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What’s Good About Sex?

Is sex bad? A case could be made for that view. Midnight. John is trying to explain his way out of calling his wife by another woman’s name during their … Continue reading

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The Sexual-Spiritual Union of a Man and Woman

Marriages suffer from many wounds: power struggles, abusive situations, emotional distance, selfishness, immaturity and addictions are some of the more easily identifiable aspects of a wounded relationship. Many marriages, however … Continue reading

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Sex as a Picture of the Inner Life of God

When God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness (NIV),” and then created Adam and Eve and bid them to be sexually fruitful, it tells us … Continue reading

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Sex: Where It All Starts

The Gate Leading to the House Regarding the relationship between sex and the family, allow me the indulgence of quoting Chesterton again: Sex is an instinct that produces an institution; … Continue reading

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God’s Design for Sex

Sex, for good and bad, can be “awe-fully” consequential. As such, it is always provocative and never safe. Sex is one of the biggest somethings of all time – and … Continue reading

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Good Communication In Marriage

One thing that can cause a lot of problems in marriages is lack of communication. People have different personalities and ways of communicating. Some people are loud. Others are quiet. … Continue reading

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Are There Weeds In Your Heart ?

Scripture tells us that the Word of God is a seed that, when planted in our hearts, flourishes into the harvest of blessing God has prepared for us. But if … Continue reading

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Keep The Connections To Let Your LOVE GROW

Our relationships are precious, valuable treasures from heaven, and we should handle them carefully, always looking for ways to build bridges to each other’s hearts. I know that all of … Continue reading

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How Is Your Love Language

The Greatest Commandment to us all that sums up the Entire Scriptures is to love God with our whole heart and to love others. When others see us loving as … Continue reading

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Husbands, How Is Your Communication With Your Wives ?

Husbands, are you ready to turn a corner in your relationship with your wife? Take a little “easy quiz” to determine your current level of communication with your companion-for-life. Check … Continue reading

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