Step Towards Transformation


Sermon Preached On Sunday 5Th Feb.,2017. HINDI TITLE: MUSKILEIN MERE FAAYDE KE LIYE HAI It’s Easy To Go Through Life Thinking Of All The Reasons ‘Why We Can’t Be Successful ?’ … Continue reading

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Sermon Preached On Sunday 6TH November,2016. HINDI TITLE: JAANI-ABI TUMNE KUCH DEKHA HI KAHAN HAI! Exodus 4:1-11 I Want To Use A One Word Subject. UNBOX. It Is What I Believe … Continue reading

January 12, 2017 · 2 Comments

Difficult Roads Lead To Our Destiny

Sermon Preached On Sunday 30th October , 2016. HINDI TITLE: MUSHKILO SE HI HUM MUKADDAR KA SIKANDER BANTE HAI We All Go Through Difficulties In Life, Things We Don’t Understand. It’s Easy … Continue reading

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Sermon Preached On Sunday 1ST JANUARY , 2017. HINDI TITLE: MERE MUKADDAR KO UNBOX KARNE KA UCHIT SAMAY HA GAYA HAI We All Have Things That We’re Believing For, Dreams … Continue reading

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Your  Future  Is Calling !

Sermon Preached On Sunday 16th OCTOBER, 2016. HINDI TITLE: Kismet Bhula Rahi Hai ! Illustration: Abraham In The Scripture, God Called Abraham: Genesis 17:5 (NKJV)…5 No Longer Shall Your Name … Continue reading

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Unbox Your Destiny!

  Sermon Preached On Sunday 2nd OCTOBER, 2016 Illustration: A Boy In His School Days Had Real Thick Curly Hair. After His Bath, He Had To Use A Big Brush To … Continue reading

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Be A No Fly Zone

  Sermon Preached On Sunday 11th September, 2016 Ecclesiastes 10:1-3“(NIV)… As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. THE OINTMENT Valuable In … Continue reading

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Having Faith For The Process

Sermon Preached On Sunday 4th September, 2016 It’s Easy To Have Faith At The Start: When That New Baby Is Born, You Marry That Beautiful Girl, Start That New Business. … Continue reading

September 5, 2016 · 1 Comment

What Are You Anchored To?

Sermon Preached On Sunday 24th July, 2016 An Anchor Is Something That Holds A Boat In Place. Once The Captain Arrives At His Destination, He Puts The Anchor Down; That … Continue reading

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Ways That God Speaks To Us

    Sermon Preached On Sunday 17th July, 2016 Last Sunday We Learnt On Why Don’t I Hear God Speak? Today, we’re going to continue in the series on Learning … Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Hear God Speak ?

  Sermon Preached On Sunday 10th July, 2016 All through the Bible you see the phrase, “And God said…”  Pretty soon you get the idea that God really does speak … Continue reading

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Spirit vs. Flesh

Sermon Preached On Sunday 3rd  July, 2016 There’s A Battle Taking Place In  All Of Us; It’s A Battle Between The Flesh And The Spirit. The Flesh Is Our Natural, … Continue reading

July 4, 2016 · 1 Comment

You Have What You Need For Right Now.

Sermon Preached On Sunday 26th June , 2016 It’s Easy To Think, “If I Had More Money, A Bigger House, More Talent, A Better Personality, Knew The Right People, I … Continue reading

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Focus On Your Blessings , Not On Your Burdens.

Sermon Preached On Sunday 12th June , 2016 We All Love When A Dream Comes To Pass: We Get The Promotion, Move Into The New House, Meet The Right Person. … Continue reading

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Trials[Tests] And Temptations

Sermon Preached On Friday 10th June,2016 James 1:13-16, 4:7 Illustration:Test::  In 1910 The Boll Weevil Was Destroying Cotton Crops.The Farmers Couldn’t Stop Them.One Farmer Said Let’s Plant Peanuts Instead Of … Continue reading

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The Rain Is Coming!

Sunday Sermon On 5th June,2016 Every Person Goes Through Times Of Drought, Dry Seasons When We Don’t See Anything Happening.  We’ve Got Big Dreams, We’re Standing On God’s Promises, But … Continue reading

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Remove The Crutches In Your Life.

Sunday Sermon on 15th May,2016. It’s Easy To Come Up With A Reason Why We Can’t Accomplish A Dream, Why We Can’t Be Happy, Why We Can’t Overcome A Problem; … Continue reading

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Break Out Of Your Box

Sunday Sermon on 08th May,2016 So Often, We Let Our Environment, How We Were Raised, People’s Expectations Of Us, Set The Limits For Our Lives; We Adapt To What’s Around … Continue reading

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Return Home! The King Is Looking For You!

Sunday Sermon on 24th April,2016 Life Has A Way Of Pushing Our Dreams Down. We Can Make Mistakes, Get Off Course; We’re Not Where We Thought We’d Be.  It’s Easy … Continue reading

May 3, 2016 · 1 Comment
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