Step Towards Transformation

God Is Pushing You In Your Destiny

Sunday Sermon of 20th March, 2016 God created us to grow, expand and flourish into greatness. But sometimes, this isn’t always the easiest or most exciting thing, especially when we … Continue reading

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Godliness Is Profitable

Godliness will make a difference in your life and also enable you to make a difference in the lives of those around you. The Bible says godliness is profitable in … Continue reading

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Work & Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are meant for the early morning or late into the evening, right? To be practiced before breakfast and work, or after dinner has been cleaned up and the … Continue reading

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Fixing Bad Decisions

How do I fix a bad decision?” With this question in mind, I wanted to offer help for those times when we realize we’ve blown it. How to Fix a … Continue reading

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God Of Second Chances

Have you ever wanted a fresh start in life? Some people hope to get a new start by moving to a different city or state. They think they can erase … Continue reading

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Focus on Your Potential in God

You probably don’t realize the potential you have in God. Although you can’t accomplish some things in your own strength, you can accomplish anything in God’s strength. Instead of focusing on your … Continue reading

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How to Handle Stress

I’ve noticed that some Christians can’t handle stress or adversity in their walk with the Lord. As long as everything is going fine and the devil isn’t exerting too much pressure … Continue reading

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