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Why Don’t I Hear God Speak ?

  Sermon Preached On Sunday 10th July, 2016 All through the Bible you see the phrase, “And God said…”  Pretty soon you get the idea that God really does speak … Continue reading

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Relating to God

Q.Does God have a personal relationship only with the rare and privileged people like Moses, David or the prophets, or can you come to know Him too? A.Can you have a … Continue reading

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Spirit vs. Flesh

Sermon Preached On Sunday 3rd  July, 2016 There’s A Battle Taking Place In  All Of Us; It’s A Battle Between The Flesh And The Spirit. The Flesh Is Our Natural, … Continue reading

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You Have What You Need For Right Now.

Sermon Preached On Sunday 26th June , 2016 It’s Easy To Think, “If I Had More Money, A Bigger House, More Talent, A Better Personality, Knew The Right People, I … Continue reading

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Focus On Your Blessings , Not On Your Burdens.

Sermon Preached On Sunday 12th June , 2016 We All Love When A Dream Comes To Pass: We Get The Promotion, Move Into The New House, Meet The Right Person. … Continue reading

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Trials[Tests] And Temptations

Sermon Preached On Friday 10th June,2016 James 1:13-16, 4:7 Illustration:Test::  In 1910 The Boll Weevil Was Destroying Cotton Crops.The Farmers Couldn’t Stop Them.One Farmer Said Let’s Plant Peanuts Instead Of … Continue reading

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The Rain Is Coming!

Sunday Sermon On 5th June,2016 Every Person Goes Through Times Of Drought, Dry Seasons When We Don’t See Anything Happening.  We’ve Got Big Dreams, We’re Standing On God’s Promises, But … Continue reading

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Are Demons Real?

Q.Are Demons Real? A.Many believe that demons and Satan do not exist; that they are just fables. Their existence is virtually mocked by modern entertainment. Are demons real? Are demons merely the … Continue reading

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Remove The Crutches In Your Life.

Sunday Sermon on 15th May,2016. It’s Easy To Come Up With A Reason Why We Can’t Accomplish A Dream, Why We Can’t Be Happy, Why We Can’t Overcome A Problem; … Continue reading

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Break Out Of Your Box

Sunday Sermon on 08th May,2016 So Often, We Let Our Environment, How We Were Raised, People’s Expectations Of Us, Set The Limits For Our Lives; We Adapt To What’s Around … Continue reading

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Return Home! The King Is Looking For You!

Sunday Sermon on 24th April,2016 Life Has A Way Of Pushing Our Dreams Down. We Can Make Mistakes, Get Off Course; We’re Not Where We Thought We’d Be.  It’s Easy … Continue reading

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Do Not Let Any One Steal Your Peace…Be  At Rest!

Sunday Sermon on 1st May,2016. Rest Doesn’t Mean That You’re On Vacation, You Never Do Anything; We All Have To Work, Deal With Challenges, Interact With Different People, But We’re … Continue reading

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Cain And His Wife

Q.Where Did Cain Get His Wife? A. After being banished for murder, the Bible says that Cain has a wife and starts a family. How could that be possible? Where did … Continue reading

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Death before Time

Q. Can a person die before his time? A. Death – I’m referring to physical death – is one of the natural phenomena that permeate every human society; however, not … Continue reading

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Man’s Free Will

Sunday Sermon on 03rd April, 2016 Many believe that man, by his free will, by something that resides in him, is completely able to independently accept or reject God. But … Continue reading

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Why Do We Worship God?

WORSHIP MEANS EXPRESSING LOVE: The purpose of our worship is to glorify, honor, praise, exalt, and please God. Our worship must show our adoration and loyalty to God for His … Continue reading

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Informal Praying

Q. Jesus said that whatever we ask in His name will be granted but it becomes ackward to say “In Jesus’ name” every time I thank Him for something or ask … Continue reading

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What’s Good About Sex?

Is sex bad? A case could be made for that view. Midnight. John is trying to explain his way out of calling his wife by another woman’s name during their … Continue reading

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RESURRECTION SUNDAY SERMON ON 27TH MARCH,2016 It’s easy to give up on our dreams, and think, “i’ll never get well, i’ll never meet the right person, never get out of … Continue reading

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