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We’re in a series I’m calling ‘Discovering your calling”OR “You are Shaped for Significance”.

Job 10:8 “God’s hands formed me and shaped me.”

God made you unique. You’re a unique combination of numerous factors, abilities, interests, etc. To summarize that for you, I’ve put it into an acrostic S-H-A-P-E.

  • God has given you Spiritual gifts.
  • God has given you a Heart, things that you love to do.
  • God has given you Abilities,
  • God has given you Personality and
  • God has given you E

All five of these make up who you are.

Today, I want us to look at the Second one — the Heart that God has given you. Living Your Heart’s Desire.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR HEART: You need to understand your heart. The Bible uses the word “heart” to describe the bundle of motivations that you have — your desires, your hopes, your longings, your dreams, your ambitions, your affections, the things you care about, the things you love to do. All these are composed in your heart.

One way God reveals His unique purpose and calling in your life is through YOUR HEART. 

Your HEART helps you know WHERE GOD WANTS YOU TO SERVE HIM [कहाँ  परमेश्वर तुम्हें उसकी सेवा करने के लिए चाहता है] …just like your spiritual gifts help you know WHAT KIND OF SERVICE GOD DESIRES OF YOU[परमेश्वर आप से  किस तरह की सेवा की इच्छा रखते हैं?].

God will give you a burning desire to serve Him in a particular way, and thereby show you the unique contribution He wants you to make in His Kingdom work in this world

You can begin to discover your passion or your purpose by exploring two things:

  1. What do you love to do?                     आपको क्या करना पसंद है?
  2. What comes easily to you?                आप आसानी से क्या कर पाते है?
  3. What excites me most?                       मुझे सबसे ज्यादा क्या उत्साहित करता है?
  4. Where have I been most effective? मैं सबसे प्रभावी कहां रहा हूं?

Of course, it takes work to develop your talents- even the most gifted musician still has to practice-but it should feel natural, like rowing downstream rather than upstream.

I love to teach, to write, to coach, to facilitate, to train, and to develop transformational seminars, workshops, and courses. I love to bring other leaders together for conferences

These things come easy for me. Although I invested many years in learning how to master these skills, I loved every minute of it. In other words, work is required, but suffering is not. If you are struggling and suffering, you are probably not living on purpose.

PASSION is a desire that God gives you to serve HIM AND OTHERS in a specific way.

What is PASSION?  The dictionary defines it as a strong enthusiasm or desire to do something. 

Jay McSwain defines it this way:  PASSION is where you would give your time to serve people if money or the opinion of others were not factors, something that energizes you to the point that simply doing it is your reward. 

  • Passion is the God-given desire that compels you to make a difference.
  • Passion is a commitment that means anything that comes against you cannot stop your motivation to accomplish your dream.
  • Passion is a desire that is stronger than death

I’ve discovered something that the people who have affected history had a passion for what they were doing. They were willing to die for what they were going after.

God gives each of us a compelling desire to make a difference in this world SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW, for SOMEBODY.

  • For James Dobson its – what? [Helping Families Thru Teaching]
  • For Billy Graham its – what? [Evangelism thru Sharing The Gospel]
  • For Mother Teresa it was – what? [Helping The Needy]
  • For Gandhi it was –what? [India’s Freedom Thru Non Violence]

You know when you have a passion for what you’re doing people have to remind you that it’s time to eat

Romans 12:11 in the amplified bible (AMP) says, “Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the spirit, serving the lord.”

Illustration: A couple of years ago i was watching the news when captain sullenberger successfully landed a jet airplane in the hudson river. All 155 passengers survived. It’s known as “the miracle on the hudson”. A reporter asked this one passenger, a man that had just been rescued, what he thought about it all. He was soaking wet, freezing cold, a little bit frazzled, but he had this incredible glow about him, an excitement in his voice. I’ll never forget what he said. He told the reporter, “i was alive before but now i’m really alive”.

Are you really alive?

Illustration:  I read about this medical doctor. He was in his late 80’s. He still went to the office every day. He loved to operate. His friends and family tried to get him to retire but he just wouldn’t do it. He had invented a procedure that he had performed over 10,000 times. He was asked in an interview if he ever got tired of doing it, if it ever got old. He said, “no. The reason why is because i act like every operation is my very first one”.

It says in Col 3:23, “whatever you do, do it with all of your heart and you’ll honor God”.

When you give something 100%, when you do it to the best of your ability, because you are honoring God you will have his blessing. That means it will be easier, it will go better and you will accomplish more.

Well, you say, “Melwyn, I’d be passionate if i had your life. I’d be excited if i was married to a beautiful girl like Ruth”. No, run your race.

You will never stay passionate as long as you’re comparing your life to someone else’s. Don’t fall into that trap.

  • You could be all excited about the big vacation you have planned, looking so forward to it, until your friend tells how she’s going to Europe for two weeks with her family. They’re going to take a train through the swiss alps, meet friends in Paris and celebrate her birthday in Italy. All of a sudden, your vacation to kashmir doesn’t seem so exciting. That’s funny, isn’t it?
  • You could be all excited about your husband until you meet your co-worker’s husband. He is tall, dark and handsome. Your husband is short, white and not so handsome.

Don’t compare your spouse, your talent, your looks, your car, your house. This is what keeps many people from staying passionate about life. The problem is if you’re comparing you will always see someone more talented, more beautiful, more successful. Run your own race. Be the best that you can be. The scripture talks about how God has given us the power to enjoy what is allotted and appointed to us. That simply means i don’t have the power to enjoy your life. You may have more success, more money, more friends, a better job, but if you put me in your life I’m not going to enjoy it. We are uniquely designed to run our own race.

Now quit wishing you were someone else. “if i had his talent…”. No, if God wanted you to have his talent he would have given it to you. Take what you have and develop it. Make the most of it. “if i had her looks…”. No, God gave you your looks. That’s not an accident. The life you have has been perfectly matched for you. Now you’ve got to do your part and get excited about your life. Be excited about your looks, your talent, your ability, your personality.

When you’re passionate about who you are it brings honor to God

Illustration: I read about this well-known minister. He was well up into his 80’s. For many years he pastored his church and was a great speaker. He was in great demand. But a few years ago he came down with Parkinson’s disease. It got to the place where he could not speak anymore. He had to resign from his church. He once was so eloquent and strong and vibrant. Now it looked like he was finished. It looked like his best days were behind him.

But not long after that one of his Co Pastor received a package in the mail from him. It was a book. The cover letter said, “Pastor, as you know i cannot speak anymore so i have taken up writing. Here’s a copy of my new book”.

His Passion Was Sharing The Gospel

Illustration: One Pastor Dutch told a story about a 40-year-old woman that was having open-heart surgery. There was blockage in one of her arteries and she had to have what’s known as bypass surgery. Although it’s a delicate procedure it’s become a routine operation. It’s performed thousands of times successfully every year.

During the operation the surgeon clamps off the main artery to the heart and hooks it up to a machine and the machine pumps the blood and keeps the lungs working. The heart actually stops beating during the surgery. And once the operation is over and they remove the machine the warmth from the blood usually causes the heart to wake back up and start beating again. If not, they have some drugs that they can give the heart to wake it up. Well this lady was on the operating table. The bypass was finished but when they removed the machine, for some reason, her blood didn’t cause her heart to wake back up; no heartbeat. They gave her this drug, another drug, another drug, with no success. The surgeon was so troubled, so concerned. He actually reached in and began massaging her heart trying to stimulate that muscle. But still no heartbeat.

After doing everything he could medically he leaned over the patient and whispered in her ear, “Mary, this is your doctor. I’ve done everything i can do. Now i need you to tell your heart to beat again”. He stepped back and in just a couple of seconds he heard that, “bump-bum, bump-bum”. The heart kicked in and started beating once again.

Some of you today, you’ve been through disappointments and life hasn’t turned out the way you had hoped. You could easily just sit on the side lines. But God is telling you, “You need to tell your heart to beat again. Tell your heart to dream again. Tell your heart to believe again”.

Conduct a Passion Test: And how can you know what YOUR passions and interests are?  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.  Complete an assessment tool. Your homework and personal reflection will be more important than anything I might say to you as you search for God’s unique passion and purpose in your life. This isn’t rocket science.

  • If you have a passion for children, work with children.
  • If you have a passion for older people, work with senior adults.
  • If you have a passion for music or art, find an avenue to glorify God and edify others in these ways.

And don’t worry…God will show you where and how He wants you to serve Him and others.  He has written it on your heart.  So listen to your heart! 

What Keeps Me From Following My Heart: Proverbs 13:12/12:25/40:12/73:21-22/

Psalm 37:4 …4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you that you have put in each of our hearts a passion to know you and serve you.  In these days ahead, continue to clarify your unique purpose for each of our lives and lead us into that unique service you want us to do for You in Jesus’name. 






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