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How Did Different Languages Originate?

WITHOUT THE ACCOUNT OF THE TOWER OF BABEL IN THE BIBLE’S BOOK OF GENESIS, we would have no idea how the many languages of the world came about. Language scholars … Continue reading

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Are There Weeds In Your Heart ?

Scripture tells us that the Word of God is a seed that, when planted in our hearts, flourishes into the harvest of blessing God has prepared for us. But if … Continue reading

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Causes Of Failure

Failure doesn’t have to be final. In fact, I believe God wants to put our failures to work for us. Everybody experiences defeats in life. Everybody has failures. The book … Continue reading

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Keep The Connections To Let Your LOVE GROW

Our relationships are precious, valuable treasures from heaven, and we should handle them carefully, always looking for ways to build bridges to each other’s hearts. I know that all of … Continue reading

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Are You Being Overlooked In Life?

One of the great stories in the Bible is about the life of David. Long before David defeated Goliath, long before he became the king of Israel, he spent his … Continue reading

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Don’t Bury Your Talents

You may not always see it, but God has equipped you with everything you need to accomplish your dreams and fulfill your purpose in this life. Sometimes He gives what … Continue reading

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Pour In What You Have

Life is lived one day at a time, and the way to prepare for tomorrow is to live at your very best today. Whether you want to further your career … Continue reading

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Set The Blessing Into Motion

God has a plan to set you up for blessing today. He wants to see you excel, thrive and rise higher in every area of your life. Most people believe … Continue reading

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A Little Bit At A Time

If you’re like me, you probably have a “to do” list somewhere nearby. It may not necessarily be written down on paper, but maybe somewhere in the back of your … Continue reading

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Don’t Act Like Your Story Is Over..It Isn’t

Scripture warns us that in this world we will have trouble. We will have trials. We will have things that come against us in this life. But, we can be … Continue reading

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Remove That DO NOT ENTER Tag.

One day I was having a conversation with a friend who was encouraging me to step out and do this particular thing. Before I even thought twice about it, I … Continue reading

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Take A Break, Get Renewed.

One day a few years back, I was moving a large box in our house. However, I didn’t realize that it was going to be as heavy as it was. … Continue reading

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You Always Have A Choice

Life presents plenty of opportunities to become frustrated and upset with people if you allow it. I’m sure you can think of at least one incident this week that opened … Continue reading

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Gossip is gossip even if it is between husband and wife.  It is gossip if you are talking about others in your family, it is gossip if you are talking … Continue reading

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Don’t Beg

In the Scripture, there was a lady who came to Jesus and started begging Him to heal her daughter. She said, “Please, Jesus, my daughter is so bad. Would You … Continue reading

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It’s Time For CHANGE !

There’s one thing that’s certain in life: change. People change, fashion changes, technology changes, seasons change—that’s why it’s so important to stay flexible and be willing to adapt in order … Continue reading

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Four Youth that Jesus Met During His Earthly Ministry!

  Four Youth that Jesus Met During His Earthly Ministry! The Scripture says that Jesus met four “youth” during his earthly ministry. 1. A COLD Youth (Lk 7:14) – Young … Continue reading

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Husbands, How Is Your Communication With Your Wives ?

Husbands, are you ready to turn a corner in your relationship with your wife? Take a little “easy quiz” to determine your current level of communication with your companion-for-life. Check … Continue reading

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Get Real

There is a difference between those who merely get by – who copy, imitate, and fake it – AND those who are “real” or authentic about what they believe and … Continue reading

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