your Course With Joy.

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