Step Towards Transformation


Here are resources to help you create a safety net for new believers and to teach them basics of the bible ,then disciple them and help them grow for ministry.You are free to share these teachings with others so they can print and use them in their own ministries.



1-The Basics For New believers:

Are You Ready to Begin? Get a solid foundation for your walk with Christ. These life-changing teachings are   designed to give new and re-dedicated believers a firm foundation in their Christian walk.



2-Develop Yourself :

Are You Ready For A  Spiritual Growth? ​Specifically, these teachings expands our understanding of what it means for Christ to live in us by the Spirit, and more importantly, it explains how to live by His life and be a Disciple.


download (5).jpg

3-Become A  Leader:

Are You Sensing God’s Call To Ministry? Are you ready to take your leadership skills and gifting to the next level? These teachings equips and trains individuals to realize their dreams, develop their gifting, fullfill their purpose and empowers them to succeed in their future…..and be a Leader.


Witness Ministries



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