Step Towards Transformation

Three KEY PRACTICES for Young Leaders

We have had a lot of young leaders join our team over the last few years, some straight out of school. I absolutely love working with young leaders, but one of the … Continue reading

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“What’s my calling?”

Can we admit that when Christians talk about calling it can carry a lot of baggage? Surely we have all asked, “What’s my calling?” We can feel a lot of … Continue reading

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Remove That DO NOT ENTER Tag.

One day I was having a conversation with a friend who was encouraging me to step out and do this particular thing. Before I even thought twice about it, I … Continue reading

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Principles   For   Success

1] Principle Of Purpose. Purpose Means – The Original Intent For Your Creation. Purpose Means – What God Intended For You To Accomplish. Purpose Means- You Were Created To Do … Continue reading

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Fuel Your Passion as a Leader

 How’s your passion—your energy—for your work or mission these days? The longer you’re in leadership, the more aware you become of what really fuels passion over the long time. And … Continue reading

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5 Team-Killers In Church Leadership  

Some behaviors are like cancer to a leadership team. Are any of them part of your team? We hear about it in sports all the time: a player is labeled … Continue reading

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